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Friends Cafe 有情有意 – Hung Hom, Hong Kong


Like I said I have loads of backlogs but I have lined them up to write on them. This one is a cafe worth mentioning as they hire the deaf & mute as service staff. This cafe works with the association in HK for the Deaf & Mute for this trial project of getting the physically impaired locals to be hired in the F&B environment. I was fortunate to be introduced to the boss of the cafe who apparently also owns GoFun Rewards in HK & China (http://www.gofun.com/hk/index.php).

The cafe is situated at the mall beside the Hung Hom train station that goes direct to Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Located at a corner on the 7th floor, the cafe didn’t look like a good place for meals. But when I got seated, I was in awe for the fact that the service staff were all deaf & mute. And the cafe was catered for the ease of ordering by their customers and food is served piping hot and up to standard. I truly respect organizations giving back to society in anyway and this cafe has won my respect truly.

A little signage on every table telling patrons what kind of cafe they are in.
Table sheets indicating what the customer may require.
Order chit made friendly for the impaired.
Asparagus soup that comes with hot buns as part of the set meal
Friend’s order of spaghetti
My order of steak
Cooked to perfection
Super crowded during weekday lunch
Address and number for reservations.

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: My steak was cooked to perfection and served hot. Really good and value for money.

Portion: Average

Service: Excellent although it takes a little getting use to using finger pointing and keeping quiet when ordering.

Ambience: Quite a cosy setting. You don’t smell like the cafe after you leave too.

Price: Can’t remember the price but I know it was very affordable.

RTE: Yeah!

Location: See last pic.