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Penang Char Kway Teow – Bedok, Singapore


This is truly a hidden gem tucked in between so many stalls with so many pictures of food hanging all over the place. Was here for lunch after doctor’s for Diana and I noticed this old uncle do not have that many orders like the other stalls in this coffeeshop. I told Diana that I had a feeling that the food might be good. So I approached the stall.

Mr Leong, the old uncle who retired being a crane operator is 77 years old this year and have been operating this stall for over a year. This is a very scary sight because at this age, he should be happily retired and living his life. There could be a lot of factors to consider but I’m leaning towards happy and positive thoughts… maybe his passion for cooking supersedes everything. So ya, here he is answering my questions and the first thing I asked him was,”Uncle, if I had to eat one thing, what would you recommend. He pointed the Penang Char Kway Teow. I told him ok let’s do it. $3 one plate. Reviews below:

The aroma already passed my test!
Soft and nice
For $3 there’s a lot of ingredients
Burp! #worldcleanplate
Uncle Leong

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: No doubt about it, very close to authenticity. Not overly salty, flavour just right. Wok hei controlled well without the burnt taste. Even Diana said it was good!

Portion: Good size for $3!

Service: Self-service

Ambience: Coffeeshop

Price: $3.

RTE: Definitely! I got a feeling the Char Beehoon is also good!

Location: Block 418 Bedok North Avenue 2, Epic Haus Coffeeshop.

Taiwan Here We Come!


eatwithroy will be heading to Taipei in Taiwan soon for the first time and will be featuring as many street food as possible while being there for a week. We’ve heard about it, we’ve read about it, we’ve seen them on tv, but how good they are, we’ll have to try these stalls out ourselves right?

So if you know any street or small stalls (no big restaurants or big famous chains) that you reckon is very good and should be brought to the limelight, please email us at eatwithroy@gmail.com or share it here with the other friends of eatwithroy.com! The best and first recommended entry that is so awesome that Big Roy will float after trying it, will get a nice souvenir from Taiwan, specially chosen by Big Roy himself.

We will be putting up in Ximending, will be heading to Shilin Night Market and will probably sneak a day to Hualien. So please send in your recommendations now as we have only one week left to our flight! 🙂



Finally I bought it…


Bought what? Bought the domain lah. eatwithroy.com is now mine! 🙂 Being back in Bangkok again does really help me to work on my food blog again and I do apologise for my readers for my absence. To add on to the spur are the statistics I see online where I have on average more than 100 unique hits daily without any new blog entries for more than a year! I know it’s little as compared for some other bloggers but to me, they are my readers, and I would wanna update more places for them to enjoy too!

So thank you my friends, for reading what I post, and for helping the blog to reach more than 40,000 hits already. I will be backlogging some nice food I discovered in Shanghai and will also be discovering new ones while in Bangkok or wherever I will be posted for my real job.

Stay tune and will blog again very soon. 🙂

Big Roy




Stan, Nur and Dorcas bought me dinner recently which was meant for my farewell, but ended up I had to push back my flight to end of the month due to staffing problems.

So I suggested this place at Feast@East because I had hi-tea there before and the food selection was pretty decent. Check out the pics below:

This kebab has really good seasoning in the meat... and very very nice and succulent.
Cold starters selection! The salmon was very fresh!
Appetisers... dunno why the bak kua is there... leftovers from CNY? Hmmm...
Ice cream... the mango one is damn good... top right corner.
Chocolate fountain with loads of fruits for dipping!
Durian Puree and on the right is the durian cake... these 2 are favourites for many if you are a durian fan!
kueh! kueh! kueh! very nice selection of kueh, cakes, puddings, etc... the opera cake is damn good...
A segment for the young and old... melamine-free white rabbit milk candy and kiam sng tnee for the older folks... one whole row around the pillar
On the other side, we have the cooked food... This braised oxtail looks good but actually it's not... not tender enough... obviously the chef don't eat oxtail... hard like stone...
Local lksa, Penang laksa, and prawn soup... Remember to ask for small portion cos the chef will give you a large bowl!
I just love kitchen technology... imagine having this at home...
Oh yeah there's crayfish and pork ribs as well
Think next time I'll just hit the ice cream counter first...
Very nice ambience... great for catching up with friends...

Rating: 4.5/5 (Not everything is well done.)

Taste: I would say in general it’s very nice.

Portion: NA… buffet lah…

Price: $36+++ But if you have Accor Advantage Plus card, 4 pax free 1.

RTE: Not in the near future. Maybe for the hi-tea though.

Location: http://www.mercure.com/gb/hotel-3610-grand-mercure-roxy-hotel/location.shtml

Tips: Parking at the hotel is super expensive and no complimentary. Try to park at Roxy Square behind or around the hotel.