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House Of Peranakan Cuisine – Frankel Avenue, Singapore


I was here for a lunch meeting on one Sunday not too long ago and was also invited for food tasting again a week after. This restaurant has been around since 1985 and apparently, not many people know about this place… at least for my network of my friends after I’ve posted on my instagram as I was having my meal. Yes, I’m food porning instantaneously now. LOL! Anyways, check out the pics below and the glorious food!

Bibik Koh Nya Chit, the lady who inspired the boss, Bob Seah to start this restaurant.
Very homely ambience which is very appropriate to what the owner is set out to do. To make home cooked Peranakan dishes available to their customers.
Nonya Ngoh Hiang – This prawn and meat roll is so good, I ate quite a lot of pieces. A must order!
Otak Otak – This fish paste dish is said to contain 20 different ingredients which obviously I didn’t get my hands on. Very nice!
Itek Sio (Nonya Braised Duck) – I dunno how long has it been since I’ve had this dish. Hence tasting this reminded me of the taste I had long ago… Really yummy and the sourish taste from the assam (tamarind) makes it more tasty!
Ayam Buah Keluak – A true authentic Peranakan dish of chicken with keluak which is a black nut with hard shell and has piquant liquid inside that oozes out. This dish is a super troublesome dish to prepare as the frying of the spices (rempah) alone may take half a day. Taste a little robust for some but once you’ve tried it, you’ll yearn for it.
Prawns Sauted in Dried Chilli. Slightly spicy and very appetizing dish.
Beef Rendang – Another yummy dish which is popular not just the Peranakans but also with the Malays and Indonesians.
Curry Fish Meat – Very fresh fish meat used in this dish and a preview of what would have taste like Curry Fish Head. Not too spicy and not too lemak.
Sambal Sotong – Looks spicy but actually it’s alright. The squid was cooked to nice and soft, Yums.
Nonya Chap Chye – Nonya fried mixed vegetables. Lighter on the palette, a great way to balance out the array of meatiness.
Nonya Flower Crabs With Chilli & Salted Soy Beans. Ok this one is not on the menu but if you want to try this dish, maybe a pre-order of 1-2 days is required. Please check with them while making your reservations.
Sambal Lady’s Fingers (Okra) – This is a wow dish for okra lovers. Fried in their kitchen made sambal and shrimps, this is unlike any sambal lady’s fingers you find elsewhere.
Yet another not in the menu dish. Stewed Pork Buns with special chilli sauce drizzled over it. The drizzling of the sauce on the buns made it difficult to hold it but nothing was gonna stop or hinder me from whacking the whole bun within 2 mins! Pretty yummy, but I prefer my braised pork a little softer. You can try pre-ordering but no promises. ;P
This is also not in the menu… Specially made by the owners for me to try. It’s tapioca with banana dessert, a peranakan favourite usually home made. Not too sweet, a good dessert to wind up the dinner.
On Saturday nights, you may be entertained by passionate musician customers!

Overall Review:

I must say the dishes evoked memories of my last time trying some of those authentic Peranakan dishes! Yummy, definitely, love the way they are keeping their traditions alive and make their home-cooked dishes available to their patrons! So how would I rate this place? Put it this way, I am planning to bring my mother to dine here one of these nights! Keep up the good work guys! Peace!