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Rouse Cafe – Dunlop Street, Singapore


Was looking around for some good coffees around town with a friend and found this place while walking down Dunlop Street. Not exactly easy to spot as this cafe is hidden behind a vintage signboard. As this is a halal cafe, the place can be quite crowded on weekends and tea time.

The cafe is inside this black frontage.
The cafe is inside this black old frontage.
View from the outside.

Lots of old furnitures
Certificate of Excellence and some antiques.
Wooden boxes for tables… unique but not friendly.
My latte. Not very strong, could be better. Good effort on the latte art, but taste comes first.
Matcha Cake. If I can remember clearly it is around S$7.50. Quite a big piece and very rich. Like a green tea brownie. Not too bad.

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Cake is alright although I will not order again. Coffee can be improved. This cafe is famous for their Crab Patties, didn’t get a chance to try it but it should be good as many people ordered it.

Portion: Average

Service: Self-serve at the counter, after which they will send to your table.

Ambience: Industrial. Sat in the middle, not comfy. W hole place smell of their signature dish, crab patties.

Price: $7.50 (If I can recall) and latte was $5.50. Not very cheap.

RTE: Maybe.

Location: 36 Dunlop Street  Tel: 6292 2642.