Malasang Fruit Juice (马拉桑果汁) – Gulangyu, Xiamen, China

This is a nation wide chain of fruit juice stalls. The best thing about their juices is that it is freshly squeezed right in front of you. No added sugar or any other preservatives! This one is located in front of the pier, straight about 200m walk. Definitely refreshing after a hot day of walking on the island of Gulangyu! Rating: 5/5 Taste: All natural, wholesome! Portion: Average Service: I dunno about other shops but this shop’s young couple were very friendly and took the time to recommend what is suitable for us. Ambience: Takeaway but no sign of houseflies. … Continue reading Malasang Fruit Juice (马拉桑果汁) – Gulangyu, Xiamen, China

Charity Coffee Appreciation Workshop

Hey y’all, My charity group is gonna have a fund raising drive this coming Dec 14th at the Highlander Coffee and this is great for foodies and coffee addicts like me who would wanna know more about what goes behind our favorite caffeine drinks! Furthermore, doing charity at the same time! Awesome right? Check out the link below and if you’re keen, do sign up early as each session is limited to 25 pax only. Hope to see you there my foodie friends and maybe this will be our first outing? 😉   Yours gastronomically, Big Roy Continue reading Charity Coffee Appreciation Workshop

58度C Milk Tea @ Shenzhen

Hi folks, It’s been months since I last updated. Apologies as things got busier since in China. Anyways, this is one of the popular bubble tea chain of shops in Shenzhen. It’s totally affordable and taste is quite alright. Rating: 4/5. Taste: Pretty good. But don’t like the choice of milk. Look out for another review of mine later in this blog. Portion: Big cup. Price: RMB$10 for charcoal roasted Wu Long Milk Tea. RTE: If there is a craving… I think the other one I’m reviewing later is a lot better. Location: All over Shenzhen. This one is at … Continue reading 58度C Milk Tea @ Shenzhen