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Home-cooked Thai Food @ Purl’s


I’m back in Singapore and have been busy with medical check ups and running errands. It is very important to get your body checked up annually, so that you can eat more! 😉 Met up with a few friends as well over coffee and meals ever since I came back. And last Sat, I was invited to a pal’s place for dinner and it was my first time visiting her place. The menu for that night was Thai as she is like me, a foodie as well. Check out the food below:

Special Spicy Pork - Purl's specialty 'cos of her homemade chilli paste.  Love the taste!
Special Spicy Pork – Purl’s specialty ‘cos of her homemade chilli paste. Love the taste!
This was another friend’s dish of pork seasoned and cooked one week ago. Pretty awesome as well and goes great with white rice.
Bittergourd omelette – One of my favorites.
Chilly Prawns – Took only one due to cholesterol. 🙂 Taste nice and tangy. Not very spicy.
Fried Mung Bean Vermicelli – Pretty awesome especially after squeezing lime juice over.

Dinner was simply awesome especially for someone like me who loves Thai food. But the most lovely thing that my pal Purl did for me was a trio strap leather cuffs which is specially designed by her for me. It is actually a charm bracelet, with charms that suits the personality of the person wearing it. (Yes, men look pretty good wearing these as well). Purl is actually a fashion designer and have been in this business for more than a decade. Very passionate about her work, she is always looking to design and manufacture trendy apparels and accessories for her outlets. And it’s the first time she made a trio as well cos a single or double will look too thin on my thick wrist.  Check out my custom leather cuffs below:

Trio Leather Cuffs just for me. The links are magnetic for easy putting on and taking off. Spot me wearing this when you see me outside guys! 🙂

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be great that you guys can also own one of these. So I’ve spoken to my friend about it and she is offering a 20% off all mens’ leather cuffs if you provide the promotion code ‘eatwithroy20%‘. Check out her shop over here The Trunkshop or Facebook page. For my female readers… hmmm… you can try typing in the promo code, she’s a very nice lady and she might just give you the discount too! 🙂

Happy surfing guys! 😉

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy