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Half a stall for cheaper rent
Dominic the boss
Nicely coated with egg fried carrot cake
Check out the Hae Bi Hiam
I can still taste the wok hei lingering in my mouth and memory

Have always wanted to visit Liang Ji but never had the chance. Heard so much about the owner Dominic and his past and blah blah blah which I don’t really care cos that’s the past. What matters most is that his food is good and like any other hawkers and F&B owners out there, we are all fighting hard to survive. Those not in F&B will never understand… Especially those so called foodies who will not hold back in destroying a F&B outlet.

One thing I applaud Dominic is his willingness to try new things, fighting spirit and be creative in his offerings even though hawker food is quite hard to divert from the original way of taste and cooking. He beats many others who would only blame the government for not providing when they cannot excel in what they are suppose to do best. I do not know him well but I know he has a lot of ‘brothers’ supporting him which to me, money can’t buy one.

What I like about Liang Ji’s Fried Kway Teow is that every plate is fried individually (that’s what I saw lah) and with a lot of his legendary wok hei! And the carrot cake was so artistically fried, making sure every bit of carrot cake is coated with egg… Yummy!

Check out my reviews in the video and below:

Taste: 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳
Portion: 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳
Service: 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳
Price: $4 for original fried kway teow, $5 for the Mala one and $8 for the Hae Bi Hiam Fried Carrot Cake.
Ambience: Coffeeshop
RTE: Yes! Wanna try the fried rice and fried oyster next!

YouTube – https://youtu.be/k144uJXGHSs

Go check it out and let me know if you like this stall too by commenting below! Please remember to subscribe and like my YouTube channel, IG and FB (@eatwithroy) pages too so that I can reach out more to help the hawkers and small business community! Stay tuned for my next yummy video!

Add: 119 Aljunied Ave 2, #01-06, Singapore 380119
Tel: 82265585
Hours: Refer to maps link below 👇
Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/XYpcvgHqRqmZsMjCA

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Kim Lee Carrot Cake 金利菜头粿 – Sims Place, Singapore


Sims Place Market & Food Centre is my regular haunt when I was back in Singapore and this carrot cake stall is the one I frequent quite a bit. I’ve tried all the fried carrot cake stalls there and this one has the traditional taste (古早) that I remember from young. This stall is very specialize, only one product in 2 different flavors, unlike those you see elsewhere with fried carrot cake, fried hokkien mee, fried kway teow and fried oyster omelette all in one. The steamed carrot cake is self-made (they have a steamer within the stall, hence the tenderness maintained and so is the price, which is why they still can sell at prices of $2 and $3. Try it for yourself, and you’ll be surprise by what you’ll be tasting. 🙂

Stall front… managed by an old couple.

Presentation aside, at $2 only, portion is like some other stalls’ $3. Between the black and white ones, I like the former ‘cos of the nice ‘burnt’ sweet sauce taste.

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: 5/5. Traditional carrot cake as I can recall.

Portion: 5/5. Super value for money.

Service: 5/5. Aunty serves wherever you’re seated.

Ambience: N.A. Food centre lah.

Price: $2 or $3.

RTE: All the time!

Location: Block 49 Sims Place Market & Food Centre #01-30 (Middle of whole food centre). Operating Hours: Sells from early morning till past noon, while carrot cakes last.

Food Loft 福乐食阁 – Suzhou, China


This is one of the outlets that offers Singapore cuisine. Hence when Singaporeans or Malaysians miss their hometown food, they will come to this place. There is another place opened in a secluded place out of malls like this one, which I have yet to visit. This was my first time here and to be honest, food is not bad, service sucks big time.

Store front

Got nasi lemak, bak kut teh, etc…

Even got fried carrot cake, curry puff

prata, satay, etc

Curry Chicken is pretty awesome RMB42

Sambal Kangkong is quite good too. Can’t remember the price.

Hot plate tofu

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Pretty good. Taste pretty close to back home.

Portion: Average

Service: Really sucks big time. Male captain can stare are me standing at the entrance and after 5 seconds, look away. So many staff, service so slow. They don’t bother to top up water for the customers. Cooking time also very slow for the hot plate tofu. Took more than 30 mins to serve.

Ambience: As it is located in an island of the mall, the aircondition is really bad. But at least they should have fans cooling the place. They don’t. Hence I was uncomfortable throughout.

Price: Quite pricey but as per all Singapore food overseas, they are never cheap. Total bill with drinks around RMB150.

Location: Basement of 久光 mall.