85000 and counting!

Wow I have reached 85000 UNIQUE READERS on eatwithroy.com already! Another 15000 more I’ll reach 100,000! May not be a lot for some but to me, that’s an achievement of non-repeated visitors! Base on last year’s report, I have readers from 90 countries! This is just awesome and spurs me on to write more! So this is what I try to do. I’ll write a post at least once a day or at least 5 times a week. This is to ensure my friends here are kept salivating on the daily basis! ;P Thanks again to everyone for visiting my site … Continue reading 85000 and counting!

Taiwan Food Street (台湾小吃街) – Xiamen, China

First time in Xiamen and totally excited over all the hype I got from my friends and documentaries about the food there. Fact is, because of it’s close proximity to Taiwan, you’ll find many similar food types to Taiwan over here. I was a little skeptical because I’ve been to Taipei and the food there is a little bland to my palate. Maybe also because I’m from Singapore, working in the APAC region for years, I have developed a stronger preference to my taste buds. However that said, I have been on a diet and have been taking lotsa bland … Continue reading Taiwan Food Street (台湾小吃街) – Xiamen, China

Hollys Coffee 豪丽斯咖啡 (MixC Mall) – Shenzhen, China

Alright folks, firstly I would like to thank y’all for your great support that this blogsite has hit more than 70k unique hits already. Awesome job guys! Secondly, I would like to apologize for not updating this site, reason is I’ve been bogged down by my move from Suzhou to Shenzhen. And immediately after my arrival, I got into work mode already and been busy till even today. I’m squeezing some time over weekends to update now and I have so much backlogs not just in Shenzhen but also my trip to Xiamen! I’m telling you, the food there… I … Continue reading Hollys Coffee 豪丽斯咖啡 (MixC Mall) – Shenzhen, China

Taiwan Here We Come!

eatwithroy will be heading to Taipei in Taiwan soon for the first time and will be featuring as many street food as possible while being there for a week. We’ve heard about it, we’ve read about it, we’ve seen them on tv, but how good they are, we’ll have to try these stalls out ourselves right? So if you know any street or small stalls (no big restaurants or big famous chains) that you reckon is very good and should be brought to the limelight, please email us at eatwithroy@gmail.com or share it here with the other friends of eatwithroy.com! The … Continue reading Taiwan Here We Come!