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30+ MUST EATS when in Medan, Indonesia


Hey y’all,

Sorry took me a while to tabulate all these info and pictures together. Only manage 30 items but trust me, there are more than 30 items easily in Medan to savour on. Hope you enjoy the gastronomical read and perhaps attract you to visit Medan one day!


1. Indomie/Ifumie Goreng

Indomie Goreng

Indomie Goreng Basa – The wet version
This is something like our Maggie Goreng except that Indomie/Ifumie most of the time they would use the seasoning that comes with the instant noodle pack. It is probably the staple in whole of Indonesia, reason is it is affordable for everyone. However different stalls/locations have their own special sauce or chilli paste which makes customers come back for more.
2. Kueh Kueh

Look at the colours of the kueh kuehs!

Yam Cake

This glutinous rice thing with sri kaya is really damn good…

Lemper Ayam. One of my favourites and will tapao a lot for mum.

Just too many varieties
Kueh kueh is available in most Asian countries and in Medan, they are very important as some of these kuehs are used for praying to the Gods or Ancestors. There are a lot of kueh kueh varieties here and it’ll take some more one to try them all. My favourites are shown below.
3. Martabak

Martabak Piring… That’s how they cook it!

To be honest, I prefer the ones below…

Comes in a slab like this

Look at the amount of cheese!

This one we ordered the first night. It has all the works inside… Nutella, grounded peanuts, choc rice, cheese!

Last slab we had for our trip. Damn good. Loads of cheese and butter. Yums!


Probably the best now in Medan, Martabak Yurich!
This is prolly trending very much now in Medan. Not to be confused with the martabak we have here in Singapore, there are basically 2 types of martabak in Medan; The thin or the thick one. Personally I prefer the thick one cos it comes with a lot of fillings and coated with loads of butter. I would highly recommend Martabak Yurich because theirs are really yummy!


4. Bihun Bebek (Duck Beehoon)

Me and boss of Asie Bihun Bebek, showing how much ducks he use for his broth.

Bihun Bebek served dry and a bowl of soup on the side. Broth is super rich and tasty, result of boiling with a lot of ducks in it.

Another Bihun Bebek place I visit which belongs to my Medan mummy. Bihun Bebek Akien has their followers and to be honest, has a different touch from the one at Asie.

Akien’s Bihun Bebek comes with veg, home made shrimp balls and a chunk of braised pork belly. I really miss this right now.

Specially reserved this bowl of goodness for me…. Finished!
This is prolly the first stop everytime I’m in Medan. A must eat and it’s truly da bomb! There are 2 types in Medan; the strong herbal or light herbal one. However, either or is damn rich in broth and really a great way to start the day with! My favourite stalls are Bihun Bebek Kumango (Asie) and my god mother’s stall Bihun Bebek Akien!


5. Mie Pangsit

Mie Tiongsim
This is prolly the wanton mee of Medan. Everywhere cooks differently like the wanton mee in SG. My favourite so far is Mie Tiongsim at Jln Selat Panjang. Still good even though they are super popular.
6. Mie Hokkien

Mie Hokkien at Jln Selat Panjang

Friend’s parents’ Mie Hokkien. See the lard and amount of ingredients. Yums!
The distinct difference between Mie Pangsit and Mie Hokkien is Mie Pangsit has char siew and wantons, while Mie Hokkien has braised egg, prawns, fish balls and prawn balls.
7. Coffees Locals vs Specialty

Latte from Pilastro Cafe

Latte from Geodang

Latte from Macehat

Latte from The Thirty Six
Coffee is grown in most parts of Indonesia and North Sumatra is one of the places. The presence of local coffee is definitely a hindrance to the growth of specialty coffee stores such as Pilastro and The Thirty Six. So while you’re there, go support these business, and enjoy some really good local single origins!
8. Nasi Ayam

Nasi Ayam from Nasi Ayam SP3 of Jalan Selat Panjang.

