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Sun Dance – Xiamen, Guangdong, China


This last entry wraps up my write ups for Xiamen good foods. Too much to eat, too small stomach! Will definitely be back!

Anyways, came to know about this place as it’s much talked about in Xiamen. So I decided to check this place out for lunch before I head back. Went in the place, pretty empty on a weekend lunch, found a table near the door as I had my luggage with me. And boy did I regret that. It was warm near the door and the air-condition was not strong enough during summer. Nevertheless I placed my orders and went around snapping pics of the place. Check out the pics and review below:

Cafe front
From the door
Inside the cafe
I think this is a smoking area
Many books for reading
Stage for ad hoc performances at night
More CDs
Loads of CDs… some are super classics
PC for surfing
View from the other end
Sweet basil pizza, quite unique and tasted pretty good
Spaghetti Bolonese – tasted pretty good also and the sauce is nice and thick.
My latte… a total disappointment… auto machine.
Loads of coffee specks at the bottom
My damage RMB$140, discounted RMB8

Rating: 3.5/5.

Taste: 4/5. Food was good. Coffees really bad. I reckon they sell more alcohol at night than coffees.

Portion: 3/5.

Ambience: 4/5. Very homely feel. Not very comfy though.

Service: 2/5. Very short handed and slow.

Price: RMB140

RTE: Not very likely… Xiamen has got too many good food places.

Location: 思明区鹭江道254号国贸海景. Tel: 0592-2390538

Re+ Cafe – Xiamen, Guangdong, China


Walk passed this cafe a few times before deciding to pop in and have a look. To my surprise, the deco inside is very detailed and gave me a very nice homely feel. Again, I’ll let the pics do the talking. 🙂

Limited alfresco area
Retail display
Stairs to upper level
2nd floor. Didn’t go up as my knee was hurting from a lot of walking.

Leading to the washrooms
Latte was a tad weak for my liking. Saw them preparing the coffee, very different from what I was taught in Australia.
If I remember correctly, his name is Coco. A stray dog which was hanging outside this cafe for sometime before they decided to adopt him as a resident dog! Very cute and ever ready to play with kids!

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Latte was prepared a different way but good thing it was served hot. Didn’t try the mains or cakes ‘cos in Xiamen, you’re full all the time!

Portion: 3/5.

Service: 5/5. Very hospitable and they make you feel at home. The lady boss would be there usually at night.

Ambience: 4.5/5. A lot of efforts done to do up this place. However the front part of the cafe is a little warm during summer.

Price: If I’m not wrong, it’s RMB$16. Very affordable as compared to the branded ones.

RTE: If I’m staying around that area again I would.

Location: 思明区鹭江道274-5号(开禾路口). Just behind the hotel I stayed http://wp.me/p2BhOI-4d. Tel: 0592-2224690