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Wefie with Masterchef Chan Hon Meng

>>> Video of the long queue <<<


You know I’m not someone who chases fad and visits latest happening places. I’ll prolly go such places after the Hoo-ha dies down. But I was craving for some good Soy Sauce Chicken, given the fact that these were readily available for me when I was based in Guangdong, China. So with some crazy ass foodie friends, we went to check out this recently awarded Michelin 1 Star hawker. Good thing my friends were patient enough to queue from 9.30am when the stall opens only at 11am! So here’s our verdict.


You know most places the soy sauce chicken is either too lightly braised or bland. This one has the right tones, lovely texture, tender and well cooked throughout. Salt level is just right too. Love it. The ribs and char siew are to die for too! As for the base, we all agreed the hor fun is really good, followed by the rice. Really yummy.


From $2 for a plate of Soy Sauce Chicken Rice… For Michelin Star… Where to find? One whole chicken only $14! No wonder the queue so long lah! Actually even before the awards, this stall already have to queue more than half an hour already.


Above average.


They tried to take orders before opening at 11am. Very thoughtful.

Waiting Time:

60-120 mins.




Blk 335 Smith Street, #02-126 Chinatown Food Complex, Singapore 050335


10:30am to 7:00pm (Mon – Fri), 8:30am to 7:00pm (Sat – Sun), Closed on Wed.

The Skewer Bar – Geylang, Singapore


You know most of the time we run out of choices for supper in Singapore and this is prolly a good place for such indulgence for your next supper outing. Was introduced to this little place by a friend and immediately it rekindled my years in China where you can find BBQs at every nooks and crannies in the neighbourhood.

Although they just started only like two months ago, I have since revisited them after they have renovated (expanded) but still most customers prefer to sit outside when they have a nice airconditioned room inside. On top of that, they even have crafted and draft beers now which of course is not offered by the coffee shop they are residing in.

The stall. To the left is the new wing.
The offerings. The team is working in new items soon to add on to the range.
One the partners is the main chef doing the BBQing.
A touch of passion & spice
These bacon with enoki or quails’ egg is so good!
BBQ Stingray with homemade sambal chilli. Not very spicy for me, but at least the fish is nice and fresh!
Somehow the mini Taiwanese sausages on the right is damn nice! The balls on the left are homemade chicken and pork balls. Very nice lightly grilled with teriyaki sauce.
Grilled Shitake & chicken liver
Electric stove also have fire one ok!
More orders of these damn blardy awesome pork skewers!
More orders of this homemade grandma’s recipe!
BBQ Eggplant is very nice especially with the shallots and garlic on top!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Love it! Especially the pork skewers and special pork & chicken balls! Not forgetting the bacon skewers!

Portion: Skewers lor.

Service: Very good especially when 4 partners are there to help out.

Ambience: The new aircon area is damn comfy lah in this blardy hot weather!

Price: Skewers starts from $1.20 to $18 (sea bass) Sea bass is really worth a try!

RTE: Soon!

Location: 489 Geylang Road. Opens daily. See FB page for hours.

Social Media: http://www.fb.com/theskewerbar


Chop Chop Singapore – Punggol, Singapore


Discovered Chop Chop not by chance but by 2 friends. One is a chicken rice shop owner we told me the chicken here is good! The other is a foodie who is a very fussy eater. So that’s how I ended up at Punggol’s new Waterway Point to check out this place. To date, I’ve already been here twice, considering the fact that the mall is like a food paradise, more than 40 F&B outlets easily!

Chop Chop Singapore is a new baby F&B line by the Hans Group. I must say it’s a bold move from their very well established cafe business but I definitely welcome it. I checked out FB prior to my visit and sad to see some very bad reviews about this Singapore establishment. I reckon we should be more patient with new businesses considering the facts that starting up will always have hiccups, staffing problems and many unforeseen issues. We should be supporting local as much as possible isn’t it?

So here I am, gonna give some examples of constructive comments.

Love the self ordering technology. But what if some customers who don’t read English? Hence there should be an option for other languages which should be provided by the machine vendor.
Chicken with rice with Chop Chop sauce. This is suppose to be the spiciest sauce on the menu. Spice meter about 3/10 for me but should be spicy for some. Love the sauce! Special sambal with mayo. Rice is really good, coupled with onsen egg. Mum loved the rice but it gets stuck to the paper below. Hence the paper below should be waxed to prevent this. Would be great to have a slice of cucumber and tomato to lighten things up on the serving also.
This chicken rice set is with their ponzu sauce. A little on the salty side but overall the chicken is as juicy and crispy, and the rice is awesome!

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Love the taste. Chicken are big chunks of chicken thigh meat with are juicy inside and crispy outside. The sauce adds a lot more punch to the chicken. Rice is lovely and the onsen egg is a nice touch to the finishing of the meal.

Portion: Portioning is good. At least it’ll fill a normal person.

Service: Self-service. Purchase from the screen, pay on the spot with card or pay cash at collection.

Ambience: Good spacing. Love the long table!

Price: $10.90 inclusive of a drink, self-service also.

RTE: Yeah sure!

Location: #B2-01 Waterway Point

Social Media: chopchopsingapore (FB and Instagram)

林玉梅 Sarawak Kolo Mee – Haig Road, Singapore


Definitely not my first time here and I believe many of you have seen my posts of videos and pics of this place. You can say this is my comfort food for now cos at the end of a tiring F&B day, you just wanna head to a hawker centre and stuff your face with some food that relaxes you.

林玉梅 (Lin Yu Mei) is just one of these foods that I find comfort in. It was a discovery on one of my venture nights, looking for hidden gems like this. The name and signage didn’t really stand out and to be honest I’ve walked passed it a couple of times before finally deciding to give it a try.

林玉梅 happens to be the name of the Aunty of the stall holder, Mdm Lim. The brand started out in Johor Bahru together with Mdm Lim’s cousin and have expanded to 7 small outlets. The only difference is for this branch, she added her own concocted minced meat while the ones in JB have only char siew and selling for only RM$3. To be honest, the noodles and the sauce itself are already very tasty. Coupled with very spicy  chilli paste, adds a lot of flavour to the overall eating pleasure. The noodles are imported from JB daily, and not your ordinary noodles. It has a very nice texture and it’s never enough. 

So go try it yourself as many of my friends have already done so and loved it. Let me know if you really liked it too! Oh they have Sarawak Laksa ($6) too but acquired taste, may not be suitable for local palate.



Look at this awesome bowl of goodness!
Free flow crispy lard!
Wefie with Mdm Lim

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Can’t explain. Looks plain but packs with flavour. Love the chilli paste, extra spicy! A little on the salty side for the older folks so let them know if you want less salty. Damn yummy lah!

Portion: Good size. $5 one is a big bowl. $4 some ladies cannot even finish.

Service: Self-service

Ambience: Hawker centre

Price: $4 or $5

RTE: Many times already!

Location: #01-33 Haig Road Market & Food Centre (Paya Lebar MRT Station + 10mins walk)

P/S: Non-paid feature

ABC Kitchen – Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


When I was told about this place 3 things ran across my mind:

  1. Got so nice meh?
  2. Damn, it’s blardy far!
  3. ABC… hmmm…

But, for goodness food’s sake, I decided to check the place out with my HK friends. Found out the 2 chef owners were from M At the Fridge started this place about 4 years ago and are famous for their Roast Suckling Pig. ABC Kitchen actually means A Better Cooking Kitchen… dunno what gave them the idea but it’s easy to remember I guess?

When we arrived at the quiet neighbourhood of Sheung Wan district, I was looking around for a restaurant that shouts ‘ABC Kitchen’ but there wasn’t… Then my friend led me up an escalator…

Entrance to the food market
Inside the food market

When I entered the food market, I was thinking, “Wah really like our hawker centres in Singapore…” except that it was airconditioned. That was the best factor that took my mind off the food market ambience. 🙂 But then again, it wasn’t that bad, except that it was a little crampy. ABC has 2 stalls there. One stall is basically to store their wine and supplies while the other one is their kitchen and serving counter.

