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Yong He Eating House (永和豆浆油条大王) – Geylang, Singapore


Normally I’ll try not to write bad reviews but in this case, I have to inform my readers. Yong He used to be THE place for soy bean curds and youtiao (fried doughsticks) back as far as 2 decades ago, but ever since they moved to the lower parts of Geylang, their standards have been dropping. And not too long ago, they have moved again to Geylang Lor 224A where I tried again, and that was probably my last time. See my comments below the pics on the reasons why:

Smaller space with dirty walls now.
Some new items on the menu probably to help in boosting the sales by offering more options.
Soy bean curd $1.80 – It wasn’t soft and silky smooth. Ordered hot one, was only luke warm.
Carrot Cake $3
Carrot cake… hard at the bottom… left there too long.
Toasted Bun with pork floss and egg $3.20 – My all time favourite. To be fair, this one is still pretty good. Youtiao $1.20 – Was not hot and crispy. A total let down.
But a lot thinner… last time was thick and mouthful.

Overall Rating: 3/5. Need to buck up and raise to their previous standards; especially with a name as ‘King’ of soy bean and youtiao! Seems like they are not interested to run the business anymore. After so many moves, I can understand. Rentals and greedy landlords can really screw up businesses!

Location: Geylang Lor 24A/Geylang Road.