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Woh Heng Thai Food Revisited – First World, Genting Highlands, Malaysia


Another place (http://wp.me/pCcuC-Fq) revisited, tried different food, that’s why must review again. Mum’s loved the food here. Check it out.

Tom Yum Snapper - The soup around this dish is so yummy you can just drink it and the fish is nice and fresh. Love it!
Tom Yum Snapper – The soup around this dish is so yummy you can just drink it and the fish is nice and fresh. Love it!
Lemon Grass Chicken – Another surprising dish. Fried with lemon grass puree and Thai basil leaves. Look at how much basil leaves they use for this dish. Definitely worth it.
Sauteed Mixed Mushrooms – The ‘vegetable’ dish for this dinner. Very nice and never ordered before.
Rice as usual cannot finish.

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Pretty authentic Thai food and still good after all these years.

Portion: Average

Service: Order from stall, they will serve to your table. Service standard is ok.

Ambience: Food court, noisy cos of the indoor theme park.

Price: RM$99.90 for this dinner. Very worth it.

RTE: Yes!

Location: First World Theme Park Level 2 Food Court.



Funny I’ve never written about the food in Genting Highlands… I visit this gambling paradise annually with my mom (sounds like a jackpot pilgrimage!) for years! And not surprisingly, we went again during December when I was back in Singapore. This time we stayed at the First World Hotel where it was convenient for my mom to walk from the bus terminal to the hotel. Will update the hotel stay experience in sleepwithroy.wordpress.com sometime this week.

If you’re staying at the First World Hotel, it is connected to the Indoor Theme Park where there is a food court. We’ve been eating there for years and of course the prices have escalated, so did the rest of the eateries/cafes/restaurants in comparison. Nevertheless, the food here is still good and one of the more affordable places to have your meals while you’re at this monopolized entertainment village.

The Thai and Chinese stalls are under the same management. You can just order from any of the staff walking around in red caps.
Steam Red Snapper RM$45 (S$18) – Love this fish! Fresh and good!
Stir Fried Kai Lan RM$14.90 (S$6) – Nice and crunchy
Claypot Tofu RM$17.90 (S$7.20) – Taste so so, a little too much gravy.
Fried Rice Vermicelli RM$10.90 ($4.40) – Pretty good, love the wok hei and taste. But the portion is really little.

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Overall is good. Remember to tell them not to put too much oil and MSG.

Portion: Below average.

Service: Below average. They can be very busy.

Ambience: Food court is crowded most of the time.

Price: See pic.

RTE: Yes, as always!

Contacts and address: First World Hotel Food Court Level 2.