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Black And Red Flags


While I was walking along East Coast Park, I came across this drainage pipe leading out to the sea with 2 flags on it. First one is black, on the half way mark of the pipe while the other one is red, at the end of the pipe.

The black obviously is a warning of the danger up ahead while the red one, even more obviously, signifies danger, you better get the hell out of here!

Somehow it reminds of me of us… Our journey in life… The dangers we face. Black at the half way mark is applicable for peeps of my age, coming to a halfway mark (estimated) of our lifespan, the black flag is highlighting to us to reflect on the things we are doing, have done or haven’t do. Let me list down in point forms for easier digestion.


1. Health – Are we leading a healthy lifestyle that we are suppose to? Are we heading to some serious illnesses that we overlook due to our busy lifestyles? So should we be looking into it before it reaches Red? I have spent one and a half years dedicating to building BLACK&INK to make sure that it gets on its feet and to stabilise operations. During this time, I am feeling tired daily due to long hours and my legs are getting those black veins due to prolong standing. Naturally my health is not at its best now, but it’s definitely heading towards Red if I’m not doing anything about it. I lost 40kgs in China, I gain back 15kgs in Singapore. Seems like I need to be stationed out of Singapore soon. 😆 So do something about your health before it’s too late.

2. Job – Are we enjoying the work we are doing? Are we facing the infamous mid-life crisis which you wished you were doing something else? The BLACK flag reminded me of stuffs that I’ve always wanted to do in my life, from starting a café, to stationing overseas, managing companies of different industries, etc. So, what are your plans? 😉
3. Relationships – Have you found your life partner? If you have, when was the last time you said “I Love You” to him/her? When was the last time you reassured him/her? Such things are rather important to have a happy relationship. Kids will come naturally. If you haven’t found a life partner, take it naturally too. Do not rush into it. This partner’s gonna spend the rest of your life with you so you’ll have to make sure he/she is the one. How about your parents? The first teachers in our lives? They are reaching the Red Flag so have you spent more time with them? Have you thank them for all the things they have done for you? Do it before you regret. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Similarly to friends too. Have you thank them for being there for you whenever you’re down and out, or even when you’re happy? Sometimes we take for granted they are always there for you… Your partner, parents, close friends, etc.


This is when everything ends. End of life, end of misery, end of happiness. But love never ends. So before we even reach this Red Flag point, look into the things we haven’t done, the things that we wanna do and never had the courage or determination to start it. Do not leave this beautiful world with regrets.

Big Roy