With the owners of Nasi Ayam SP3
Chicken Rice here in Medan is really different. Again, every stall has different side dishes. I like the one at Jalan Selat Panjang, Nasi Ayam SP3, their chicken rice comes with sides like braised egg, sambal shrimps, veg, etc. Owner couple are very nice people and you can literally order anything just sitting at their stall.
9. Big R Burger

The Big ‘R’ Burger

Big Roy eyeing on Big R Burger haha
Haha I placed this as a must eat because this burger is created in my name! Thick 200g beef patty with steak slices and beef bacon laid on top of it and topped it off with a runny sunny-side-up! Really yummy this one! Only at The Thirty Six!
10. Putu Bambu

Steamed bamboo kueh

Very yummy

Miss this!
This is something like our tutu kueh but it’s longish and steamed inside a bamboo, giving it a distinctive bamboo fragrance. You can get this everywhere.
11. Kweu Tiau

The Legend


Fry until the wok also got hole… imagine how many years is that gonna take?!?!!

Try making her smile, anyone can do that let me know and prove it with a selfie!

Tapao best cos the banana leaf gives off a different taste!

Damn I miss this so much! Using duck eggs!

Add your own pork lard at Kwetiau Ahong

Kwetiau Ahong
Kweu Tiau is actually Fried Kway Teow and they only have the light coloured portion which is very similar to Penang ones. I totally love the Fried Kway Teow here cos some of the Kway Teow like Kwetiau Ong’s is homemade! Best of all, they use duck eggs!!! Makes a lot of difference to the dish! Kwetiau Ong is definitely my favourite stall, which is a Golden Legendary stall since 1914… that’s 103 years of history!!! Close to this will prolly be Kwetiau Ahong’s.
12. Sate Padang

Legendary stall beside Bata.

Sate Padang from the Bata stall. The chicken one is definitely better cos mutton is tough

Had this at one of the markets… tough like mad

This one looks promising

Chicken sate is very nice and tender… Love how much fried shallots they used!

So good we ordered round 2! Burp!
Sate Padang is literally satay in SG. The satay here is not as tender as what we have back home but definitely flavourful. Sauce wise is a little more on the savoury side instead of the sweeter version in SG. This is a must have when you’re at any food street at night. You can order like 5 sticks if you’re alone.
13. Nasi Padang

Usually laid on the table like that and you only have to pay for what you eat… The rest of the dishes they will put back…

Love the fried chicken here!

How locals would eat, pack in a banana pack and then eat it after 5 mins. The fragrance of the leaf will surface.


Garuda’s Padang

Serdahana’s Padang
Nasi Padang is big business in Medan! So many places for good Nasi Padang and some big brands like Garuda is already in Singapore. The best thing about this Nasi Padang is that the variety is huge and they will place loads of dishes on the table. You’ll only be charged for what you eat, not what you’ve touched. So you can take the curry sauce but not eat the chicken…then they will put back the chicken to the main display pot. Hygiene is definitely questionable here… but no one seems to care. Love most of the outlets here, Muay orders are the beef rendang, ayam goreng and ayam pop.
14. He Ci

He Ci is the same as the Ngoh Hiang stalls in Singapore with the crispy prawn crackers and the floury prawn cakes. Except that the items offered differs from ours.


15. Tok Tok

Tok Tok stall

Pig’s blood… no more in SG

Intestines…. still got a little smell…
A very local dish of pig’s blood and intestines. Not everyone’s cup of tea and the taste is really acquired. Worth a try if you encounter this.
16. Popia

Atak Popia or rather more known as Popia Jose Rizal, opens only in the evening.

All handmade on the spot upon orders.

Steam or fried? I like the steam one better! So yummy!
In our context, it’s Popiah. I only know one place that has this and they sell by the thousands daily! Check out the stall at Jose Rizal and you can choose from the steam or deep fried ones. I definitely preferred the steamed ones! Not cheap at 7000 rupiah each but it has crab meat inside and extremely tasty!
17. Avocado Shake

Regular Avocado juice

Avocado juice with espresso shots at Macehat
Avocado is grown locally in Brastagi region and naturally drinks are made out of these. Avocado shake with chocolate sauce is truly yummy here and a must drink when in Indonesia. You may wanna check out the Avocado Juice with Espresso shots at Macehat. Their signature drink there.
18. Curry Chicken & Beef Bihun/Rice

The famous curry at Tabona

Curry Chicken… The gravy is very watery but never lacks of flavour.

