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海鲜之家 (Seafood House) – Eunos, Singapore


Alright I’m attempting to write my blogs on the bus again. Can only do it when the bus is not so crowded or else very hard to use 2 thumbs.

海鲜之家 or Seafood House in direct translation, is a recent stall at Eunos Hawker Centre which I’ve discovered. Reason is because they opened till 10pm, a time which I can meet after closing the cafe. Stall is owner by a PRC lady who have been living here for the past decade and her hubby is a Singaporean. She goes to buy her fish daily from the market and occasional you may get some premium fish… Just like some single origin coffee beans haha. Heard it’s long queue during peak hours which I doubt I’ll get to see. Anyways check out the pics below:


Stall front


This was the premium fish order which was red snapper. Paid $8 for this bowl.


See the red snapper fillets. no regrets ordering this!



This was another time when i ordered the regular mackerel fish for $3.50 plus rice $0.50. Fish was very fresh and reasonably portioned.


This was the mixed seafood order whichis $5.00 per bowl. loads of seafood!


well well well there were 2 scallops!!!


And loads of seafood!!!


They use the 扁鱼 to flavour the soup


As usual, clean plate/bowl . #cleanplate

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Fish and seafood are fresh and very tasty. My comfort food after a long tiring day!

Portion: Average.

Service: Self-service

Ambience: Hawker centre with large fans

Price: Reasonable

RTE: Many times already 🙂

Location: #01-38 Eunos Hawker Centre. Facing opposite side of MRT tracks. Opens from 10am to 10pm.

Ah Chuan Fried Oyster Omelette – Toa Payoh, Singapore


Toa Payoh has many hidden gems (food of course) and I happen to get to know about this stall which apparently has been there for the longest time. Obviously for a non-TP resident, I wouldn’t know until someone tells me about it.

So I was planning my visit. I was told they are closed on Tuesdays, the same day as my off day. And I can’t visit them on any other days ‘cos they are opened only from 1.30pm to 5pm!!! I was thinking, wow, I like this kind of work also, less than 8hrs a day! So when I got my Monsays off too, I seize the opportunity to visit them the following week.

Husband and wife managing the stall.
Look at the amount of garnishings on top!

After visiting them then i realized why they are opening so short hours daily. Reason is they are in semi-retirement mode, just passing time doing when they love and serving their regular diehard fans. At the same time, it made me realize also during this operational hours, they were frying non-stop and quality and service were not compromised.
Chilli sauce slightly sweet, spicy and sour. very nicely balance to boost your taste buds.
I’m a vacuum cleaner and I’m proud of it. It’s a way to show your appreciation of the good food and not wasting food at the same time!

Rating: 5/5. Prolly one of the best in Singapore by far.

Taste: Authentic like how I tasted when I was young. If you like it a little more crispy on the outside, request for it. But by default it’s already lightly crisp and tender inside.

Portion: Average

Service: Self-service

Ambience: Hawker Center but very high ceiling and good natural lighting.

Price: $4, $5 or $8. My portion of $5 comes with 8 oysters inside. 

RTE: Yes definitely!

Location: 22 Toa Payoh Lorong 7 Wet Market And Hawker Centre. Hours: 1.30pm to 5pm. Closed on Tuesdays.

文華鱼圆面 (Wen Hua Fishball Noodles) – Eunos, Singapore


Ok this stall is interesting to write on. Reason is, I don’t find it super tasty at all. So why am I writing about it then? The fact remains that it’s doing very well not just for lunch but also during breakfasts. So I don’t know what’s the draw factor here. Maybe it’s the only fishball noodle stall within the next 300m radius? Or is it because the customers here are familiar with the taste already? Or is there something special about their chilli paste? You be the judge if you’re in this area. So far another friend ate it too and said same thing, nothing special. I ate 4 times already, still yet to discover the ‘wow’ factor. 

The coffee shop frontage


The simple stall within the coffee shop
My upsized bowl of wrong noodles… 😓

The well oiled noodles 😝
Ok the pork balls are prolly from the same supplier as the bak chor mee stall at 85 Bedok. There are minced flat fish inside. Which makes this noodle special? hmmm…

Rating: 3/5.

Taste:  Really nothing special. I must admit the noodles were well oiled by lard. It’s almost bland but I notice the chilli is made from dried chilli type, which makes it more spicy than usual. I had to empty the little saucer of soy sauce chilli into the noodles then it’s just nice. But overall it’s edible. 

Portion: Below average. Mine already added noodles still so small portion. 

