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百度烤肉专卖店 @ Shenzhen,China


I passed this restaurant a few times already so I decided to solve the mystery if its the same as the one back in Singapore along Middle Road. Was there around 2.30pm so it was not very crowded. Found out that this is the first flagship retaurant before this became a chain of restaurants.

Stove at every table with air vent... surprisingly, after the meal, no food smell on the clothes!
Check out their branding
Sake bottles for sale...
Frying over a grease paper which you can request to change many times... no need to use oil for cooking!
Squid came first... the lower deck has a grill!
Disposable apron for you!
One of their popular beef with egg
Grilled Squid... very tender but lack of taste... They have a lot of sauces on the side for dipping though.
Unagi with teriyaki sauce... after grilling very nice
Pork ribs... very tender and tasty
This is the time for you to change the paper
Mushrooms grilled are nice...
Wings came! Grilling time
Sign spotted on the wall
The outlets

Rating: 5/5. Not only food is good, the service is tip top as well.

Taste: Very nice. Great for families with kids cos not spicy. Best thing is, all the meats are seasoned differerntly. This is definitely different from the buffet style one back in SG. I suspect that one is a copy.

Portion: Above average

Price: Total bill came out to about RMB$250… About SGD$50. Can eat 3 persons.

RTE: Yes definitely!

Location: 福田区八卦一路十栋首层5号