Top Pot Bakery – Taipei, Taiwan

This bakery actually needs no introduction… they are everywhere in Taiwan… 18 branches in all. They are also established in HK and Shanghai. With 小S advertising for them, their name can only go higher. But my purpose is to draw your attention to their breads. I must say, their bread is really good. Not those soft and light type. This is wholesome and soft, really nice. So when in Taiwan next, try their breads for brekkie or tea. But the crowd is scary during peak hours so be prepared. But after the queue, it’s all worth it. 🙂 Rating: 5/5. … Continue reading Top Pot Bakery – Taipei, Taiwan

京都果子烧 Kyouto Kashiyaki – Taipei, Taiwan

This is a little stall in between some fashion shops in one of the streets of Ximending. What caught my eye was the colorful display as well as the big portions of fillings inside these Japanese pancakes. So I went to the stall and chatted with the lady boss. She was nice enough to introduce me the 12 flavours they have, and also learnt that that was the only stall they have (maybe more by now). These are great snacks for ladies who are in between their shopping sprees and will definitely be charged up again to carry on! Rating: 4.5/5 Taste: … Continue reading 京都果子烧 Kyouto Kashiyaki – Taipei, Taiwan


I reckon I should write about this awesome place I’ve been to during my last trip to Bangkok. Reason is, this place serves very authentic Thai food dated back to the days where they are being served to the Thai royalties and these dishes are believe to have medicinal effects on our bodies. No wonder most of the Thai girls we see are so slim! Well the attraction of this place is not just the food but also the whole structure. The place is made from traditional Thai teak wood and service staff are all dressed in traditional Thai costumes. So are … Continue reading RUEN-MALLIKA @ BANGKOK, THAILAND

MGM Patisserie @ Macau City, Macau

Ok some of you might be wondering why I’m writing about such a famous and grand place in my affordable foodblog. Well for the same reason, affordability lor. Reason is I do not want any of my readers here miss out a very nice hi-tea set they are serving at a very affordable price for 2. So if you’re walking around checking out the nice decorate City Of Dreams, you may wann take a break at this very nice and chill out Patisserie at MGM Grand. Rating: 5/5 Taste: Awesome… MGM Grand leh. Portion: Above average. Price: If I can … Continue reading MGM Patisserie @ Macau City, Macau

Pasar Malam (Night Market) @ Ipoh, Malaysia

What better way to end my Ipoh food spree with a write up on the night market or Pasar Malam of Ipoh. There are 2 different night markets… one is a lot bigger scale and caters more to the general public and it is at different location daily. The other one will be near Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken, permanently there and cater more for our muslim friends. So obviously I went to the former lah, and if I’m not wrong, they are always at Tesco area on Wednesday nights. Just ask around from the locals, they know which day … Continue reading Pasar Malam (Night Market) @ Ipoh, Malaysia

Margaret’s Café é Nata @ Macau City, Macao

After some roast meats at 陈光记, we just cross the road and got into a little back alley-like place and there you find the most talked about place, Margaret’s Cafe. This place is famous for the Portuguese Egg Tarts… hence I must at least try it and prolly compare it with the KFC ones and the ones back home. So here is what I’ve found out. Rating: 4/5. Loss marks in grumpy lady boss and taste. Taste: Ok the taste of the eggy part is ok… Not too sweet. But then again, pastries like these that is served hot from … Continue reading Margaret’s Café é Nata @ Macau City, Macao

鸿福堂 @ Hong Kong (CNY Edition)

Usually I don’t write twice about a place but because of the upcoming Chinese New Year, and since I’m gonna miss it in my home country Singapore, I’ve decided to write about traditional new year cakes eaten in HK and some can be found in Singapore as well. I was served a big slice each of each cake for me to try at the shop at Lok Ma Chau MTR Station and I dug in! 🙂 Rating: 4.5/5. Service is tops! Taste: Overall pretty good! Love the use of ingredients and loads of it. Of course the prices comes with it … Continue reading 鸿福堂 @ Hong Kong (CNY Edition)

He Xi Vegetarian Restaurant @ Blk 4 Upp Aljunied Lane

This is my first vegetarian stall review. Not exactly a restaurant but more of a coffeeshop. Came across this place while looking for breakfast one of the mornings when I was back in Singapore recently. Quietly tucked in between very old HDB blocks of Upper Aljunied Road, I don’t think anyone would have spotted this place if they don’t live or work around there. So I parked my car in front of the place and checked out the place with my mummy. Rating: 4/5 Taste: Quite good considering the fact that it’s non meat. Don’t order the coffee though… quite bad. Portion: … Continue reading He Xi Vegetarian Restaurant @ Blk 4 Upp Aljunied Lane