Beef is damn yummy. Love the brisket parts

Bihun texture so different from ours in Singapore

Featured on a local magazine lately.

Boss and me
Rumah Makan Tabona. This is a household brand that has been selling this for decades. Love the curry chicken and beef to go with the beehoon. Very yummy! Some Medanese said do not leave Medan if you haven’t tried this! I must say it’s not bad, and their business is blardy good!
19. Chee Cheong Fun

This is how the chee cheong fun is laid out

Then chopped into pieces upon orders and drench with a little sauce and fried shallots.
This is one of my favourites. Simple, plain looking but damn yummy! The secret is in the sauce and all the fried onions on top. The best I’ve tried so far is from Jalan Selat Panjang from the big guy’s stall.


20. Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng Petai

See the fire they use… power!
There are many places for fried rice. I kinda like the Nasi Goreng Petai at 134A Jalan Singa. The fire is damn power, hence wok heat is amazingly good!
21. Goreng Pisang

Goreng Pisang with a whole lot of cheese and chocolate at Geodang

Pilastro’s version of Goreng Pisang
In most cafes, they usually have Goreng Pisang for sides that is drouse with loads of chocolate rice and cheese! Good to try but too much a little jelak!
22. Durian

The man, Ucok

Durian piled up here for selection
Yes, durians do grow in Medan. But the seeds are big and flesh not as much. But at the price of 35k and 50k rupiah, it’s ok to try the taste of it. Ucok durian is the biggest player in the durian market which operates 24/7! So if you’re craving for durians at 4am, you can get some by taking a Grab car there!
23. BPK

Babi Panggang Karo… If they BBQ the pork well, the meat will be tender. If not, good luck to your teeth.

Blood gravy to go with your rice
Babi Panggang Karo is a traditional Karo tribe cuisine of BBQ pork slices which is usually served with rice and a bowl of blood mixture spicy sauce thingy. At some places, the meat can get really tough… the better ones are in the mountains so branded doesn’t mean good.
24. Kueh Lapis/Ambon

With chocolate chips

Yummy plain ones
Home of Kueh Lapis and more likely the Kueh Ambon. Indonesians generally agree the Kueh Ambon in Medan is the best in the whole of Indonesia. But I kinda like the Kueh Lapis, very good souvenir gift to bring back for family and friends. There is a street full of kueh lapis, just go sample all of them and tell me which ones you like!
25. Teh Susu Telor

Da eggy teh tarik drink,… not bad but damn sweet

This street has loads of different styles of indomie goreng and the egg teh
This is a very local drink. Egg is added to the milk tea and seriously damn sweet. But the egg adds a nice fragrance to the drink. Dunno if there are any medical boost drinking this but it’s worth a try!
26. Snake Meat

Snake meat… Taste like chicken
Snake meat is available at food streets like Jalan Semarang. Fried in some rempah and seriously taste like chicken. Quite appetising!
27. Chao Lo

Spicy but acquired taste…
This is a typical before dinner snack in Medan which actually are snails cook in some spicy soup. Totally an acquired taste dish, not many people can take it.
28. Badak

Sarsi made in Medan. Medanese pride and joy. Has Sarsi taste definitely but with some herbal tones too. Not bad, interesting.
29. Es Campur

Literally like our ice kacang but the ice is a lot coarser and helluva lot more sweet! But they are super generous with the ingredients too!
30. Corn Rojak Keju

This is an interesting snack which I found at Brastagi market area. They slice the corn off the cob and then mix in butter, salt and pepper before topping with shredded cheese. Quite yummy actually.

Actually there are a lot more food to feature in Medan but this list is taking just too long. But I have included some of the pictures for you all to see below. Happy munching!

Nasi Tim… Basically steamed rice with the ingredients… like our Fan Choy or Lor Mai Kai. Available at Nasi Ayam SP3

Sio bak available at Jalan Semarang. Yummy!

A drink I swear by everywhere I go… plain ice tea no sugar and it’s cheap

I think these are called Apom…

Served with kaya-like gravy.

Simple stall like this is long queue every morning at the market

Yummy porridge with intestines

Market has interesting foods too!

