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This is a famous pork noodle place in Bangkok among the locals. One will notice all their branches are all in Thai names and even the menus are in Thai. I remembered my first time visiting this shop at Siam Square about 8 years ago, almost died from the spicyness… At that time a bowl of noodles was only 10baht… now it’s 29baht. But the taste hasn’t change at all, that’s the best thing about that. But before you order, just becareful the chilli levels.

Outside the shop... very not halal lah...
Kitchen counter which looks like a ship...
Deco with ancient Thai paintings
The famous Pork Noodles... awesome...
Very nice and crispy wings
Vermicelli salad yum woon sen
Fried Bee Hoon with Pork Chop... This is a must try too... Love it!
The ingredients in the noodles...

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Love the thick broth in the noodles. Other food equally good and tasty. A place I must visit everytime in Bangkok.

Portion: Portion is a little small for the noodles… I remember I had to eat 2-3 bowls the last time.

Price: See last picture. About SGD$11 only for all that above.

RTE: Hell yeah!

Location: This location is at the ground floor of MBK… in front of the supermarket and cab stand.


泉记熟食Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee @ 105 Hougang Avenue 1


Tried this stall a few times already and I think they should be featured. Reason is they observe the basic rules of frying hokkien mee or char kway teow… which is they double fry the kway teow or noodles. That means they fry the first round, keep the whole lot aside then fry again for the individual plates. Secondly, they make the belachan chilli themselves… and it’s not your regular dark red sambal belchan… it’s the traditional light coloured type. Blends very well to the taste of the noodles! I like! Thirdly, for a Grade A(Super clean and hygenic) stall, the noodles taste really good.

The stall is on the right, hidden in between a small walkway... very very bad location... but the food is good!
$3.00 a plate... portioning is pretty good... presentation not nice but taste is really good.
Very nice belachan chilli... mix it up in your noodles, it'll bring up the taste! Love it!

Rating: 4.5/5. Would have been a 5 but the couple doesn’t smile at all… Been there 3-4 times… but same face… ;P

Taste: Very good. It’s the broth that makes the difference. Broth fry together with the egg and noodles, then mix with the specially made chilli, heaven! They have Char Kway Teow also but not as good as this. That’s why specialty stalls still the best.

Portion: Slightly above average.

Price: $3, $4 or $5.

RTE: Yup! Many times already!

Location: 105 Hougang Avenue 1, #02-37. Come out from lift, turn left.


Far East Chicken Rice (Blk 350 Ubi Avenue 1)


Ok this is another of my regular place when my office was still at Ubi area. I told myself I must be back to this stall to feature the chicken rice.

I ordered my usual roast chicken with roast pork (siew yoke) combination with braised egg and extra small bowl of rice. The reason is, the rice is cooked to perfection and you can practically eat the rice on its own.

Check out the rice... grain by grain and very soft and fluffy!
The couple came up with the seasoning formula for the roasted chicken. You can taste some herbal taste on the inside bones of the chicken. Very nice. Roasted pork if you're earl like 11am, you can see the translucent fatty parts and the skin is super crispy.
A must-try... Only regulars know how to order this drink. Just tell the person 'Zong Tong' (President) Peng (ice). If hot one, just Zong Tong. Very nice and milky.

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Very nice. The rice make the difference. The chilli as well is very nice and spicy. Some chilli padi is added to give you the extra burn. But I find it a little salty though. Chicken is well seasoned and roasted. Steam chicken is nice and tender too.

Portion: Reasonable. Could be a bit more though. 🙂

Price: 1 person portion of chicken, roast pork, braised egg, rice and extra rice for $5.50.

RTE: Yeah sure… many times. 🙂

Location: Blk 350 Ubi Avenue 1 coffeeshop