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A Tribute To Mr. Lee Kuan Yew


It’s been 12 weeks since my I’ve started BLACK&INK and this short journey hasn’t been easy. As a coffee bar owner and the only barista, working long hours basically has a toll mentally (not crazy yet) as well as physically. Mental ‘cos lack of rest, and literally there isn’t any off days. My off days are literally spent on running errands or be in the cafe to standby for servicing, installations or deliveries. The only window of a good sleep was the first day of CNY when I slept throughout the whole day, ignoring any visits, in case I fall asleep while someone is talking. Physically is deterioting also I feel cos I’ve put on some weight ever since I was back in Singapore last May. Totally no time for me to do some exercise. That said, I’ll be finding some time to have a balance soon. It can only get tougher as BLACK&INK get more known for our coffees and cakes. But I’m happy that my biz partner and myself have finally realize our dream of starting a cafe, all totally out of passion.  

All these toiling in life reminds me of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. As the nation is mourning for the loss of our founding father of Singapore, turned a fishing village into first world country with stability and saftey not experienced in most countries. I can only imagine his contributions, his efforts, his passion, his commitments to the nation was so much more than what I’m currently experiencing. 


I teared at the stories about him and the difficulties he faced trying to unite the countries (Malaysia & Singapore) and left to fight alone to keep Singapore afloat. I teared at how much time he puts in daily thinking of how to  make Singapore better than it already was and kept achieving a higher benchmark. I teared at how he is mistaken sometimes as an autocratic leader because I know in top management, sometimes you have to make certain decisions on your own for the benefit of the company and in this case, for the nation. I teared at how loving he is as a husband, finding time to keep Mrs Lee company daily, despite of a ton of things on his mind. I teared as I’m writing this blog entry, feeling the lost of someone close at heart but happy at the thought he is finally relieved of his pain and reunited with his wife. 


Today, I’ve finally managed to pull a winged tulip latte art on a Bodum cup,  although not perfect, on my 12th week of being a barista and I want to dedicate this achievement and ‘flower’ to Mr. Lee. I heard he doesn’t drink coffee so I hope he’ll like this cup of Dutch dark hot chocolate drink. 

You’re an inspiration Mr. Lee, the nation will work harder to continue your legacy, may you rest in peace. You will be in our hearts forever.


Big Roy