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21 Seafood Supply – Potong Pasir, Singapore


Ha you must be wondering this is a seafood place right? Maybe during the mornings but not afternoon onwards. This wet market turns into a fruits shop specialising in my favourite fruit, durian. Highly recommended by my friend Audrey, who loves durians as much as I do! And she lives at Telok Blangah! So must be good right??? As I’m typing this post, I am digging up my craving for durians yet again… See the pics below and you’ll know what I mean…


Boss showing friend the freshness of the durians
Our 3 durians
Red Prawn, Bitter sweet
D2 is pretty good and not so sweet
Mao Shan Wang!
After that cool down with watermelon!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Awesome! Love the freshness of the durians!

Portion: Average.

Service: Very good!

Ambience: Coffee shop

Price: About S$20 each for 4 pax.

RTE: Yeah!!! Cos the boss is very nice and honest. He chooses the best ones for us.

Location: 146 Potong Pasir Avenue 1.

Your Durian Guide


This is for my durian gang as well as anyone who loves the King of Fruits as much as we do! This guide is for Malaysian durians, the best so far in the world.

So which ones have you tried before? Share with me your favorite! 😉

Ok hope you guys find these info useful, I need to make appointment with my durian vendor already! ;P

My Encounter With Durians In Shenzhen


Ok think most of my friends know that I love durians. So I was walking by the fruits stall the other day just below my apartment, I saw durians!!! So I bought one since I was craving for it and it costed me almost S$10 for one!

Check out the durian... looks good right? Looks like those bitter sweet durians we find in Singapore right?
It was good until I opened up the durian... see the colour... boring one half... Took a bite, boring one whole... No taste, no smell, not sweet, it's like eating raw tapioca!!! Wah lau eh!!! Pui!
Dunno why I did this... thought the other parts of the durian might taste better... but to my dismay... it sucks totally... This whole lot, down the rubbish bin...

So I wasted $10 on the lousy Thai durian… In Geylang buy the $1 ones I believe still a lot better than this… Now I really miss the durians back home…

Really pui chao nua… no more Thai durians for me unless I can taste it first! Pui!