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Big Roy Visits The Food & Electronics Fiesta – Singapore Expo Hall 5


Checked out the Food & Electronics Fiesta today slightly after lunch hour. Dunno why Food and Electronics are put together, but I reckon they do not have enough exhibitors participating in the event. Marketing the booths are not easy, so maybe they should rebrand their event a little bit. However that said, many booths are not related to the event as well! I see people selling shoes, promoting credit cards, weight loss companies there… This is a food fair, you have a weight loss exhibitor there… you reckon the patrons still dare to eat or shop for food? But for a foodie like me, I heck care, walked past them munching on my  Otah Springroll…

Brought my mum along and we took the train there as I expected huge crowd ‘cos of the holiday as well. Reached Expo station and already I can see a lot of people heading towards the expo’s direction on the left instead of the right where the new Changi Citi Point mall is. As usual I’ll let my photos do the talking… with description below of course 😉

This is what you’ll be greeted with when you arrive in the afternoon. Realised there’s 5-6 fairs running concurrently! Baby fair, malay wedding fair, Bodyshop sale, household sale, and this food and electronic fiesta! No wonder so crowded lah!
Fwah! Diapers must be cheap at the Baby Fair… Or baby pee a lot… or many babies ;P
Entering Hall 5
Left side Electronics, right side Food
New supermarket brand in Singapore, My Outlets, direct factory to Singapore from Malaysian factories.
Great bargains for instant coffees
Instant Ban Mian! In 4 flavours. 4 packs for $10. Direct factory.
Otah springroll
$1 for 5pcs…
Otah Springroll. Don’t expect this frozen food to taste like Muah Otah,
BBQ Scallops 4 for $10. Looks good, didn’t try cos China cheaper haha
Gourmet Bak Kwa at $12 for 300gsm. Very nice, free to try!
Yummy gourmet bak kwa… it’s actually bacon strips 🙂
This small scale sausage makers uses good ingredients in their sausages.
Tried the Basil and Black Pepper Pork ones, really good.
Bak Chang wholesale price. The nonya dumpling is nice at $1.20 only!
Wah this one fierce… Chilli crab pau… Never try cos a lot of food already!
Thai som tam and desserts, 4 boxes for $10! Eye candy at the stall guys!
Roti John sial… Smells good! (The guy on the right should smile…)
Malay snacks… Love the keropok strips in the middle. So our Muslim friends have food to enjoy too!
Wah Chicken Rice Balls spotted!
3 small rice balls and a hard cold drumstick. Riceballs not bad, chicken fail badly.
Wah Westlake also here!
Kong Bak Glutinous Rice $3 from Westlake. This one is awesome!
Famous Westlake Kong Bak Pau $2.50. Buns are served piping hot (Really hot!) and chunks of lovely juicy braised pork belly.
2 pieces of chinese mushroom and loads of Kong Bak Pieces! Nice!
Suppose to be a popular carrot cake
$3 eat there, $4 takeaway. Order takeaway! More servings! $3 only has 2 pieces!
This is $3. Very little. The carrot cake I believe is not homemade. Generous on the egg part but taste soso only.
Fried Squid $4
Coated with sambal… Ask them to coat more, not spicy enough.
See, not enough sambal.
New product, apple tea with lemon… many other flavours. $1 each only!
This is the challenge… finding a place to sit down and eat!
Seriously I dunno what is this stall doing here… How can the organisers allow this? Out of theme!
Not interested in household products… These promoters can talk until pandas the black eye rings turn white!
Even behind the Expo also jam

The event has 2 more days and ending on 20th April 2014. From 11am to 9pm. Admission is free!


  1. Lots of things to buy, if you have a foldable trolley basket, bring it!
  2. Don’t drive or even take cab. Take the train!
  3. Leave your kids at home. They won’t like it. Lots of shouting.
  4. Bring cash but keep it safe. Crowded areas, free entry, usually got pickpockets.

Happy Easter everyone! Have fun food tasting and shopping! 🙂


Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy