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七宝老街 – Shanghai, China


七宝老街 (Qibao Ancient Street) is an ancient town which has been preserved for the purpose of tourism in Shanghai. However it is not a complete ancient town… just 2 stretches of old shops which is linked by a bridge. This is one of the attractions in Shanghai but it’s not very near the city. Nevertheless, I was there to check out all their street food and found some good stuff there actually! Check out the pictures I’ve taken!

Entrance to the town
Entrance to the town
Pagoda outside
Crowded at all times.
The words on the glass panel says these sugared haw will lower your blood pressures. Yeah, and thickening the blood with sugar!
Candied haw and fruits on sticks
Famous goat meat
some stall
The bridge
Try to ignore the apartments behind… looks nicer without that haha

Super crowded on the other side!
Love old buildings
Braised pig trotters
Braised pork leg
Braised pigeons
Beggars’ Chicken cooked in ‘mud’
Bored stall assistant
Braised sparrows
Famous glutinous rice ball place
People queuing for raw ones for take aways
Many awards
Each ball is around RMB2.50… soup is just water… not sweet type
Red date… not nice… regret
Black sesame, nice…
Peanut also nice…
Meat… awesome! Juicy inside!
Managed to get a seat downstairs which is RARE!!!
Guy cooking the balls in front… they differentiate the balls from the shapes…
Some sweet snacks
She’s making some corn flour crispy biscuit snack thingy…
China’s answer to balot/balut… Chicks inside the eggs… not duckings…
Braised gizzard… Quite good cos the sauce is boiled over years…

Some glutinous rice thing sweet snacks
Peanut candy is really good!

Rating: 4.5/5. Eat quality is good. Gotta try everything!

Taste: Pretty good but I don’t really like the sweet stuff.

Portion: Average

Service: Not good… cos so crowded

Ambience: Old and wet… cos Shanghai weather is mostly wet.

Price: Affordable! Can eat a lot for not much.

RTE: If I’m in that area.

Location: http://goo.gl/HrHDsq