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Barcook Bakery @ OUB Centre


A friend told me about this bakery which opened not too long ago and I heard it’s always long queue during lunch time. So she ta pao for me to try. She bought me the raisin bun with cream cheese inside, which apparently is selling like errr… hot buns now…

Plastic bag that holds all the buns... Why Barcook leh? Funny name...
Looks like an ordinary bun right? Sorry a bit squashed... my bad...
Check out the big juicy raisins... I just love raisins with bread! Hmmm... let me rephrase that.... I just love bread!!!
Check out the cream cheese inside... the taste is just heavenly lah. The cream cheese inside gives it a little sourish yoghurty taste. The buns are full of very very fragrant milky taste and scent. Just by smelling the buns makes you wanna eat it right away!

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Just perfect. This is what buns should taste like. Tasted other type of buns also. Try the Nacho Cheese Bun… you’ll be in for a surprise. 🙂

Portion: Average

Price: $1.20 or something like that… was told only $1+

RTE: Yeah!!! I wanna try their other buns!!!

Location: Basement of OUB Centre @ One Raffles Place. Opposite Starhub.


TO-RICHO GUO SHI (KWAY CHAP) @ Old Airport Road Hawkers’ Centre


It was my birthday so I decided to have my lunch at this famous kway chap place at Old Kallang Airport Food Centre. Famous from Blanco Court, this stall needs no introduction. Reason why I’m featuring this is because the food is very tasty, they are a lot cheaper than their counterparts like the Macpherson one and the food quality is a lot better. On top of that, the lady taking orders is very friendly! I love Teochews! ;P

Long queue during lunch time... Well,, they are only open during lunch time lor... Be prepared to queue for 15mins, but food will be served shortly after you place your orders
This is th Kway which you will be eating with the dishes below. I can eat like 3 bowls of these.
Spare parts from the pig. Used to be a very cheap delicacy but because of growing demands, the prices are like it is now... Butthis stall does it so well, there is hardly any smell and very very tender.
Braised Pork Leg - Super tender and lean for me... This plate cost only like $4. Love it.
Salted Veg (Chye Buay) - Used to be unwanted also like the spare parts.
Nothing is left behind for the rats... ;P

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Very tasty, very tender, very traditional. Those who have gout should avoid this. Maybe like once a month is fine. 🙂

Portion: Good

Price: Wth 5 bowls of Kway and all the dishes, the bill came up to about $11+ for 2 persons. Very reasonable.

RTE: Many times already. No time to feature only 🙂

Location: #01-135 @ 51 Old Airport Road Hawkers’ Centre


Kwee Heng Food Stall (#01-13 Newton Circus Food Centre)

Was at this place for dinner yesterday. This stall is just facing the carpark so you can’t miss it. This stall seems like it has everything but one thing worth mentioning is the Crispy Boneless Duck and all their braised stuff. The recipe is passed down from generations and the braised stuff is really good:
Crispy Boneless Duck! Crispy on the outside and tender on the insides. Nice....
Braised assortment. Cooked to perfection, tender and the sauce is smoothered all over the whole plate. Nice...
Noodles with lard oil. very nice. hehe...
Veggies! Crunchy and nice!
The broth that comes with the noodles... very herbal, very thick and very nice.
Kwee Heng Food Stall

Rating: 4.5/5 (For the crispy duck!)

Taste: Very unique. It’s like braised duck in deep fried style… very nice.

Portion: Good. Regulars usually gets more haha…

Price: It’s in the picture. 🙂

RTE: Yeah definitely.

Location: #01-13 Newton Circus Food Centre