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Big Pig Canteen – Melbourne, Australia


Discovered this BBQ joint that wasn’t known to my buddies in Melbourne even! Really love the comfy Ambience, well BBQed foods and craft beers on taps! Love the staff there, super welcoming and efficient!

Friends from abroad driving there is not difficult but do not block any traffic when you park by the side of the roads ya! Reservations highly recommended!

Big Pig Canteen
Add: 35 Ebden St, Moorabbin VIC 3189, Australia
Tel: +61 3 9555 8160

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The Skewer Bar – Geylang, Singapore


You know most of the time we run out of choices for supper in Singapore and this is prolly a good place for such indulgence for your next supper outing. Was introduced to this little place by a friend and immediately it rekindled my years in China where you can find BBQs at every nooks and crannies in the neighbourhood.

Although they just started only like two months ago, I have since revisited them after they have renovated (expanded) but still most customers prefer to sit outside when they have a nice airconditioned room inside. On top of that, they even have crafted and draft beers now which of course is not offered by the coffee shop they are residing in.

The stall. To the left is the new wing.
The offerings. The team is working in new items soon to add on to the range.
One the partners is the main chef doing the BBQing.
A touch of passion & spice
These bacon with enoki or quails’ egg is so good!
BBQ Stingray with homemade sambal chilli. Not very spicy for me, but at least the fish is nice and fresh!
Somehow the mini Taiwanese sausages on the right is damn nice! The balls on the left are homemade chicken and pork balls. Very nice lightly grilled with teriyaki sauce.
Grilled Shitake & chicken liver
Electric stove also have fire one ok!
More orders of these damn blardy awesome pork skewers!
More orders of this homemade grandma’s recipe!
BBQ Eggplant is very nice especially with the shallots and garlic on top!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Love it! Especially the pork skewers and special pork & chicken balls! Not forgetting the bacon skewers!

Portion: Skewers lor.

Service: Very good especially when 4 partners are there to help out.

Ambience: The new aircon area is damn comfy lah in this blardy hot weather!

Price: Skewers starts from $1.20 to $18 (sea bass) Sea bass is really worth a try!

RTE: Soon!

Location: 489 Geylang Road. Opens daily. See FB page for hours.

Social Media: http://www.fb.com/theskewerbar


Com Tam CALI – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Usually I would do lots of research before my trips on the best places to eat or visit. To be honest, this HCMC trip, I didn’t do a lot of research. Hence I was actually going around without any knowledge of the cuisines I was about to try… which I kinda like! Haha!

So I was walking around the Ben Thanh Market area in search for local food when I came across this aircon place which looks like a higher class street food to me. I went in nevertheless ‘cos there were many people eating inside. The place has a mezzanine level as well but I chose to sit downstairs as my knee was still hurting very badly from my trip to Perth. I managed to get a seat on the side which I was able to take a picture of the whole restaurant. Found out later that ‘Com Tam’ actually means broken rice in Vietnamese. It is a typical meal farmers in Southern Vietnam would eat together with some pork or BBQ ribs, fried egg and vegetables. Hence Com Tam CALI is in essence, bringing simple local Vietnamese food to their customers in a more conducive ambience so that they can enjoy their dining experience in their establishments.


Inside the restaurant… You can just look at the pics on the wall and order. Most of the good stuff are featured there!

Com Tam Moc does a lot of charity to help the less fortunate… Just like Care Givers Group! (caregiversgroup.org)

My coconut… flesh is damn hard but the water is sweet and refreshing

Pumpkin soup… I spotted MSG in the soup so can miss.

Their specialty rice set with 7 side dishes… Forgot the name cos in Vietnamese… haha… Pretty ok actually but not filling… Vietnamese size… Even the eggs below is quails’!

Pho with BBQ chicken

Pho which is eaten with very little soup.

Typical Vietnamese spring rolls

Bill… With drinks for 2, around S$16.

Rating: 4.5/5. Actually a 4 but ‘cos they do charity, so a ‘0.5’ more!

Taste: It was pretty alright actually. Kinda like the ‘ngoh hiang’ thingy on the top right of the special rice set. So ordered extra. The BBQ meat is nice.

Portion: Below average.

Service: Not bad. Language barrier!

Ambience: Aircon… can’t go wrong!

Price: Around S$16… A lot more expensive than road side definitely.

RTE (Return To Eat): Maybe can slot into one of my meal slots when I’m back cos many items in the menu haven’t tried!

Location & Contacts: 235 Le Thanh Ton, District 1. Tel: (08) 3842 8922. (Same row as Lavendar Hotel, towards the left if you face the hotel.) Total 6 outlets in HCMC alone.

大肠包小肠 – Taipei, Taiwan


This is the first Taiwanese food that I ate when I was in Taipei. It’s a common snack in Taipei and this one has 3 outlets in Taipei alone… maybe more now :). 大肠包小肠 literally means big sausage wrap small sausage… But it’s actually a pork sausage wrapped with a sausage-shaped glutinous rice thingy.

I followed the BBQ aroma from just outside the ground floor of my hotel, and found this little stall in the middle of a small alley. The stall owner boast the sausages are made from wild boars from Wulai (乌来) which is several miles south of Taipei. Claims to be aboriginal food also but I doubt it and ruled it as more of a gimmick than anything else. I’m a fan of Taiwanese sausages so I ordered one with the black pepper topping option.

The little stall with many people queuing around it.

Wah they are even on Facebook! Look at the sausages… looks damn good right? The whilte ones are the glutinous rice roll…

If this doesn’t make you salivate, I dunno what will…

The rice roll is too small for the sausage but I’m not complaining… haha…

Menu of different topping options.

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: The Taiwanese sausages back home in Singapore taste different from the ones in Taiwan. The rice is tasteless but sausage is pretty ok.

Portion: Quite generous with the toppings.

Price: TWD50 for one sausage with the rice roll. Buy 10 get 1 free. Sausage only is TWD35 each, buy 3 for TWD100.

RTE: It’s a snack, so easy to just walk past, grab one and gobble down!

Location: 台北市武昌街2段82号(格子趣们口) Tel: 0936-099-523


百度烤肉专卖店 @ Shenzhen,China


I passed this restaurant a few times already so I decided to solve the mystery if its the same as the one back in Singapore along Middle Road. Was there around 2.30pm so it was not very crowded. Found out that this is the first flagship retaurant before this became a chain of restaurants.



Stove at every table with air vent... surprisingly, after the meal, no food smell on the clothes!

Check out their branding

Sake bottles for sale...

Frying over a grease paper which you can request to change many times... no need to use oil for cooking!

Squid came first... the lower deck has a grill!

Disposable apron for you!

One of their popular beef with egg

Grilled Squid... very tender but lack of taste... They have a lot of sauces on the side for dipping though.

Unagi with teriyaki sauce... after grilling very nice

Pork ribs... very tender and tasty


This is the time for you to change the paper

Mushrooms grilled are nice...

Wings came! Grilling time


Sign spotted on the wall

The outlets

Rating: 5/5. Not only food is good, the service is tip top as well.

Taste: Very nice. Great for families with kids cos not spicy. Best thing is, all the meats are seasoned differerntly. This is definitely different from the buffet style one back in SG. I suspect that one is a copy.

Portion: Above average

Price: Total bill came out to about RMB$250… About SGD$50. Can eat 3 persons.

RTE: Yes definitely!

Location: 福田区八卦一路十栋首层5号


串王 @ Yuen Long, NT,HK


This is another little shop I’ve discovered in Yuen Long… When it’s peak hour, you will see a crowd there patiently waiting for the lady to get their orders ready. Surprisingly, only 1 person is manning the store and she alone can manage so many BBQ pits! So I decided I should try what’s the big hoo ha is all about…

Business is damn good...

Check out the selection of meats and veg for BBQ... Yummmms!

My samples... haha... Ta bao back to try them... The aroma is out of this world!

