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Hey guys,
Sorry haven’t been writing as I’m away in Shenzhen now for a short holiday cum errands trip till this Sunday. After landing in Singapore ok that morning, I’ll be checking out House of Peranakan at Frankel Avenue that very day. So more reviews coming your way soon!

In the meantime, you can follow my instantaneous foot prints on Instagram (@eatwithroy) or on Facebook (www.fb.com/eatwithroy) and see what Shenzhen is like now and also all the food that I’ll be trying!

In the meantime, take care y’all and have a great weekend!

Big Roy

佳田客家情酒楼 (Jiatian Hakka Restaurant) – Shenzhen, China


Started my new job recently and have been swarmed with loads of work. Seems like writing any new posts here will be tougher as things start picking up. Anyways, this Hakka restaurant has been around for sometime and I only discovered it when a friend recommended this place to me. Tucked in the village of Shuiwei of Shenzhen, this place is not visible from the main roads and definitely not a place where tourists would venture.

So I visit this place with a couple of friends and check out their food. I must say, the food is pretty awesome, typical Hakka dishes but fresh. Check out the pics below:

Restaurant front
Double boiled soups. Very good to drink this during winters.
Salted Baked Chicken – Yummy!
Hakka tofu. Homemade tofu, very nice and jelly-like.
Lovely greens.
Braised pork belly with preserved vegetables. Awesome dish.
Pan fried yellow fish. Very nicely fried but a little salty.
Steamed rice with maize and brown rice – I didn’t expect the rice to be like that but this is how the farmers would eat.
Free soy bean curd while stocks last for lunch and dinner. Smooth and silky, gives those branded ones a run for their money… best of all, it’s free!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5. Food is nice but a little oily and salty. Service could be a little more eager. Overall a good place to have a good hakka meal.

Location: 福田区水围村271栋   Tel: 83809061