Nasi Campur but the rice was a little cold.

A little like our sayur lodeh not bad.

Foodtrail In Chiangrai Day 4 – Chiangrai, Thailand


Day 4 is a long day as I leave the mountains to explore more of Chiangrai. I’m already in love with the city and the scenery it has to offer. Can’t wait to check out more of what this little city has to offer!

Woke up to this view
Love the morning silence
Farmers getting dropped off to start the day’s collection
Back at the mill, they are getting ready to transport the processed beans to the courtyard for drying.
Old uncle still strong at this age.
Bad cherries are floated on top and pushed to the pool beside
But first, latte.
The good cherries are at the bottom and are being sucked into the pulping machine
Cherries getting pulped.
See the cherries being separated from the beans
Coffee beans!
Good and bad beans
Balance of the cherries collected at another place to be used as fertiliser
GM of Doi Chang Coffee Farm
Last selfie of the amazing view
On the way down the mountain
Found a resort with a very nice river view for lunch!
Wow they are famous for pies! What a discovery!
My lunch view
Ice Thai Milk Tea
america Friedn Ri
Coconut pie…. yums!
The lady who started it all, Mdm Charin
Just nice the flowers bloomed when I was there.
Got aviary!
He didn’t show off that day…
Bridge to get to the resorts… yes, they own all these lands!
Fruit farms behind
On my way back to somewhere near the city and spotted some amazing architechtures
and padi fields
So serene
On the roads less taken
A hugh Singha statue
Loads of flowers
Love the flowers.
A lake behind where people are fishing
Reach my other resort for the night
Love the landscaping!
Bridge haha
Love it!
Outside my room
King size bed
Simple, good enough for me to rest.
Mosaic tiles are nice
Bath room
Back at my fav stall but trying something different
Default chicken rice must order!
Ordered this glass noodles in dark sauce. Yummy!
After dinner night market walk
Wow more food!
Another row of food!
Didn’t try this cos long queue but looks very good dessert.
Thai desserts from the supermarket… yums!

Wow what a long and tiring day! This is my last night in Chiangrai, gonna miss this place! Watch out for Day 5!


Yours gastronomically.

Big Roy

Cafes & Eateries In Melbourne Days 6-10


Days 6-10 in Melbourne were the days I sprained my right foot and was in serious hurt. Thank God one of our friends has painkillers which literally helped me tide through the entire 5 days. I have compiled what I have tried in not just the rest of the city but also in Phillip Island as well. Some are really crappy, so I hope you guys won’t experience the same crap as I did. Anyways, here goes the list of places I’ve visited for food and fun.

Sumo Salad
Yummy selection!
My salad choice! Love the pesto chicken!

Sumo Salad

Experience: Needs no introduction but to be honest, my first time trying then. Sumo Salad is prolly in most food courts and this was at Westfield, Doncaster. Love the selection and they are really tasty in big portions!

Rating: 4.5/5.

Location: Westfield Doncaster, 619 Doncaster Road, Doncaster VIC 3108. Opens daily.

U Pick Berries
You have to buy the containers and fill up till you’re able to close them.
The place
Some berries available for picking
Samples of what was picked
Me enjoying a nice vanilla ice cream with home made raspberry jam

U Pick Berries

Experience: Travelled from city to this place for berries picking. More for the kids than anything else. Nothing much for us to pick anyways and the berries are pretty sour. I would say you can skip this one unless you want your kids to experience this.

Rating: 3/5.

Location: www.upickberries.com.au for more details and timings.

Penguin Parade
Some pastas
Some roast chix leg
Fish and chips
Path towards the parade
Sneak shot of where the parade area where the penguins will come in…

Penguin Parade

Experience: This place is a knock off. So expensive and yet there’s not many penguins to see coming in from the sea. The food at the cafeteria is average. Fish and chips was the best but also so so only. Most of the penguins are actually in their burrows instead along the pathways. You get to see them more there. Great for kids experience though.

Rating: 3/5.

Location: Philip Island Nature Park. 1019 Ventnor Road, Summerlands VIC 3922. http://www.penguins.org.au.

