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Foodtrail In Chiangrai Day 5 – Chiangrai, Thailand


Day 5 is the day I leave Chiangrai for home. Sad to leave such a nice city, the people are awesome. So warm and welcoming! Shall be planning another trip soon!

Setting off to the airport
But first, visit my fav coffee house first
Sitting inside this time
So nice…
But first, coffee
Trying some of the cakes at Chiangrai airport
This is actually quite nice but why Thai airways packaging? Hmmmm….
At Bangkok airport waiting for flight back
Lunch! Love it
Choc cake was alright.
Latte was so so only.

Alright that’s all for Chiangrai, definitely a must revisit place! Maybe I will organise one foodtrail tour! Anyways, stay tune for more blogposts locally in Singapore before I write about my trip to Medan. Stay tuned guys!


Yours gastronomically,

Big Roy

Chiang Rai Day 5


Day 5 is a day when I was heading back to Singapore. But before that, I had to visit my favorite coffee house one more time ‘cos I dunno when I’ll be back again! But one thing for sure, I’ll definitely be back with foodie friends soon! See the video below!

Chivit Thamma Da Coffee House – Chiang Rai, Thailand


This is my first post for an eatery in Chiang Rai! Found this place online and highly recommended by lots. Touted as the best restaurant/cafe in the whole of Chiang Rai, this place lives up to its name.

Situated just beside the river, to access to this place, you’ll need good navigation and the roads are really narrow. When I reached the place, I was wowed by the whole architecture of the place! Chivit Thamma Da means A Simple Life or Ordinary Life in Thai language, is not simple after all. All the work put behind decorating the place is just amazing. This is the work of bits and pieces put together since they started 3 years ago!

The Scrambled Eggs Muffins with Smoked Salmon was excellent, even though coming from someone who don’t really enjoy the fishiness. The chef put in some thoughts to the sauce which is pretty similar to hollandaise sauce but with a stronger tinge of lemon to kill the fishy smell. The latte was well prepared, giving the whole cuppa a really great body and after taste… even till the last drop, the taste stayed uniform.

This place gave me so much inspiration that I started to video my reviews instead. No ratings given to this place, think it’s obvious they are full marks for every aspect. See video below. 🙂