Rating: 5/5

Taste: The difference between the BBQ here and China is that this one has a lot of different flavours. Each meat is seasoned differently unlike the BBQs in China, all same tasste and using the same seasoning from Xinjiang. In general, all meats are pretty tasty… Talking about this makes me salivate only… damn…

Portion: Thick and juicy… good size.

Price: The whole batch I ordered is about HKD$70 which is around SGD$12.


Location: Along the same street as the fishball place. Just opposite only. If can’t find, follow the aroma! 🙂


Kam Tin Japanese Restaurant (金田日本料理) @ Yuen Long, NT Hong Kong


I crossed over to Yuen Long in the New Territories of Hong Kong last weekend. My first time there and to my surprise, the whole place is a town on its own! There are so many good places to eat, so many places to shop, karaoke is so cheap (clean ones of course), so many places to eat (oops I said that already) and so crowded!

Streets of Yuen Long. Very near the japanese restaurant...

Met up with my friend who lives there and she brought me to this place for Japanese food… I was like skeptical at first, because I’m in Hong Kong man! I want Char Siew! I want Siew Yoke! I want Beef Brisket! But since she was paying for the meal then I kept my big mouth shut lah…

After alighting from the bus from the causeway, we walked a little to reach this bird will not lay eggs place (鸟不生蛋的地方), which if I was left alone, I will never find it and prolly get lost in the process. It’s located somewhere near B仔凉粉, so if you can find it, just ask the people there. The restaurant is a very small outlet which claims to sit 64 people… Seriously, to me, I think half of that would be comfortable. You know lah, in HK, everything is small… flats are small, offices are small, hotel rooms are small, even eateries are small! So we went in and found a good seat under the aircon. 🙂 To my surprise, the whole place was so crowded until left only a table for us… it was 3pm+! I heard Hong Kongers eat throughout the day… it’s so damn true man! I love HK!!! Woot! So we started ordering what we can possibly finish.

The outside of the restaurant

Restaurant ambience

Must camwhore a bit... behind is where they prepare the food

Super worn out menu book...

Huge Volcano Rolls... the menu has got a lot of selection!

Their super long sushis... this is how they made a name for themselves! Prices seen here are in HKD.

First up, Salmon Sashimi. Super thick slices of about 1cm!!! Super fresh and it just melts in your mouth! For only HKD$45!

See how big each slice and the texture of it...

Sorry I'm just being a bitch... 'cos I wanna make your mouth water!!! Haha...

Soft Shell Crab... HKD$40+. They have already chop up into pieces but they bother to put back into shape and make the crab happy. ;P

Baked oyster with cheese... this one is super yummy... forgot how much...

Have u seen an unagi sushi so long in your life? My first so I must eat... hehe... HKD$18

Have u seen... ok nevermind, I'll just eat... HKD$12 only... wah worth it!

BBQ squid tentacles... not bad lah although not a big fan. Forgot how much...

Damn good beef rolls with Enoki mushrooms. A little burnt taste adds to the perfection. Love it! Forgot how much also! ;P

BBQ Pork Neck slices... pretty good but thinking of the fats in there, I only ate 1-2 slices...

Baked Rice with Tofu, Chicken & Cheese (HKD$38). This is prolly the worst dish there. they should take this out. Got chef's recommendation some more... Tasteless and not enough ingredients.

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Very fresh and very nice. Very different from what we get in Singapore. Love it!

Portion: Above average. they really live up to their mission.  Good portion, good quality, good service and good prices. Excellent job Becky!

Price: Total bill about HKD$400+, which works out to be about SGD$70+.  Totally worth it for the portions.

RTE: Hell yeah!!!

Location: Yuen Long @ 教育路裕榮徑好旺大廈13-14號舖 TEL: 24494433. This is the flagship outlet since the year 2003. Can’t find, call them.

Other branch is at Tsim Sha Chui @ 柯士甸道118-120號業廣商業大廈1樓01室 TEL: 27303678 More information can be found on their website http://www.kamtinlongsushi.com/