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Pattaya Garden Restaurant – Eunos, Singapore


Very near to my coffee bar, I’ve passed this place countless times but never tried their food. Reason because it is a little hard to order and try many stuff when you’re alone. So when a friend visited, I decided it’s time to check them out. I was told the focus was a lot more on their catering business, I wish the owner would put a little more focus in this restaurant business as I see some potential in it. 


View from outside
View from inside
Spare area for private functions can hold 20 pax easily
Tom Yum Seafood Soup. Love these authentic clear ones. Soup has loads of ingredients.
Hot Plate Tofu. Not very Thai but i like the sizzling egg and tofu! Haha!
Honey Chicken. Suppositely a hot favourite of seasoned deep fried chicken and drizzled with honey. I was hoping the chicken is a little crispier but the batter was a little more on the eggy side.
Steamed Otah. Could be a little fresher.
Inside the Otah, lots of ingredients.
Mango Sticky Rice comes in a personal portion. If I’m not wrong, it was $2.50 per serving. Very nice.
Love the sambal chili here. Could be a little more spicy though.
Rating: 3.8/5. 

Taste: Food is quite good but could be a little fresher for the shrimps. Hopefully they will start making fresh when business starts picking up. 

Portion: Good.

Service: Pretty good.

Ambience: Family style.

Price: All the above for less than S$50. 

RTE: Maybe for their lunch sets for $6.90-$8.90.

Location: 140 Changi Road. 

文華鱼圆面 (Wen Hua Fishball Noodles) – Eunos, Singapore


Ok this stall is interesting to write on. Reason is, I don’t find it super tasty at all. So why am I writing about it then? The fact remains that it’s doing very well not just for lunch but also during breakfasts. So I don’t know what’s the draw factor here. Maybe it’s the only fishball noodle stall within the next 300m radius? Or is it because the customers here are familiar with the taste already? Or is there something special about their chilli paste? You be the judge if you’re in this area. So far another friend ate it too and said same thing, nothing special. I ate 4 times already, still yet to discover the ‘wow’ factor. 

The coffee shop frontage


The simple stall within the coffee shop
My upsized bowl of wrong noodles… 😓

The well oiled noodles 😝
Ok the pork balls are prolly from the same supplier as the bak chor mee stall at 85 Bedok. There are minced flat fish inside. Which makes this noodle special? hmmm…

Rating: 3/5.

Taste:  Really nothing special. I must admit the noodles were well oiled by lard. It’s almost bland but I notice the chilli is made from dried chilli type, which makes it more spicy than usual. I had to empty the little saucer of soy sauce chilli into the noodles then it’s just nice. But overall it’s edible. 

Portion: Below average. Mine already added noodles still so small portion. 

Service: Lady who takes orders always screws up my orders. In the picture I order Mee Kia (fine noodles) but came Mee Poh (flat noodles) instead. Asked for more vinegar, it tasted normal. Some more she confirmed twice with me… Amazing…

Ambience: Coffee Shop 

Price: Base price $3.00. Add additional noodles $0.50. Add additional ingredients $1.00.

RTE: Kept trying this place and they are very consistent… Consistently nothing special. 😝

Location: 132 Changi Road. Morning and lunch only.  Closed on Sundays.