This is where the small kitchen is, inside the stall…
Where they store their wine and supplies

In this food market, it is territorial. If you’re there for ABC, then can only sit at tables with the red checkered table clothed tables. Other stalls are also opened so when you enter the food market, head straight to the stall of your choice and tell them you have reservations. After we sat down, we were served by a guy who spoke pretty good English and showed us a simple menu. Simple it seems but from the looks of it, there are a lot of preparation for most of the food on it.


We quickly placed our orders as we were famish and there came our serving of herb buns with french butter. The buns were piping hot and fluffy and great with the butter.

Herb buns – On the house

Soon after came the salad we ordered. We decided to try something different which was the Pear, Blue Cheese and Caramelized Walnuts Salad (what a mouthful to order it!) and it was really nice. The combination of the pear, the pungency from the blue cheese and the sweetness from the walnuts together with olive oil and vinegar made this salad a real good appetizer!

Pear, Blue Cheese & Caramelized Walnuts Salad – HK$88

We order the Blue Mussels in White Wine Sauce as well and I can’t describe how amazing the sauce was. It was so tantalising and so tasty that I could have bought a baguette and dip in the sauce for dinner! Just so awesome!

Blue Mussel In White Wine Sauce – HK$128

After waiting for around 20-30 minutes, our Roast Suckling Pig finally came. The long wait is because of limited facilities in the small kitchen and many orders that night we were there. Anyways, we tucked in and tried the dish. Knife into the skin and it cracks, into the meat, you know it’s cooked to perfection. The taste in your mouth, crispy skin and melting meat, heavenly! Coupled with sugar blanched beets and mashed potato… I have just erased all the fuss on the long journey and crampy seating, and telling you guys here that this dish is a MUST-ORDER!

Roast Suckling Pig – HK$168
Succulent & juicy!

After that excellent entree, one of our desserts came. This Raspberry Mille Feuille is actually crispy instead of the usual puff pastry. The custard in between the pastry layers are to die for! I believe it is damn fattening but who cares, we’re sharing! 🙂

Raspberry Mille Feuille – HK$48

The Chocolate Souffle took a very long time to serve and I believe we waited more than 30 mins after our dessert above. Their oven inside must be awfully small. Time to move to a bigger place perhaps? Anyways, I find the souffle is okay only. Nothing to shout about. It’s spongy and soft like it is suppose to, but don’t have the ooomph for me.

Chocolate Souffle – HK$48

Anyways it was an awesome meal, not very cheap but it was good. Definitely worth the try at least once. Address and contacts below or you can check out their website at http://www.abckitchen.com.hk. Reservations are a must!

Address & contacts

Menus With Funny Food Names


You know I come across many menus with funny names in my history of eating and I have taken some of them down just to show you guys here why the person doing the translation needs to be shot. Even Google don’t translate that badly! Here are some examples.

Ok this one cannot eat too much, you’ll get mad…
Eggs clipped on crispy pineapples, don’t sound too appetizing…
Next time no pay slips, just give spicy tofu.
This is a damn potent drink… One hundred… Sparta divide by 3?
Now Sydney has a juice they didn’t even know!
It’s milk tea mix with coffee… If it comes with a Mandarin Duck, I don’t mind!
Mr Wong, you’re in demand… to be sauteed!
I asked my African friends, they have never heard of Zhian before in their life…
If you’re Jane, you probably have them bacteria…
It’s actually squid…
Cross cultural networking event…
I don’t see any er… black caviar… For RMB18, I don’t think I’ll ever see it…
Once upon a time…
Not the chicken’s fault, the abalone slipped!
I suspect the wolf disguised as a berry and that’s why the pig ran?