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I came to know about Willing Hearts from my customers who stop by the cafe for drinks and cakes as a form of reward everytime they volunteer there. I have been telling myself I need to check it out one day and finally got down to it just this recent Tuesday. I seriously didn’t know what to expect but was told that you can come and go anytime, so I arranged with some friends and my part-timers to go lend a hand. One of my friends, Joe, is actually someone whom I know from some online gaming and Facebook, and finally met him over volunteer work!

When we arrived there, there is one lady who is a sergeant major-like commanding everyone to do this and that. This lady, Elsie, is the centre nerve of the whole operations. How many packets of food to go out, how much food to prepare, deliveries, etc., all falls under her jurisdiction. At first impression, anyone would definitely feel she’s being rude or autocratic, but believe me, she only mean well. After surviving 4 hours there, I totally understand why she has to be who she has to be. Imagine this; 5000 packets of food, distribute to many collection centres in Singapore, those in town needs to be before 11am so that the volunteer drivers will not have to pay for ERP charges, cooking of so much food, organizing the volunteers from all walks of life, and mind you, not all are like me trained in kitchen and food prep, some have to teach some more. So that’s why, she has to be loud to be heard. I managed to talk to her a bit amidst the rush packing and scooping rice, Elsie is truly a lovely lady inside, loves joking a little, full of love and compassion.

There are other full-time volunteers there too. If you look around, they are mostly in their 60s and 70s. Elsie is 70+ years old, there’s an Anna who is 75. Tony, the founder of Willing Hearts is also that age group. But they are keeping this mission going, with so many willing hearts to help contribute. The volunteers don’t just end here, the delivery drivers (mostly cab or commercial delivery drivers) all chip in to help in the distribution. Not forgetting the collection centres, there are volunteers there too. They have to bring food to the homes of the old folks who have walking difficulties, within their area of distribution. While I was there, I was seriously overwhelmed by the contribution of these people, the love they have for helping the community, DAILY and ZERO PROFIT. I was even more touched when Anna was thanking us for coming to help despite our rest day, and I caught some tears welling up in her eyes. This shows that they are really short handed and our help has moved her in some way. So I’m planning to go again next week.

Tips for first timers through my experience:

1. Be prepared to sweat and toil. No fan or aircon, no chance to sit. My first 2 hours was ok cos very hectic. Last 2 hours became very slow cos the packing is like never ending. I was seriously aching on the neck and back cos of my height and weight. So be mentally prepared.

2. Be prepared to multi-task. One moment you might be topping up the dishes, packing food, scooping rice or veg, and for Joe and me, we moved quite a bit of rice and top up for the assembly lines. So no fixed positions.

3. Wear thin tops and shorts. Trust me those will help in ventilation. Shoes with better grip are importantly cos oil and water on the floor is dangerous.

4. Stay hydrated. Bring a bottle of water and put beside you or go take some refreshments if need to at the back of the kitchen.

5. Leave your kids at home unless they are old enough to take care of themselves. Don’t give more problems to the hectic schedule already.

6. Make sure you have a hearty breakfast before going there to help. Your next meal is probably after 12.30pm when all the food are packed… Unless of course you’re leaving earlier.

7. Anyone is welcome to help! Even tourists visiting Singapore! Every help is needed! A drop of water forms an ocean!

Check out the pics below with the descriptions below. Address and details at the bottom of this blogpost.


Entrance… do you know they still have to pay rentals?!!


First we packed beehoon with chicken and veg


Tony helping out in the cooking



Ok that’s all for the pics, cos no time to really go around snapping. If I am considered as an influencer, which obviously I do not like to be associated with that term, I would like to use my limited network to reach out for more people to help at Willing Hearts. So how can you help?

1. Donation. That’s if you have spares.

2. Help out any day when you’re free or off. They are there as early as 5am to cook but actual packing starts at 7am. Usually last till 12pm. Of course you can go off anytime, just help as much as you can. After lunch usually they prepare the cutting of vegetables and meat.

3. Delivery Drivers. If you own a car and wish to deliver to a location you frequent, you can swing by, pick up the lunch boxes and drop off at the collection centres.

Contact Details:

Willing Hearts

Add: 11 Jalan Ubi Blk 6, #01-51 Chai Chee Community Hub, Singapore 409074

Tel: +65 6476 5822

Web: http://www.willinghearts.org.sg

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/pzxKxWBiSS72

An Effort Worth Mentioning…


Hi eatwithroy friends!

I was chatting with a friend recently about doing charities and that we should do what we can within our means to help others in need. Then I found out that she is in the bedding business which is providing quality mattresses at much lower costs than your regular superstores. I’ve compared the prices and true enough, theirs are a lot cheaper. This is possible by not having a physical store where tenants will be slaves to their landlords. Trust me, you see the prices, you’ll be like banging your head on the wall if you have just gotten yours. ;P

Why I’m bringing this up is because they are doing this free mattress program for the less fortunate since last year and have helped many poor families to have proper mattresses to sleep well at night (http://beds.sg/blog/index.php/category/free-mattress-program). But the sad thing is, there are bogus ‘poor’ people who applied for the program and later found out to be of well off status. It’s disgusting to know such truth but there are people like that living amongst us in Singapore and I hope they will be ripped off in many other ways!

Nevertheless, Beds.sg’s effort to give back to society within their means is definitely worth mentioning on my blog and FB. If any of you know such families in need, please refer them to this page http://www.beds.sg/free-mattress-program.

For those who are looking for bedding or home furnishing, you can check out their site at http://www.beds.sg. Put it this way, if I’m not leaving for Shenzhen and I have my a place on my own, I would be getting the following which is highly recommended for big guys like me ;P:

1. Mattress – http://www.beds.sg/mattress/maxcoil/maxcoil-orthopedic-ultra-firm-foam-mattress.html

2. Bed – http://www.beds.sg/beds/faux-leather-beds/dalton-faux-leather-platform-bed-frame.html

3. Study Chair – http://www.beds.sg/study-room/study-chairs/hans-tall-back-swivel-chair.html

You can also call them up to ask them for their recommendations. So show your support my friends, to help those who are already helping the less fortunate people around us!

With Gratitude,

Big Roy