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Breakfast @ IKEA Tampines


Yes here again for breakfast but this time with mummy. Was telling her how cheap the breakfast was after my first visit. Was quite disappointed by the change in breakfast timing cos now IKEA opens only at 10am and the breakfast ends at 10.30am… so it means, you have to be there at 10am chun chun, fall in, when the doors open, chiong ah…

Was there at 10.15am and there was already a long queue. When it was my turn, the mee siam ran out… so I reckon that one must be good. So next time must try! So these are what we had this morning.

Sausage + Scrambled Eggs + Croissant Set ($1.50) - Yeah it's really $1.50 only... big piece of croissant, very nice sausages, miserable scrambled eggs and 2 small pieces of hash browns! What a steal!!! Think on offer lah that's why...
Tuna Croissant ($2.20) - Big piece of croissant with loads of tuna fillings as good as those from delifrance. Worth it!
Yam Cakes ($1.00 each) - This yam cake is cooked to perfection. Mummy agreed too. The bean sauce with the chilli sauce is just a perfect match... yummy!!!
Mummy enjoying the breakfast...

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Perfect. Love the free 2 coffees if you’re a member and refillable! Better check what they serve daily on their website. See my other blogs on IKEA breakfasts from the Search Bar.

Portion: Good for the price!

Price: Total only $7.20! Cheap!

RTE: Yes! Wanna try that mee siam!!!

Location: Tampines lor… if you can’t find it, you’re not Singaporean… haha… Check their website then. 🙂


IKEA Tampines


With a title like that, I reckon some of you must be wondering… WTH… IKEA? Like we don’t know! Yeah I believe most of you don’t know yet, but IKEA serves one of the best breakfasts around and it’s super duper affordable!

Met up with my business associates this morning for breakfast and I was amazed by my discovery!

Nice ambience & not too crowded like lunch time or weekends
Scrambled Eggs Set. Croissant is big! Only $3.00... yes $3.00...
Vegetarian Beehoon... Only $1.80... yes, $1.80 only... Very nice.


yum yum
The sauce looks bland but it's very tasty!
Free 2 cups of coffees if you're a member! Remember to remove the stick after stirring. Cos it'll change the taste of the coffee.

Rating: 4.5/5 (Would be perfect if the scrambled eggs set is a little warmer. But, it’s alright with me, I eat cold food!)

Taste: Scrambled eggs set is nice and value for money. Vegetarian Beehoon is really nice. But if you’re a strict Vegan, the beehoon is not good for you cos they use garlic to fry it. Something you may wanna take note. 🙂

Portion: Scrambled Eggs Set is good and the croissant is bigger than most places. Vegetarian Beehoon is portioned reasonably as well and has a lot of ingredients.

Price: Scrambled Eggs Set ($3.00), Vegetarian Beehoon ($1.80), Coffee (Free & Refillable if you’re an IKEA member), Water (Free)

RTE: Yes definitely whenever I’m around that area… now we’re considering holding our meetings there already… haha…

P/S: RTE = Return To Eat