The Chocolate Factory

Philip Island Chocolate Factory


Skip this place. Tour is bad, food is bad.

Rating: 2/5.

Location: 930 Phillip Island Road, Newhaven VIC 3925.

Yummy Pork Chop Rice

Grand Taipei Bakery


Awesome food and service. Cooks really fast. The bakery front reminds me of the traditional bakeries in our neighbourhoods. Go for their famous Pork Chop Rice. Highly recommended. Cantonese speaking too.

Rating: 5/5.

Location: 594 Station Street, Box Hill VIC 3128. Opens 9.30am to 9pm. www.facebook.com/grandtaipeibakery

Always got queue
Tick and choose
Signature ramen
Some Ramen champ
Very energetic kitchen and waiting staff!
Just add what you want!
Solo diners all have to face the walls!
Gyozas are juicy!
Yummy bowl of awesomeness!

Hakata Gensuke


Love this place even though have to queue. Very squeezy inside but so lively cos of all the shouting of welcoming the customers, serving the food, thanking and saying goodbye to them, etc. Ramen wise, very good. Finished every drop of broth that was on my bowl. Highly recommended!

Rating: 5/5.

Location: 168 Russell Street, Melbourne VIC 3000. http://www.gensuke.com.au.

Prawn and Pork Won Ton Noodles AUD$9,50
Combination Seafood Fried Rice AUD$9.80
Steamed Chicken
Bak Choy

Noodle Kingdom


Takeaway for one supper and was surprise the food was quite tasty. Price point is pretty reasonable for Aussie terms and portioning was as usual, large. Located just opposite Hakata Gensuke. Great for suppers!

Rating: 4.5/5.

Location: 175 Russell Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

Hudsons Coffee


Using 2 x 2 groups Astoria Plus4U, it’s amazing the barista can pull such lousy espresso shots. The latte I ordered lacked body and typically cup of coffee-flavoured milk from a coffee chain. However, the almond croissant was pretty good. Wasted no good coffee to go along with it. Skip.

Rating: 3/5.

Location: Everywhere in Melbourne. This branch I went to is at Level 1 Qantas Departures, Melbourne Airport.

Cafes & Eateries In Melbourne – Day 3


After a tiring Day 2, around Northern side of Melbourne, I started Day 3 with Southern side of Melbourne. Check out where I went below:

This is actually St. Ali… took me a while to find it…
Hmmm quite messy
Their machines…
Isn’t that Matt Perger?
Awesome Almond Caramel Tart!
Ordered a Caffe Latte, came a cappuccino and from the colour you know it’s gonna be bland.
Roasting Facility

St. Ali Coffee Roasters

Experience: Another top few roasters and coffee distributor in Melbourne, it was difficult to locate this place as there are no signages outside. Finally using gut feel, I found the place by parking my car and search for it. From the outside it looks like a warehouse, and inside is also a little run down, which gives it a little indy feel. St. Ali is also the birth place for the World Barista Championship 1st runner up, Matt Perger. When I was there I was told Matt is in Singapore, consulting Oriole Roasters. But I thought I saw him sitting one corner briefing a bunch of peeps… (See pic above). Anyways, I asked for a café latte and tried one of their best-selling Almond Caramel Tart. The latte came with a bunch of foam of a cappuccino and tasted really bland. From the colour of the cuppa, it looked like our Teh Tarik… Sad. The tart however, was good. Sweet but very nicely done with the right flavor and crunch. Service was really good too, at least the waitress made me felt comfy and recommended the tart to me.

Rating: 3.5/5.

Location: 12-18 Yarra Place, South Melbourne VIC 3205. 0700-1800hrs.


From outside
Balcony seating

Dead Man Espresso

Experience: After a not so ideal coffee, I went on to check out another joint in hope for better coffee around the corner. Dead Man is a coffee joint featuring 3 local roasters at anytime. Equipped with a 3 group La Marzocco and 3 Roburs, these guys are serious about their coffees. Didn’t try the food but wasn’t hungry after all the coffees and milk. This place packs with people working around the area and the 2 baristas behind the machine keeps churning out cups after cups. Coffee is much better and at least I am satisfied for now.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Location: 35 Market Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205. 0700-1600hrs.


