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Pork slices which I suspect is jowl portion
My fav lady’s fingers
Cuttlefish shreds that gives the flavour
Damn power Chilli and garlic soaked in thick sweet sauce
Don’t forget to try the Green Thai Milk Tea while you’re there!


Found this rare gem from leads from some of my customers. This stall heats up some serious Malaysian style herbal Bak Kut Teh and stays hot in the claypots! Damn yummy lah!


I was highly recommended to the dry Bak Kut Teh so I ordered that. Really good with strips of yummy pork which tasted like from the jowl part. Not too salty and super yummy with rice. Came with a bowl of soup which was bursting with herbal infusion and quite peppery. Wonder if the peppery part if added to suit Singaporeans? Well, it’s not bad so no complains! I will come again with the other foodies to try the vinegar pig trotters and the Bak Kut Teh soup version.


$6.50 for the claypot and $0.50 for rice.





Waiting Time:

10mins cos cooked on the spot. Lunch hours be prepared to wait from 12-2pm.




18 Sin Ming Lane Midview City Foodcourt


10am to 8pm

Chop Chop Singapore – Punggol, Singapore


Discovered Chop Chop not by chance but by 2 friends. One is a chicken rice shop owner we told me the chicken here is good! The other is a foodie who is a very fussy eater. So that’s how I ended up at Punggol’s new Waterway Point to check out this place. To date, I’ve already been here twice, considering the fact that the mall is like a food paradise, more than 40 F&B outlets easily!

Chop Chop Singapore is a new baby F&B line by the Hans Group. I must say it’s a bold move from their very well established cafe business but I definitely welcome it. I checked out FB prior to my visit and sad to see some very bad reviews about this Singapore establishment. I reckon we should be more patient with new businesses considering the facts that starting up will always have hiccups, staffing problems and many unforeseen issues. We should be supporting local as much as possible isn’t it?

So here I am, gonna give some examples of constructive comments.

Love the self ordering technology. But what if some customers who don’t read English? Hence there should be an option for other languages which should be provided by the machine vendor.
Chicken with rice with Chop Chop sauce. This is suppose to be the spiciest sauce on the menu. Spice meter about 3/10 for me but should be spicy for some. Love the sauce! Special sambal with mayo. Rice is really good, coupled with onsen egg. Mum loved the rice but it gets stuck to the paper below. Hence the paper below should be waxed to prevent this. Would be great to have a slice of cucumber and tomato to lighten things up on the serving also.
This chicken rice set is with their ponzu sauce. A little on the salty side but overall the chicken is as juicy and crispy, and the rice is awesome!

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Love the taste. Chicken are big chunks of chicken thigh meat with are juicy inside and crispy outside. The sauce adds a lot more punch to the chicken. Rice is lovely and the onsen egg is a nice touch to the finishing of the meal.

Portion: Portioning is good. At least it’ll fill a normal person.

Service: Self-service. Purchase from the screen, pay on the spot with card or pay cash at collection.

Ambience: Good spacing. Love the long table!

Price: $10.90 inclusive of a drink, self-service also.

RTE: Yeah sure!

Location: #B2-01 Waterway Point

Social Media: chopchopsingapore (FB and Instagram)

Fu Tung Chinese Market – Tung Chung, Hong Kong


To be honest, if I wasn’t exhibiting at the Asia Expo in HK, I wouldn’t know this place exist. And if I wasn’t staying at Marriot beside the exhibition venue, I wouldn’t have taken the free shuttle to this place also! Tung Chung is like the last town in the New Territories of Hong Kong before reaching the airport. Hence it’s a town far away from the city, although linked by the metro and buses. However, this little town has everything and the mall there is where all the factory outlets are located. Shoppers will go crazy but not for me… I only look for food haha…

So on the first nights, I was looking for something local with my friend and we came across a market… Not a very wet market if you know what I mean but the fact is, it is airconditioned! (Perfect for me! ;P) And the food there looks so good that we decided to try. See the pics and descriptions below:

Main entrance to the market
Rather clean for a market… on the right is the stall selling Cheong fun, curry fishballs, braised wings, etc. Quite good also.
On the left is the korean stall
Roast meats stall, totally spoilt for choice on roast meats offered!
东大门韩国食品 (Dong Dae Moon Korean food stall). Native Korean couple there… wife cooks and hubby take charge of drinks.
Cheong Fun with Siew Mai & Curry Fishballs
Roast meats
Kimchi Fried Rice
Kimchi soup
Side dishes from the korean stall

Rating: 4.5/5. Value for money, taste good.

Taste: The snacks stall has a lot of interesting 小吃, roast meats are awesome and not fatty, Korean stall food is also nice and they have loads of pics of celebrities visited their stall.

Portion: Average

Service: Nice and friendly stall owners. Especially the Korean stall’s uncle… made sure we were seated comfortably and have a stool to put our stuffs. Very nice!

