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Sin Eng Heong @ Ipoh, Malaysia


Just remember I have a lot of Ipoh foodstuff haven’t write yet… then I moved on to Macau ones already… sigh… getting very forgetful and I guess age is really catching up. and I sort of regretted reviewing the pictures I have taken in Ipoh again… Now I miss them so much… Think I really need to get some friends who will be as crazy as me, take a bus up over one weekend when I’m back in SG, and head to Ipoh to whack one whole weekend!

Over fantasies aside, everyone must be wondering what is Sin Eng Heong right? They are a traditional biscuit shop selling all the local favourites like Heong Pang, Kaya Kok, Beh Teh Sor, Mooncakes, Traditional Wedding Cakes, etc. One of my friends brought me to this 60 year old shop (that’s what the founder told me) and highly recommended the Kaya puffs (Kaya = Coconut + Egg Jam). So I tried… it’s really good. Thought maybe it’s hot that’s why nice… but after I packed back to SG, it’s still very good. Check it out the next time you’re in Ipoh. You’ll end up buying a lot for your family and friends!

You see the shop, you'll know it's been there for a long time...
Was there during the mooncake festival... They sell batch by batch piping hot!
The famous kaya puffs! RM$0.70 each only...
The uncle who started this business since he was 17 years old. We chatted for quite a while.
Address and contact details.

Rating: 5/5. With all the tradition and history behind it, respect.

Taste: If you like traditional cakes and biscuits, this should suit your taste. The Heong Pang (香饼) are packed in packs of 10pcs and each has very thick fillings. Crispy even if you leave it on your dining table for about 10 days after opening. Kaya puffs are damn good.

Portion: Average. Above average for fillings though.

Price: RM$0.70 per piece. On average, it’s not expensive and it’s fresh and good.

RTE: Yes definitely when I’m back in Ipoh again.

Location: See last pic.


Gluten/Casein-Free Carrot Cakes


Ok I know some of you must be thinking why would anyone wanna make those lovely carrot cake gluten and dairy free?!? Well it’s something my friend of 18 years, Nur has embarked upon. I was asked to taste test this bunch of carrot cakes made specially for autistic kids.

The gluten (wheat) free, casein (dairy) free diet is the most popular of the specialized diets, and there is evidence that the diet is often helpful in lessening autistic symptoms such as impulsive behaviors, lack of focus, and even speech problems.

So here are the pics of what I ate:

Nur uses cupcakes style so that they will appeal to kids
Cream is made from pretty expensive margarine from Australia
Look at the cake texture... this is where Nur is great in. Her cakes are never dry. Love it!

Rating: 4.5/5 (Could have been 5/5 cos the lack of cinnamon and lemon on the topping… but then again, kids might not like those taste.)

Taste: Nur’s cakes are always very nice and moist. Don’t mind the thick cream layer on top, but kids just love them isn’t it?

Portion: Substantial in portion and ingredients.

Price: Email to ask

Other Stuffs: Warm Chocolate Cake, Alcohol-free Tiramisu (Trust me, this is really good), brownies (for weddings), carrot cakes, banana cakes, etc… Customized to your taste (for the elderly you may want less sweet and vice versa for kids)

Ok Nur’s main source of stress reliever is in baking. She bakes almost ANYTHING. This is only a part time thing she does at home. She has a full time job and hence any requests will depends on whether she can cope. So please don’t pressurize her too much! 😉 You guys can reach her at wild_fl@hotmail.com. Trust me, you’ll love her cakes! 🙂