MacDonald’s – Terminal 3 Changi Airport, Singapore

Think all my readers will be like WTF??? Since when I write for fastfood joints right? Frankly speaking, much is true as I do write about fastfood for overseas outlets that are different or not in Singapore only. But the reason why I’m writing this is because of 2 reasons. 1. Because they now have healthier food options; 2. I wanna give compliments. So let’s see the healthier food options first: Chicken McGrill Burger – Great for people watching their waistline like me… sigh… Rating: 4/5. Taste: Chicken is juicy and tender. A tad too salty to be healthy. But … Continue reading MacDonald’s – Terminal 3 Changi Airport, Singapore

Frankie’s Place – Shanghai, China

Most Singaporeans base in Shanghai would know this place. Apparently the oldest Singapore food restaurant in Shanghai. However the location is a little far from the city where most Singapore expats would stay. But, when the crave for authentic Singapore food sets in, taking a cab down to this place is justifiable! Check out the food below! Rating: 4.5/5. Taste: I must say it’s as good as what we eat in Singapore. Unlike some claim to be Singapore/Malaysian food but taste not authentic. Thumbs up for catering to the craves us Singaporeans/Malaysians have while working in Shanghai! Ambience: Pretty comfy … Continue reading Frankie’s Place – Shanghai, China

胡须张 Formosa Chang – Taipei, Taiwan

Friends who frequent Taipei will know this name. In direct translation is Beard Zhang. This is not a pub or an attraction. It’s actually a well known economical rice value packs takeaways (便当), which is almost everywhere in Taipei… and expanding outwards. Came highly recommended by a friend (Thanks Elaine!), so I had to try this on my 2nd day in Taipei! This is great for those stuck in the hotel rooms cos of bad weather or too lazy to go out. 🙂 They started from just doing these value packs and now they have dishes so you can just … Continue reading 胡须张 Formosa Chang – Taipei, Taiwan