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鸿运茶餐厅 (Hung Wan Restaurant) – Shenzhen, China


Hung Wan Restaurant is a Cha Can Ting I frequent when I was staying in Shenzhen, China. The best thing about this place is, it is just below the regular spa I frequent too. So can order their food up and eat while I was watching TV program or having a foot massage! Awesome lifestyle back then and missing it definitely.

Hung Wan I believe are owned by Hong Kongers and they have gone through renovation recently and the interior designing was done by Millwork Interiors based in HK too. Very excellent work done, with a vibrant and energetic design giving the restaurant a younger and fresher look. Check out the pics below:

Store front
Lovely Milk Tea
Cha Can Ting fried drumsticks are usually quite yummy
My fav fried maggie with pork chops!

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Not bad. Tasted better but nice enough to curb my cravings. A bit on the oily side though.

Portion: Average.

Service: Slow… Cos 24hrs… lesser staff?

Ambience: Smoking now disallowed inside aircon areas but still you get some assholes smoking inside.

Price: Total about SGD$12.

RTE: Yeah if I’m visiting that spa again.

Location: 2003 Jintian Rd, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 518048

Chop Chop Singapore – Punggol, Singapore


Discovered Chop Chop not by chance but by 2 friends. One is a chicken rice shop owner we told me the chicken here is good! The other is a foodie who is a very fussy eater. So that’s how I ended up at Punggol’s new Waterway Point to check out this place. To date, I’ve already been here twice, considering the fact that the mall is like a food paradise, more than 40 F&B outlets easily!

Chop Chop Singapore is a new baby F&B line by the Hans Group. I must say it’s a bold move from their very well established cafe business but I definitely welcome it. I checked out FB prior to my visit and sad to see some very bad reviews about this Singapore establishment. I reckon we should be more patient with new businesses considering the facts that starting up will always have hiccups, staffing problems and many unforeseen issues. We should be supporting local as much as possible isn’t it?

So here I am, gonna give some examples of constructive comments.

Love the self ordering technology. But what if some customers who don’t read English? Hence there should be an option for other languages which should be provided by the machine vendor.
Chicken with rice with Chop Chop sauce. This is suppose to be the spiciest sauce on the menu. Spice meter about 3/10 for me but should be spicy for some. Love the sauce! Special sambal with mayo. Rice is really good, coupled with onsen egg. Mum loved the rice but it gets stuck to the paper below. Hence the paper below should be waxed to prevent this. Would be great to have a slice of cucumber and tomato to lighten things up on the serving also.
This chicken rice set is with their ponzu sauce. A little on the salty side but overall the chicken is as juicy and crispy, and the rice is awesome!

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Love the taste. Chicken are big chunks of chicken thigh meat with are juicy inside and crispy outside. The sauce adds a lot more punch to the chicken. Rice is lovely and the onsen egg is a nice touch to the finishing of the meal.

Portion: Portioning is good. At least it’ll fill a normal person.

Service: Self-service. Purchase from the screen, pay on the spot with card or pay cash at collection.

Ambience: Good spacing. Love the long table!

Price: $10.90 inclusive of a drink, self-service also.

RTE: Yeah sure!

Location: #B2-01 Waterway Point

Social Media: chopchopsingapore (FB and Instagram)

Street Food In Pai – Pai, Mae Hongson District, Thailand


Following up on my previous blog again at http://wp.me/pCcuC-Lw, this blog I’m gonna talk about what we ate in Pai… I must say, love the food there and love the people there too! So much warmth and love! 😉 You can check out more pics about our charity trip to Pai on our Facebook page! Check out the pics:

Typical local breakfast of some minced pork porridge with fried mini dough sticks.
Looks gooey but really yummy
The minced meat is nice and tender.
We catered lunch for all kids and staff of the school… all 170 of them.
The kids’ favorite fishball noodle soup
All the ingredients for the noodle soup
Lotsa bowls to prepare!
One of the kids collected his bowl and preparing to feast
They just love it!
Feasting in progress… really yummy noodles!
This little guy had 2 bowls… or was it 3? Love it when you see them eat! 🙂
We hit the Walking Street of Pai at night
Super crowded for such a small place
Lotsa BBQs around
Esan sausages
And bugs, hoppers, roaches, worms… you name it they have it…
Ooooo…. Fear Factor Thailand
Best way to feed your hungry goats… Let tourists buy the milk bottles!
Children raising funds by performing
This uniformed guy sang pretty well and raising funds for a good cause! Cute huh gals?
Fried oyster omelette
Herbal drinks hot and cold… very nice and refreshing! The guys selling it is hilarious… he talks all the time in Thai!
Yummy Lemon Grass drink
This guy stood there for at least 4 hours, same posture. You give him money, you can draw any part on his body… I noticed his inner thighs were not drawn though… hmmm… spared him… haha
Quite ok…
Mango glutinous rice dessert!
Sour mangoes lor! Not in season I guess…
Nutty man…
You can see this selling everywhere in Pai
Some black rice glutinous thingy they BBQ first…
Then sprinkle some condense milk and grounded peanut and quite interesting to try. The glutinous cake is actually tasteless.
BBQ sweet potatoes are awesome and cheap!
Strawberries again, favs for all
We spotted some Noodle soup stall along the street during the day and guess what, we ordered and tried!
Curry-like soup
Noodles with meat and blood curds
Crispy noodles with curry soup… Think it’s known as Khao Soi
Gone in 120 seconds…
The we spotted again some fried chicken stall along the same road
Looks damn good
Funky lady boss and funny too
Really awesome fried chicken. A must try!
This place is near the school we visited… along the main road… I really dunno how to locate this place but need to share with my readers here on how awesome the food is
Basil pork rice… this one is very nice, salty and very very spicy!!!
Phad Thai Pai style… A little twist from the normal phad thai we have in Bangkok but pretty tasty, sweet and fragrant.
Som Tam. One of the best we’ve tasted. Even our Thai friends with us said this is awesome!
Love these freshly squeezed tamarind juices…