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Jie Bakery (杰传统面包咖啡屋) – Kovan, Singapore


I am writing about this confectionery because of how they re-branded themselves and still sticking to making traditional bread that I ate when I was a young boy. As a child, I always love the loaves which has colourful swirls that are so attractive! Maybe that’s why I love bread so much… Hmmm…

Situated along the busy food street of Upper Serangoon Road which connects to Hougang, Sengkang and Punngol, there is no lack of traffic here… literally. So if you’re around that area, pop by and check them out.

Many buns and breads to choose from…
Lovely colourful loaves are still my favourite though!
Value-added service. For those who would love margarine, peanut butter, kaya or jam to go along, ask them to spread for you so you can just eat it immediately or the next morning. Saves you time in preparing brekkie!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5. Thumbs up for keeping the tradition and no preservatives used in the baking! Price has escalated quite a bit, maybe because of the rental.

Location: 953 Upper Serangoon Road.

哈肯舖手感烘焙 Hogan Bakery – Taipei, Taiwan


Most tourists who visits Taipei don’t go for bakeries like I do. Cos I have a passion for breads! I just can’t resist them and I heard from my friend in Taipei, she said this is an award winning one. So since I was there for lunch, I went there to get some of their breads to try. Breads are good but I still feel Top Pot Bakery has a better texture to their breads.

Me outside the store
Inisde the store… super crowded
Sausage baguette
Some cheese bread
Ham and cheese

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Very good. Different texture from Top Pot Bakery but nice nevertheless. Didn’t try their award winning one cos all were sweet. I’m more to savory side.

Portion: Average

Service: Very good

Ambience: A little crampy when choosing the bread… maybe cos of my size… ;P

Price: See bill

RTE: Yeah!

Location: They have 6 outlets. The one I went is at Banqiao. http://www.hoganbakery.com.tw/eshop//article/index.php?ncid=79