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DEATHTRAP – Blackbox Theatre, Singapore


Was invited by Asylum Theatre (Thanks Dean!) to watch a play recently at the BlackBox located at level 5 of the National Library. As usual, I will not describe much about the play but will prolly and hopefully arouse your interest to go watch it.

DEATHTRAP is an original play by Ira Levin which is Tony Award nominated and the longest running thriller-comedy in Broadway history! Directed by award-winning playwright/director Dean Lundquist, DEATHTRAP is truly a masterpiece on its own. I love how the whole play twist on top of the previous twist and on top of yet another twist! Director Dean even commented it has “more twist than a pretzel!” I couldn’t agree more along with many hilarious moments! Love the casts in this prop and set heavy production, displaying world class acting prowess, and convincing lies which to the audience may be confused if they weren’t paying attention! 😁

However to me, this production has deeper meanings to tell its audiences. 

1. The maliciousness of humans in their quest for riches and power. This is very true in this world we live in, not just in plays or TV dramas.

2. In the play, Sidney Bruhl was facing a dry spell that has resulted in a string of failures and a shortage of funds. This is the real situation in today’s local production scene! The weak supports/sponsorships from the relevant authorities/organisations in this theatrical industry, which is why many have liquidated and talents have moved on to other industries. Cos these Actors/Actresses, Playwrights, etc. don’t find it viable to carry on anymore. With better support, Playwrights would have been more motivated to write awesome scripts and Actors/Actresses would have more awesome productions to act in. Production houses would have more budget to pay their casts and staff, tickets would have been more a little more affordable to a bigger piece of pie, which will then arouse more locals to be interested in watching plays and musicals, which will eventually support the industry. It’s all a vicious cycle and it has to start from the top.

Alright ’nuff said, so. Now it’s your turn to show some support to our local productions! Check DEATHTRAP out asap before they end this Oct 30th! Link here –> http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/cdeath1016. 

Oh by the way, you can use the ticket stubs to redeem one-for-one drinks at Mr Punch Public House at 26 Seah Street! So it’s all worth it! 😉 Check out some of the pics taken from the play. Some are courtesy from Asylum Theatre.

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