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Product Review – The New Maggi Extra Spicy Curry Instant Noodles


Have you guys tried this yet? Maggi Curry Instant Noodles has always been close to my heart as we grew up with this brand apart from Myojo and Koka. For the usual curry instant noodles, well, it kept me and my camp mates company during our basic training in the Police Academy. I remember us smuggling in these instant noodles and snacking on them at night after lights out. So when I saw this at the supermarket, I told myself I gotta try this, although it’s filled with additives. 🙁

Retailing at $3.20 for a pack of 5 x 108g packets, this new flavour’s serving per pack is about 20g more than the normal size. So now one packet with loads of veg is sufficient for me. Check out my reviews below:

Left side is fried shallots which will enhance the taste a little and the right side is a packet of spicy curry powder.
Color doesn’t look that spicy ‘cos there isn’t any chilli oil with the package.

Review: 3/5. Flavor wise, very much like their normal version except it’s spicier. Other than that, texture of the noodles is still the same. Wished they would surprise me with something new but to my dismay, nothing special except it’s a bigger packet (I paid for it) and a little spicier that’s all.