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Product Review – MacDonald’s Durian Crunch McFlurry


Was in Genting recently and spotted this new flavour which for a durian fan is like a dream come true. So of course, I bought one cup to try. Not cheap, costed me RM$7.60 which equates to around S$3.00. Nevertheless, I still have to try it.

See the attractive poster outside Mac's
See the attractive poster outside Mac’s
Close up of actual product
Some crunchy bits inside


It is probably the worst McFlurry I’ve ever tasted. The durian sauce tasted so chemical, they should have used puree instead. At the same time, there was hardly any durian taste in it. The crunchy stuff is hard, totally don’t value add to the overall product. I’d rather they add cornflakes instead. Somehow I believe these decisions to launch such a product have not gone through any food consultancy, really bad call and a waste of my money. It was so bad, I took 2 scoops and left the cup there. Really Pui Chao Nua…

Four Seasons Durians 四季榴莲 – Shenzhen, China


Found this little outlet while venturing around the King Glory Plaza one day and I really found this place by smelling it out! I detected the durian aroma (poison for some) and headed towards that direction. Ok to be honest, I didn’t know Four Seasons Durians have branched out to Shenzhen… and in fact, I didn’t know they existed in the first place! ;P I only came to know about this brand via this shop, hence it is a good move franchising out to China! 🙂

During my recent trip back home in Singapore, the prices in Singapore is a lot more expensive than in China. It could be a penetration strategy but I ruled it out as they have already 3 outlets to date here in Shenzhen. It could also be because of spending power? Then again, the people in Shenzhen have high spending power too! But I’m not complaining as the prices here are a lot cheaper due to currency conversion.

The stall…
Yummy durian ice cream with a very very rich D24 taste for only RMB$8!
Product of Singapore!
Durian pancakes made on the spot, 2 for RMB$15!
Yummy durian filling!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: 5/5. The taste in the ice cream and pancakes were very rich, taste is so strong that you better not kiss anyone after that! Pancakes must eat while hot!

Portion: Average

Service: 5/5. Very good service. So good that the girl over the counter gave me some mints after I told her I was going to meet someone.

Ambience: 4/5. Small shop, limited seats. More for takeaways.

Price: Ice Cream RMB$8, Pancakes each RMB$9, 2 for RMB$15.

RTE: Yes, soon!

Location: B2-23 King Glory Plaza, Shenzhen. They have another 2 outlets at Dongmen and Windows of The World.