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豪鄉美味鱼头炉 (Hao Xiang Fish Head Steamboat) – Defu Lane, Singapore


A friend had cravings for fish head steamboat one of the weekends and I remembered seeing some sort like that kinda stall in Defu Lane, not far from where I live. So we took a drive to check out the place around 5pm and was delighted to find the coffee shop within this industrial place opened. Apparently this stall is part of the Hao Xiang International Pte Ltd, which owns quite a number of tse char stalls around Singapore.

Found a nice table under the fan, and placed our orders.

The coffee shop.
Fish Head Steamboat S$28 – I ordered the snapper fish and look at the amount of ingredients in the soup. Very worth it.
Stir Fried Long Bean with Garlic S$10 – This long bean is really nice and crunchy. This slim type is quite rare actually.
Prawn Paste Mid-Joint Wings S$9. Crispy coating, juicy inside. Yummy!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Very good, the steam boat is very teochew style of using sour plums and yams in them to make the soup taste awesome. Chicken was awesome, long bean too. Yummy!

Portion: Average.

Service: Maybe because we were early, service was good and attentive. 🙂

Ambience: Coffee Shop.

Price: Total damage was S$47.60. Very affordable!


Location: 4 Defu Lane 10 Singapore 539185. Tel: 8589 4882.

5 Star Corner Western Food – Hougang, Singapore


This is another stall near where I live that I haven’t write on. I dunno if this stall’s ownership has changed but from what I can remember, the guy who started this used to be from Jack’s Place. So naturally, many folks in the neighbourhood flocked to this stall for good and cheap western food. This stall has been doing well and even when I visited recently, there were many people ordering from them. So here it goes:

Stall front. This is around 5pm.
Mum’s Lamb Chops $9. Tasted it and pretty tender without much lamb stench. Mum loved it, so I’m happy. 🙂
While mum’s attacking her lamb chops, my Mixed Grill ($10) came and boy it was a big hot plate! There was a piece of beef steak, chicken chop, pork chop, lamb chop, an egg and 2 baked potatoes.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Quite a hearty meal actually but quite oily. Taste pretty good and good value for money. Not halal.

Portion: Above average.

Service: No smiles.

Ambience: Coffeeshop

Price: Affordable. See pics for prices.

RTE: Yes, whenever I feel like something guilty!

Location: 805 Hougang Central’s coffeeshop.

Yong’s Teochew Kueh – Hougang, Singapore


Yong’s Teochew Kueh has been around these parts of Singapore for as long as I can remember. Always crowded in the morning where customers would be queuing up to buy for their breakfasts or for parties and families. Check out the pics.

Price list
This Gu Chye Kueh (Chives) is so popular that I managed to grab the last one… and that was before 11am…
Looks good, skin is thin and very Q
Loads of chives filling! Taste just nice, not too salty.
Soon kueh (Turnip)
Also loads of filling with mushroom bits and dried shrimps in there. Very traditional teochew although turnips are used instead of bamboo shoots.
Orh Kueh (Yam) – Prefer this one to the soon kueh. This one is more wholesome and also maybe because I like yam. 🙂
Again, a lot of ingredients in it…
Peng Kueh (Rice) – Another traditional kueh but I don’t really like.
Orh Nee (Yam Paste) – Love it when they top it off with ginko nuts and a slice of pumpkin. Traditional teochew style has grated pumpkin in their orh nee. Very good this one.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Liked most of the kuehs here but some could be better. For soon kueh I still prefer this stall’s http://wp.me/pCcuC-2E

Portion: Average.

Service: Ok.

Ambience: Mostly takeaways although you can eat there.

Price: See price list

RTE: Yeah for the yam paste!!!

Location: 1022 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534760. Tel: 6287 4328 (Highly recommended for large orders)