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As I was devouring my Teochew char kway teow from my previous post, I spotted another char kway teow stall but with a long queue. So after I finished my plate of goodness, I went to queue to check out how good this is. I even asked the people queueing why this has a longer queue. He told me the kway teow here is a lot darker hence sweeter than the previous stall. So here’s my verdict.


Definitely a lot richer than previous, darker and more oily. The use of pork lard is abundant hence more flavourful with the lard bursting in every bite. The cockles are also more plump and more ingredients are used like fish cake and Chinese sausage. However the previous one is a lot lighter in taste and great for people who do not want too greasy after taste. But for some would say, wanna eat these fatty foods, might as well go all the way! 😁




Quite a lot too for the price!


Aunty taking and packing orders. Uncle focus on the frying.

Waiting Time:

30 mins.



Stall 18 Zion Food Centre, 70 Zion Road.

Ah Huay Hokkien Mee (阿花福建面) – North Bridge Road, Singapore


After my Beef Kway Teow indulgence, I went on walking westwards venturing the whole stretch of shops and eateries towards Crawford Lane area. Saw a lot of old neighborhood shops and chanced upon an old coffeeshop Heap Seng Leong. In there, there’s only one Ah Huay Hokkien Mee stall managed by an old lady. I didn’t know what to expect but went ahead to order a plate from the old granny. 


The little stall on the left
Big plate!
Ingredients are cut on the spot whenever a order comes in. Old granny in the background.

: 4/5. 

Taste: Not fantastically good but you can feel old granny frying the plate of goodness from her heart like frying for her grandchildren. Very homely taste. Ingredients are cut in the spot too! Go support old granny if you’re around that area!

Portion: For $3 this is a big plate! 

Service: Old granny is little slow so please be patient. You have to tell her what you want. She can whip up Hokkien Mee, Fried Kway Teow, noodles soups, etc. Converse with her in dialects will be ideal. I spoke in teochew and she speaks pretty well too.

Ambience: Old and everything seems to be on standstill here. Interesting marble top tables, poor lighting. 

Price: $3.00 only. Damn worth it. 

RTE: I wanna return on my next Food Trail Tuesday to try her char kway teow! 🙂

Location: Block 10 North Bridge Road. Hours: Mornings till late afternoon I believe. 

Katong Restaurant – Suzhou, China


My first time here after finding out from weibo the location of their restaurant. Heard so much about it and finally found some time to visit this place. Of course with my diet going on right now, this place is not very healthy for me. Nevertheless, I was buying dinner for my staff who is leaving and at least there’s someone there to share the food with me.

The restaurant is located at a pretty centralised location where many expats are staying. I spotted Fraser Suites just beside this neighborhood center. Took a cab from my place to there is around RMB36 (S$7.50) and I believe it was more than 10km. found the restaurant at level 2 of the center but was full house. So had to go to ground level to their another shop space which they rented just opposite one supermarket/bakery/cafe. See my reviews below the pics:

Restaurant front
The shop space downstairs named under Orchard… a famous shopping street of Singapore.
They have projector screening their specialty… More than 200 items on their menu!
They have durians from Penang too but frozen… A box of 6 seeds is at RMB198 (S$41)
Teh Tarik Peng (Ice Pull Tea)
Bak Kut Teh (Spare Ribs Soup) is actually quite close to the Founder one at Balestier. Peppery type with a light hint of chinese herbs.
Sambal Kangkong is not bad, the sambal chilli is nice.
Fried Carrot Cake Black – This one quite interesting ‘cos I can taste the carrot cake is made by them. There’s dried shrimps in there with loads of white pepper. then cut to pieces and fry till crispy on the outside. Pretty good!
Sambal Chilli to go with the fried carrot cake. Very nice.
Chilli Crab – Shell is around 12cm in length and this one crabs costed me RMB208. Taste is pretty good and crab is fresh. Comes with fried mantou which is crispy and goes well with the sweet chilli sauce. Didn’t finish this, had to pack home cos all small eaters.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Taste overall is pretty authentic Singaporean food I must say.

Portion: Average

Service: Very good. Boss is there to make sure all customers are happy and attended to. Staff are trained to go around filling up water in empty glasses. Cooking time is all within 10-20mins.

Ambience: Pretty ok… aircondition can be a bit more cooler during summer. Pretty comfy though.

Price: Total bill came up to around RMB325. The crab is a little pricey though for that size but like I said before, in China, Singapore/Malaysian food is not cheap as compared to back home.

RTE: Yes, when I have cravings for Singapore food! Didn’t try to laksa and char kway teow

Location: 师惠坊领里中心师惠大厦2楼204室(近星海街)Tel: +86 512 67614557

大树脚 @ Ipoh, Malaysia


This place is sort of like a make shift hawker centre and got its name from the big trees around the area. Very messy place with movable tables and chairs all over the place. That’s why its popular with locals mainly and at one glance, you might wanna give this place a miss. But I tried… and I love it. That’s why I’m writing about this place. The original place that started is on the right side if you’re facing the food place… cos there’s another competitor came up with the exact same food offerings on the left side.

See for yourself... messy right? But a lot of good food.
Some of the highly recommend drinks and food
Iced Red Bean... awesome drink for RM$2.50
Iced Fruit Drink RM$3.50. This one has a lot of different kinds of fruits... damn good
Poh Piah... Soso only and they spread a layer of chilli suace on the outer skin... weird..
The chicken here is actually quite good...
The Fried Stuff (Zar Ye) here is the best seller... go choose what you want and then choose the type of noodles you want.
Curry hor fun... very nice.

Rating: 5/5. Many choices.

Taste: Very nice and tasty. Can try the Char Kway Teow also to the left side of the food place. Keeps frying non-stop… must be quite good.

Portion: Above average.

Price: Generally very affordable.

RTE: Yes!!!

Location: Just tell cab driver 大树脚 (Dai Xu Keok)  in Cantonese.