Countries Where My Readers Come From

    This post is to recognize and thank all my readers who are the driving force behind my continuous writing on good food places. I can’t identify who you are but YOU know who you are! Big thanks and shout out to all of ya! Frankly, I haven’t heard of some of the country names before… I apologize for my ignorance! I promise I’ll read more about your countries and would be excellent if you can write to me at and introduce what kind of awesome local food there are in your countries! Maybe top 5 would be great! … Continue reading Countries Where My Readers Come From

哈肯舖手感烘焙 Hogan Bakery – Taipei, Taiwan

Most tourists who visits Taipei don’t go for bakeries like I do. Cos I have a passion for breads! I just can’t resist them and I heard from my friend in Taipei, she said this is an award winning one. So since I was there for lunch, I went there to get some of their breads to try. Breads are good but I still feel Top Pot Bakery has a better texture to their breads. Rating: 5/5 Taste: Very good. Different texture from Top Pot Bakery but nice nevertheless. Didn’t try their award winning one cos all were sweet. I’m … Continue reading 哈肯舖手感烘焙 Hogan Bakery – Taipei, Taiwan

浣花草堂素食餐厅 – Taipei, Taiwan

Took a MRT to Banqiao station to meet up with friends over lunch while I was in Taipei. The train station is connected to a pretty big mall and loads of shops and food court at the basement. Huge selection for food. But friends are vegetarian hence I was brought to this place which I thought price is reasonable and quite tasty for vegetarians visiting Taipei. Sorry for the poor pics cos lighting in the restaurant was really dim… Rating: 4/5. Taste: Quite good and every set is prepared on the spot. A little oily though. But they offer a … Continue reading 浣花草堂素食餐厅 – Taipei, Taiwan

Top Pot Bakery – Taipei, Taiwan

This bakery actually needs no introduction… they are everywhere in Taiwan… 18 branches in all. They are also established in HK and Shanghai. With 小S advertising for them, their name can only go higher. But my purpose is to draw your attention to their breads. I must say, their bread is really good. Not those soft and light type. This is wholesome and soft, really nice. So when in Taiwan next, try their breads for brekkie or tea. But the crowd is scary during peak hours so be prepared. But after the queue, it’s all worth it. 🙂 Rating: 5/5. … Continue reading Top Pot Bakery – Taipei, Taiwan

金满园排骨 – Taipei, Taiwan

You know, the food in just Ximending alone, cannot complete writing on them! So many choices and food types! Ok will try to write on other parts of Taipei soon. But this place is worth mentioning because all their pork chops and fried stuff are served hot from the wok. Hence have to wait a little for your food to come. This place is always full of people because not only it’s nice but also generous in their portions and at the same time, very affordable! Rating: 4.5/5. Taste: Served piping hot and taste pretty good! Loads of veg and … Continue reading 金满园排骨 – Taipei, Taiwan

老天禄卤味 – Taipei, Taiwan

If you’re heading to Taipei, you need to try this. This is a traditional shop selling really awesome braised foodstuff since the 50s. To be honest, I didn’t know about this place and I believe not many tourists know as well. I happened to chance upon this place while in Ximending. I was wondering why so many people are in this shop all the time! So I decided to check it out… Rating: 5/5. Taste: The flavor soaks through the meats and foodstuff. They have many types from poultry to beanstuff. Their best sellers are duck tongue (which I passed) … Continue reading 老天禄卤味 – Taipei, Taiwan

三兄妹豆花 – Taipei, Taiwan

This is a famous dessert joint in Ximending… From silky soft soy beancurd, they have expanded to a full range of colorful desserts which is a must visit when in Taipei. Check out the following: Rating: 4.5/5. Taste: Desserts are tasty cos they are sweet with loads of sugar and flavoring. But the beancurd is really soft and silky. All other desserts are a bonus. Great for cooling down during summer! Portion: Average Price: See pic RTE: Yes if still have stomach space… Guys are not like girls… always got spare stomach for desserts! ;P Location: Tel: 02-2381-2650. Opens daily from 1100-2230hrs. Continue reading 三兄妹豆花 – Taipei, Taiwan

港记酥皇 – Taipei, Taiwan

What is a trip to Taiwan without buying any snacks back for your friends and relatives? I know many people would frequent ChiaTe for the favourites like pineapple tarts and perhaps cranberry tarts as well. But I came across this shop in Ximending, not just they make you feel at home with their friendly approach, they are offering free flow sampling as long as you’re in their shop! I seriously dunno if it’s because they know me or found me familiar but I saw other customers sampling as well! Best of all, they actually work with the neighbouring hotels and provide delivery … Continue reading 港记酥皇 – Taipei, Taiwan

京都果子烧 Kyouto Kashiyaki – Taipei, Taiwan

This is a little stall in between some fashion shops in one of the streets of Ximending. What caught my eye was the colorful display as well as the big portions of fillings inside these Japanese pancakes. So I went to the stall and chatted with the lady boss. She was nice enough to introduce me the 12 flavours they have, and also learnt that that was the only stall they have (maybe more by now). These are great snacks for ladies who are in between their shopping sprees and will definitely be charged up again to carry on! Rating: 4.5/5 Taste: … Continue reading 京都果子烧 Kyouto Kashiyaki – Taipei, Taiwan