Ambience: Errr… what ambience?

Price: Affordable… much cheaper than 翠華 upstairs!

RTE: If I’m back in Tung Chung, I will definitely eat there again!

Location: G/F Fu Tung Chinese Market, Tung Chung, Fu Tong Shopping Center. Closes at 8pm… Be early or go there for lunch!

Taiwan Food Street (台湾小吃街) – Xiamen, China


First time in Xiamen and totally excited over all the hype I got from my friends and documentaries about the food there. Fact is, because of it’s close proximity to Taiwan, you’ll find many similar food types to Taiwan over here. I was a little skeptical because I’ve been to Taipei and the food there is a little bland to my palate. Maybe also because I’m from Singapore, working in the APAC region for years, I have developed a stronger preference to my taste buds. However that said, I have been on a diet and have been taking lotsa bland foods for this year alone. So how does a foodie go on a diet when he/she loves food so much? The tricks are:

  1. Foodie Friends – Go with people who can eat and love food like you do. Don’t go with friends or girlfriends who can’t eat, seriously they will spoil your food trip!
  2. Small Portions – Order the smallest portion and share! If you’re the only one or with your partner, order small portion still, but skip the carbo! Maybe have a scoop of rice or noodles, but if you wanna go the long mile, discard the rest. Why can’t you tell the food vendor to give lesser rice or noodles in the first place? If you ask that question, you’re obviously NOT a foodie. Reason is, your pictures that you post on your blog must reflect what you paid for. That way, others will flock to that place to try too!
  3. Walk It Out – If you’re on a hunt, walk to the places where you are going to try. Walking aids digestion and will make you ready for the next destination. 🙂 Besides, you may discover more eating places if you walk around! 🙂

The above are some strategies I use when I’m on a food venture. Just for Xiamen alone I walked more than 20km for my 4 days there! Hence it’s great is you can book your hotel near the target areas. See my review on the hotel I stayed here http://wp.me/2BhOI. So after checking in this hotel, I headed with my friends to the famous Taiwan Food Street in Xiamen… by foot of course! Check out the pics below:

The entry to food haven!
Lots of stalls
土笋冻, direct translation is tu sun dong… nah I’m joking… It’s cold earth bamboo … totally not what you think it is… The ‘Earth Bamboo’… are actually sea worms dug from the muddy beach when the tides are low… EEEWWWW… no, never try… ;P
My first stop for something refreshing
Mango dunno what with ice cream on top thing… DAMN AWESOME! For only RMB20 (S$4+)
Very famous chain of baked potato with cheese and your choice of toppings… Didn’t try ‘cos takes up stomach space…
Alishan traditional stone grilled Taiwan Sausages RMB10 for 3. Pretty awesome.
Red bean and cream pancakes RMB10 for 4pcs… Loads of filling but not nice.
Probably the only stall selling beef steaks. Very affordable but didn’t try ‘cos I don’t go Xiamen just to eat beef steaks!
Prata… Cheap and many people crowding around to see an Indian doing his Indian Flying Biscuit… I reckon they think it’s more convincing with an Indian selling that haha
快餐 in direct translation is Fast Food. To the mainlanders, this is fast food. For Singaporeans, this is Chye Peng.
Many lobster stalls like this, just have to choose the one with the most people to ensure fresher seafood
Lobsters going from RMB20 – RMB150.
Scallops 4 for RMB10
Oysters 6 for RMB10
My lobster of RMB60… the flesh not a lot and the garlic so much like its free
This is quite nice, pizza in a cone. They have a machine like a conveyor belt that bakes the cones… interesting concept
The road beside this Taiwan Food Street
So I decided to walk further
Realize that their 卤面 is light broth as compared to Singapore/Malaysia’s versions.
Paranomic shot of the intersection of Da Tong Lu and Hengzhu Lu
On DA Tong Lu I found this lady super nice ask me to try her fried oyster cake.
Full of ingredients inside. Oysters are really cheap in Xiamen.
The Fried Oyster Cake…. Not bad but a little oily for me ‘cos on diet. 🙂
Night wet market on Hengzhu Lu and Kaihe Lu… Be prepared for wet roads and splashing fish water when they are closing around 9pm+
Fruits stall
Da Zha Xie, crabs with no meat and loads of roe…
I can imagine how big this stingray was…
More fish
So many variety of fish from the sea… I was based in Suzhou, only get fresh water ones and full of bones!

Rating: 4/5. A great outing with friends or eye-candy!!!

Taste: Food taste a lot less bland than those in Taiwan. I reckon it’s because Guangdong Province people like saltier and heavier tasting stuff.

Service: Vendors are very friendly and will not tout you to eat their stuffs.

Ambience: Hot.

Portion: Average.

Price: Very affordable.

RTE: I would if I can find foodie friends to go with!

Location: Renhe Road (福建省厦门思明区人和路)