Very big space
Damn awesome soft shell crab burger… whole crab inside!!!

Top Paddock

Experience: Took a drive down towards Church Street to head for this great place for lunch. Managed to slip in late noon time and got a seat for one. Ordered the famous Soft Shell Crab Burger (AUD$21.00) and sank my teeth into juiciness! Really nice and it has a whole soft shell crab inside. Love it although a little pricey. Spotted the lovely white 3 group Synesso and a couple of top end grinders, I decided to try the latte as well. Beans are from Five Senses and tasted pretty good. But I heard that they might be roasting their own beans soon which to me makes financial sense as they obviously have the volume there. Must visit for their food!

Rating: 4.5/5.

Location: 658 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121. 0700-1600hrs.


Me with Celebrity Chef David Purchese

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

Experience: This is a twist from the regular eateries I would visit but I heard this is a great place to satisfy your sugar cravings. Met the celebrity chef David Purchese in person and his lovely wife who went through most of the products with me while I was there. Very passionate couple owners and you can see from their work! No doubt the products are a little on the pricey side, but it’s a lot of work on the presentation and the ingredients are of top quality. Still, B&P is doing very well and a birthday cake from there will definitely put a smile on the birthday boy/girl’s face. 😉

Rating: 5/5.

Location: 647 Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC 3141. 1000-1830hrs.


Monk Bodhi Dharma

Experience: Seriously finding this place is half the fun. Located at the back alleys, Monk Bodhi Dharma has already a cult following for their coffees and food. If you’re a vegetarian or even a vegan, you’ll love this place. The good thing about this place is not just the interesting run down ambience, but also they roast their own beans. Although run down looking, they have a 3 group Synesso and 4 Mazzer grinders serving 4 single origins. Love the chat with the barista and their passion in doing good coffees. Definitely good education for me for setting up BLACK&INK.

Rating: 5/5.

Location: 202 Carlisle Street, Balaclava VIC 3183. 0700-1700hrs.


Guess who’s the Melbourne Victory FC fan?


Experience: Haha you must be wondering why I’m writing about the stadium. Well… I was here for a soccer match and had fish & chips for dinner! It wasn’t that bad as per all stadium food, and it was served hot. Lovely weather, lovely food, lovely match. The atmosphere for soccer matches overseas is just different from what we have at home. ;P

Rating: 4/5.

Location: Olympic Boulevard, Melbourne VIC 3000.


Madness at 11pm…
Have to fight my way in….
Definitely not the best in presentation but who cares?
My triple scoop AUD$7

Gelato Messina Fitzroy

Experience: I heard a lot about this place from my buddy and we decided to check out this place after the soccer match. Reached there almost at 11pm and we were greeted by a long queue… good thing they close at 2330hrs during weekends. So we waited for more than 20 minutes for our cones and you must really squeeze inside and fight for your space in front of the display counter in order to be served. For a triple scoop, it was only AUD$7, so we went for it. One of the best ice creams I’ve ever tasted, wanted to go back for seconds but the queue put me off. Definitely a place to visit if you’re in town. It’s pretty near Proud Mary.

Rating: 5/5.

Location: 237 Smith Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065. 1200-2300hrs.


Beetroot on top


Experience: Maccas is the term used in Melbourne for MacDonald’s. I ordered their special Angus McOz which featured 100% Australian Angus Beef on a nice soft wholemeal hamburger bun, topped with loads of veg, cheese and beetroot! Awesome supper for AUD$6.60. Yums to the max!

Rating: 4.5/5.

Location: Everywhere. 24 hours.

Struggling to complete Day 4… stay tuned guys!


Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy 😉

Emirates Flight Food – Singapore-Melbourne


Hey y’all!

Sorry I haven’t been writing for the longest time because of my new venture. If you guys have been following my Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been to Melbourne, Japan and Chiangrai all in the month of December and most recently, I’ve also started a coffee bar BLACK&INK (www.fb.com/blackandink or Instagram @blackandink). It has been a very hectic 2 weeks since our opening, and we have been blessed with great support from friends, relatives and fellow food bloggers! And some friends whom I haven’t met since leaving secondary school! Seems like BLACK&INK is gonna be a great catch up place for my ex-classmates and ex-colleagues!

Anyways I will be commencing on writing on my trip to Melbourne and the places I’ve been starting with this post! Yes, plane food again. To be honest I like plane food. Especially the longer flight ones. This time I took a joint flight between Qantas and Emirates and I must say their in-flight food is pretty awesome. Love the additions of snacks in the middle of the tray to the usual mains and desserts. Check out the pics below.

My dinner
This is how I heat up my buns! haha
Smoked Salmon
Yummy chicken
Snack pack
Focaccia biscuit
Part of the snack pack, I ate with the focaccia biscuits
Snack pack
Snack pack
Quite nice to go with your Table Crackers
Pretty good peach cake
Coffee very watered down

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Yummy as compared to the some other flights I’ve taken.

Portion: Above average.

Ambience: Comfy.

Service: Below average. I had to go to the galley behind myself to grab an orange juice.

RTE: Yes, I would love to fly with them again.

家美自制面包 (Jia Mei Bakery) – Mountbatten, Singapore


Still at Old Kallang Airport Food Center, I was venturing the back parts if there are some nice stalls selling good food. Came across this bakery within the food center concept stall. Not new ‘cos there are many similar ones at Serangoon Gardens, Bedok Blk 85, Alexandra Brickworks Center, etc. But the guy manning the stall is actually a young chap and there was another guy inside doing the baking. The aroma of freshly baked buns always attracts me and I tried some of their items:


Stall front
The HK style egg tarts
Banana Bun?
Nice and soft
Whole banana inside!

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Really yummy and for the price of $0.80 for the banana bread and $1.00 for the egg tarts, cannot ask for more!

Portion: Average.

Service: The young guy speaks good English! Don’t play play.

Ambience: Hot…. Really hot… Did I mentioned hot? Really hot…

Price: Stated.

RTE: Yes!

Location: Old Kallang Airport Food Center #01-43.

Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 (22nd Nov 2014) – Suntec City Hall 401 & 402, Singapore


Hey y’all!!

Just to share with guys on an upcoming event which is curated by my fellow food blogging friends SGfootonfoot, Misstamchiak and thesilverchef, Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 happening this week at Suntec City Halls 401 & 402! This is the 3rd year Touch Community Services is holding this event with a unique focus on celebrating Singapore’s Hawker Heritage, as part of Singapore’s Jubilee (SG50) celebrations. There will be more than 20 chefs to create the Ultimate menu and all profits will go to 32,000 beneficiaries under Touch Community Service, regardless of race and religion.


  • The event honours the heritage of pioneer generation hawkers through stalls helmed by chefs from the second, third and fourth generations of pioneers. Example includes Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh and Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery with long heritage and is being passed to second and third generation respectively. In addition, Crocodile King by Tony Tee is making a comeback, offering nutritious crocodile soup only available for the festival.
  • Once again showcase traditional fare made with the finest ingredients to create ‘ultimate’ versions of the original dish. Example include Elongated Glutinous Rice with Abalone by Geng Shu Mei Shi Shi Jia, 100 days corn fed Anxin Chicken Rice and Foie Gras Rojak by Onaka.
  • A new generation of young budding chefs like Douglas Ng of Fishball Story, Gerald and Julyn of Penang Kia, and Wee and Adrian of Old Bibik Beef Rendang will also be present at the festival. They have been driven by their passion for food to leave jobs in other sectors to join the culinary industry.
  • Celebrity chefs Eric Neo (from Intercontinental Hotel), Tan Yong Hua (Restaurant HOME), Melvin Lim (Ramada and Days Hotels Singapore) and Shen Tan will be cooking local dishes such as Otah, Roast Duck, Nasi Lemak etc.

So if you are free this coming Saturday, 22 November 2014, come check out the amazing dishes with me and support this charity event! Check out the event details below:

Date: 22 November 2014, Saturday 
Time: 11am to 5pm 
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre Halls 401 and 402 
Coupons: Buy at www.ultimatehawkerfest.sg.

So hope to see you guys there! Remember to say hi if you spot me ok? Not difficult lah, really. ;P

See ya!

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy :r