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Pai Lanna Resort & Restaurant – Pai, Mae Hongson, Thailand


Our last dinner in Pai was on top of a little hill, over looking some padi fields and the sunset. Was fortunate to be able to catch the sunset and after that sat down for an authentic northern Thai food. This restaurant is at the entrance to the Pai Lanna Resort and is very popular due to the great views. Hence if you do not have any reservations, good luck finding a table. Such a highly rated place, I reckon the food should be good? See my reviews below:

Very traditional setting
Very traditional setting
Longer tables for bigger groups
There’s a sushi counter called the Sushi Hill… Dunno why it was there cos it doesn’t fit in.
Paranomic view of the view
Usually the Thai customers would write their own orders… In our case, we have Thai friends!
Lanna Shake – Overly sweet! Can skip! Order water instead!
Fried fish was good!
Fried fish with basil was pretty good as well!
Grilled pork quite good
Stir fried veg
Tom Yum Goong. Salty.
Broccolli – Pretty good but a little salty.
Green Curry Chicken – Too watery to my standards.
Address & contact details

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: 4/5. Not everything was good, tom yum soup and green curry was a let down.

Portion: 4/5.

Service: 4/5. Not much initiative and they can get really short handed during peak hours.

Ambience: 5/5. They have good views, no doubt about it.

Price: Around 200baht per pax.

RTE: Unlikely. There are a lot more better eating places at Pai Walking Street.

Location: See last pic.

Cake Go ‘O’ – Pai, Mae Hongson, Thailand


This cake specialty shop is located on the walking street of Pai and I decided to check this place out after seeing so many good reviews about this place. This place is along the road hence it wasn’t difficult to find and it stands out from their neighbors with their decorations.

Menu board and a tat too many people behind the counter taking orders don’t you think?
Pies display
More cakes on display
Our cakes’ selection
Tiramisu – The bottom layer is a little on the hard due to the fridge
Coconut Cake – the most talked about… so so only, tasted better
Coconut Cake
Red Velvet Cake – Too much cream, lacks character.
Coconut Milk Custard – No one liked this. Looks like the traditional Chinese delicacy Dong Bo Rou (Braised Pork Belly)
Royal Chocolate Cake – Was pretty ok, I reckon was everyone’s favorite. Very rich and sweet though.
Wings – This one quite good.
Fried prawns – So so taste
Latte is ok only
Blended fruit juices – Can’t go wrong

Rating: 3.5/5. Overrated.

Taste: 3.5/5. Not up to my expectations especially with so many good reviews online.

Portion: 3/5.

Service: 3/5. They have an attitude… thinking they are the best cafe around Pai maybe?

Ambience: 4/5. Ok pretty comfy.

Price: Baht85 per piece of cake.

RTE: Maybe only…

Location: Pai Walking Street

Kruarabeang Pai Thai Food – Pai, Mae Hongson, Thailand


One of the restaurants we went for our dinner in Pai. I believe in the day the place has a terrific view of the mountains and padi fields. During the night, it lacks the attractiveness. Since we were clueless of where to eat in Pai, we gave this place a try.

Very vintage Thai deco
Nothing special, the best is probably the chilli paste in the middle. Without that, the rest are tasteless.
Tom yum soup is not good
Some stir fried pork with kaffir lime leaves… not bad
Stir fried chicken – soso only
Fried omlelette witth minced pork – Can’t go wrong
Stir fried bittergourd leaves – Salty but crunchy.
Opening hours

Rating: 3/5.

Taste:  3/5. Nothing exciting.

Portion: 3/5.

Service: 2/5. Slow, no initiative, slow.

Ambience: 3.5/5.

Price: Around THB$200 per pax.

RTE: Not likely.

Location: N.A.

Street Food In Pai – Pai, Mae Hongson District, Thailand


Following up on my previous blog again at, this blog I’m gonna talk about what we ate in Pai… I must say, love the food there and love the people there too! So much warmth and love! 😉 You can check out more pics about our charity trip to Pai on our Facebook page! Check out the pics:

Typical local breakfast of some minced pork porridge with fried mini dough sticks.
Looks gooey but really yummy
The minced meat is nice and tender.
We catered lunch for all kids and staff of the school… all 170 of them.
The kids’ favorite fishball noodle soup
All the ingredients for the noodle soup
Lotsa bowls to prepare!
One of the kids collected his bowl and preparing to feast
They just love it!
Feasting in progress… really yummy noodles!
This little guy had 2 bowls… or was it 3? Love it when you see them eat! 🙂
We hit the Walking Street of Pai at night
Super crowded for such a small place
Lotsa BBQs around
Esan sausages
And bugs, hoppers, roaches, worms… you name it they have it…
Ooooo…. Fear Factor Thailand
Best way to feed your hungry goats… Let tourists buy the milk bottles!
Children raising funds by performing
This uniformed guy sang pretty well and raising funds for a good cause! Cute huh gals?
Fried oyster omelette
Herbal drinks hot and cold… very nice and refreshing! The guys selling it is hilarious… he talks all the time in Thai!
Yummy Lemon Grass drink
This guy stood there for at least 4 hours, same posture. You give him money, you can draw any part on his body… I noticed his inner thighs were not drawn though… hmmm… spared him… haha
Quite ok…
Mango glutinous rice dessert!
Sour mangoes lor! Not in season I guess…
Nutty man…
You can see this selling everywhere in Pai
Some black rice glutinous thingy they BBQ first…
Then sprinkle some condense milk and grounded peanut and quite interesting to try. The glutinous cake is actually tasteless.
BBQ sweet potatoes are awesome and cheap!
Strawberries again, favs for all
We spotted some Noodle soup stall along the street during the day and guess what, we ordered and tried!
Curry-like soup
Noodles with meat and blood curds
Crispy noodles with curry soup… Think it’s known as Khao Soi
Gone in 120 seconds…
The we spotted again some fried chicken stall along the same road
Looks damn good
Funky lady boss and funny too
Really awesome fried chicken. A must try!
This place is near the school we visited… along the main road… I really dunno how to locate this place but need to share with my readers here on how awesome the food is
Basil pork rice… this one is very nice, salty and very very spicy!!!
Phad Thai Pai style… A little twist from the normal phad thai we have in Bangkok but pretty tasty, sweet and fragrant.
Som Tam. One of the best we’ve tasted. Even our Thai friends with us said this is awesome!
Love these freshly squeezed tamarind juices…

Chiang Mai To Pai – What We Ate Along The Way


Continue from the previous post

So we left Chiang Mai and headed towards Pai, which is a mountainous village 3.5 hours north of CM. You know, it’s terribly hard to write about places when you’re on the roads. So I can only lump them together and let the pictures tell the story. Below are pics that we ate and what the locals eat.

About 1.5 hours out of CM, we stopped for toilet break here…
Spotted a Ramino Coffee… this place is quite chilly! Love it!
Inside the coffee shop
No latte art but the coffee is pretty darn good!
Nice little landscaping
An alter with an elephant statue
I seriously dunno what word is that but I reckon it’s the name of the place. Anyone translate?
Halfway up the mountain we stopped for toilet break here…
It’s like a eatery kiosk thing
Wah Simonelli machine leh… don’t play play… Coffee is not bad but Ramino was better.
Strawberries galore! Not sweet and quite sour.
Our charity group’s all time favorite… strawberries with assam!
Strawberry wine!
Strawberry juice!
Braised pork knuckles for pork leg rice.
Very informative… Only left or right anyways.
Lunch/toilet break!
Very beautiful view…
Huainumdang National Park
They even have an espresso machine here! But the bar pressure is not high, hence coffee is ok only.
Photo place
We bought our own lunch to save time
Fried pork skin, pork ribs, chilli and glutinous rice… quite nice actually