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Big Red Strawberry Farm @ Cameron Highlands, Malaysia


You must be wondering why I’m writing about a strawberry farm right? Reason is, I’m writing for people who are crazy over strawberries (like my mum). We went to Cameron Highlands on the last day from Ipoh for a quick day trip and the cab driver drove us to this Big Red Strawberry Farm cos the entrance unlike many other farms there, is free. They only charge you when you wanna pick strawberries. Really nice place to chill out; cool weather, strawberries galore, flora and fauna.

Signage at the entrance on the way up
View after parking
Before entering the place... with my mum of course.
The Cafe! No, didn't try the salad... cos there are other better stuff to try!
Check out the menu board... even have chocolate fondue for the strawberries!
Scone with strawberry jam, butter and cream. Comes in a set with a pot of strawberry tea.
Waffle with strawberry syrup and ice cream!
Fresh cut strawberries served with whipped cream. They add a little of sugar syrup below which you can ask them not to add. But the berries in CH is not very sweet type so better to have some syrup. 😉
See the strawberries inside.
Strawberry milkshake
There's a shop there selling many strawberry products...
Or you can pick your own strawberries
View of the hypoallergenic veg farm from the cafe
Parsley anyone?
Some veg...

Don't you just love the greens?
Water is running continuously

Rating: 4.5/5. Great place for chillin’ out with friends or family. Kids will love this place.

Taste: If you love strawberries, you will end up ordering everything. But it’s a nice change from regular eating places.

Portion: Average

Price: Didn’t note but pretty affordable.

RTE: I might if I’m back in CH again.

Location: Ask the cab driver!


Sushi Oh (寿司王) @ Jusco, Shenzhen


Checked out a huge shopping mall quite near where I’m staying in Shenzhen… It’s quite a high class mall with a lot of the big brands. Then there’s Jusco which is a huge supermarket with many groceries available for me to buy but I was there for a different purpose. I was there to check out Sushi Oh… a sushi chain of stores, which is located at the super back part of the mall on same level as the supermarket.

There it is! Quite hard to find the restaurant but I manage to find it nevertheless. Just ask around, this place is well known. The benches outside are for you to wait till seats are available.
Ambience of the place... The problem with China still is the smoking problem... They smoke everywhere... even in here yes... I would usually fart back to counter but this time I lost badly... too many were farting through their mouths... sigh...
Imagine this is at 9pm and people are still streaming in...
First Up, Salmon Sashimi. Quite thick slices but not as thick as those in Yuen Long. 2 portions here, each portion 5 slices. RMB$33 each portion. Quite fresh though. You can see plates and plates of these coming out from the kitchen. I suspect they have a Salmon Lake back there... ;P
Unagi Rolls. These eel rolls are very well done. Succulent and tasty. RMB$38.
Scallop Rolls. Not a big fan but quite fresh indeed. Forgot how much.
Salmon Sushi... didn't like the cucumber on top... better with a strip of mayonnaise on top but it's fresh and quite tasty overall for the sushi. Forgotten how much also.

Rating: 4.5/5. Service was good but they didn’t allow me to take pictures of the food… which I’m paying for… hmmm…

Taste: Pretty good. But Yuen Long one’s better.

Portion: Slightly above average.

Price: Total bill was RMB$180, which is about SGD$38.00 for 2 persons.

RTE: Maybe when I’m at Jusco again for grocery shopping.

Location: 深南中路中信城市广场商业楼底层JUSCO友谊百货L-318号. Tel: (0755) 2594 0928. You can also check out their other outlets at http://www.sushi-oh.com.