Service: Lady who takes orders always screws up my orders. In the picture I order Mee Kia (fine noodles) but came Mee Poh (flat noodles) instead. Asked for more vinegar, it tasted normal. Some more she confirmed twice with me… Amazing…

Ambience: Coffee Shop 

Price: Base price $3.00. Add additional noodles $0.50. Add additional ingredients $1.00.

RTE: Kept trying this place and they are very consistent… Consistently nothing special. 😝

Location: 132 Changi Road. Morning and lunch only.  Closed on Sundays. 

Angmoh Noodle House 红毛面家 – Joo Chiat, Singapore


If I don’t work around Changi Road, I wouldn’t have ventured around the area one afternoon on my off day and I wouldn’t have come across this Angmoh Noodle House along Joo Chiat Road. This noodle house has created a buzz some time mid 2012 when the lady boss has decided to stop her business due to poor health and 2 of her regulars and big fans, (who were also her landlords), decided to buy over the business so that they can continue to have their favorite wanton noodles! (These are hardcore foodies man!!!)

Founded in the 60s, this stall is started by a guy named Ao Yang, who has features and complexion of a Caucasian. Hence customers started naming the place as Angmoh Noodle House or Hong Mao Mian Jia in Chinese.

So how does it taste after their takeover? I can’t make any comparison because I have not tried the original lady boss’s one. But, read my reviews below nevertheless:




Contact Details


My order of small plate of wanton noodles $3.50.


Rating: 5/5.

Taste: I was actually quite surprise with the taste of this noodle! It actually has the traditional taste or what we refer as 古早 taste. The younger generation may not know this taste as most wanton noodle places these days do not use cooked oil (熟油 in Cantonese. Ask your parents or grandparents, they may know!) in their noodles anymore. Love the taste, love the springy noodle texture, soup was peppery and so were the wantons. Wantons also have an authentic taste which I have childhood memories of. Didn’t try the rest on the menu because I was having this in between main meals. 😉

Portion: Average

Service: Average

Ambience: Fan, partial aircon, coffeeshop style.

RTE: Definitely!!!

Price: $3.50. Should have ordered the $4.50 plate!!!

Location: 182 Joo Chiat Road. Opening hours: Daily 7am to 8pm. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AngMohWantonNoodle

Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 (22nd Nov 2014) – Suntec City Hall 401 & 402, Singapore


Hey y’all!!

Just to share with guys on an upcoming event which is curated by my fellow food blogging friends SGfootonfoot, Misstamchiak and thesilverchef, Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 happening this week at Suntec City Halls 401 & 402! This is the 3rd year Touch Community Services is holding this event with a unique focus on celebrating Singapore’s Hawker Heritage, as part of Singapore’s Jubilee (SG50) celebrations. There will be more than 20 chefs to create the Ultimate menu and all profits will go to 32,000 beneficiaries under Touch Community Service, regardless of race and religion.


  • The event honours the heritage of pioneer generation hawkers through stalls helmed by chefs from the second, third and fourth generations of pioneers. Example includes Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh and Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery with long heritage and is being passed to second and third generation respectively. In addition, Crocodile King by Tony Tee is making a comeback, offering nutritious crocodile soup only available for the festival.
  • Once again showcase traditional fare made with the finest ingredients to create ‘ultimate’ versions of the original dish. Example include Elongated Glutinous Rice with Abalone by Geng Shu Mei Shi Shi Jia, 100 days corn fed Anxin Chicken Rice and Foie Gras Rojak by Onaka.
  • A new generation of young budding chefs like Douglas Ng of Fishball Story, Gerald and Julyn of Penang Kia, and Wee and Adrian of Old Bibik Beef Rendang will also be present at the festival. They have been driven by their passion for food to leave jobs in other sectors to join the culinary industry.
  • Celebrity chefs Eric Neo (from Intercontinental Hotel), Tan Yong Hua (Restaurant HOME), Melvin Lim (Ramada and Days Hotels Singapore) and Shen Tan will be cooking local dishes such as Otah, Roast Duck, Nasi Lemak etc.

So if you are free this coming Saturday, 22 November 2014, come check out the amazing dishes with me and support this charity event! Check out the event details below:

Date: 22 November 2014, Saturday 
Time: 11am to 5pm 
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre Halls 401 and 402 
Coupons: Buy at www.ultimatehawkerfest.sg.

So hope to see you guys there! Remember to say hi if you spot me ok? Not difficult lah, really. ;P

See ya!

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy :r