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The Pasta Boutique – Bedok, Singapore


Recently I was contacted by one of the partners of this little stall located in Bedok area to try out their food. So I brought along some foodies who were not working on one of the days I was off.
Located at a corner of a coffeeshop, the stall stood out from its modern outlook. But definitely overshadowed by some household stalls that were there for the longest time. Nevertheless, we ordered their signatures and see the reviews below:

Creamy Bacon & Mushroom Pasta ($9.50) – I love this so much. Love how the creamy sauce is reduced into the pasta and yet still holding the al dente-ness. Very yummy dish!
Chilli Crab Pasta ($10.50). Taste is a fusion Asian taste with kaffir lime leaves on top. Very generous in crab meat toppings.
Salted Egg Prawn Ravioli ($13.80) Four large pieces of homemade prawn ravioli, salted egg sauce, chilli padi and curry leaves. The skin was a little thick for us but the taste was good.
Hearty Platter (For 2 at $29.80) – A great deal which consist of 220gm Striploin Steak, 160gm Lamb Chop, 250gm Chicken Chop. Served with Mashed potato and Ratatouille. Choice of sauce: Mustard, Black Pepper, Mushroom.

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Overall taste is good, just need to tweak on some of the recipe to make it great.

Portion: Average.

Service: Order at counter and food will be served to table.

Ambience: Coffeeshop

Price: Listed above.

RTE: Yes!

Contacts: The Pasta Boutique

Blk 539 Bedok North St.3

New Century Food House

Unit 01-619 Singapore 460539

Tel: +65 98599850

Daily 11am – 9.30pm

Goodicious – Upper Paya Lebar, Singapore


Intro:I was looking for durians at The Durian Story located at Prestige Point along Upper Paya Lebar Road when the owner Jonathan shared with me about this Goodicious place. Goodicious is just opened in February 2017 and located in this Gourmet House coffeeshop which personally I would not have visited if not for leads. Chef Yaoyi spent a good 8 years in hotels learning the robes to better western culinary and decided to venture on his own to experience managing his own F&B outlet. Well Big Roy is always very supportive of young entrepreneurs especially hawkers!

Store front

Grilled Pork Burger ($7.50) 

Takes the longest to cook but definitely worth the wait. Juicy and well seasoned. Yums!

Pulled Pork Nacho Cheese Fries ($5)

The pulled pork is very well seasoned and slow cooked over 8 hours. Super yummy side to order!

Creamy Truffle & Bacon Pasta ($8). Lovely creaminess to this carbonara pasta with generous bacon and mushroom bits sautéed inside. Filled with truffle aroma when arrived at the table.

Cod Fish & Chips ($8.50). The most expensive item on the menu for now, I totally love the crispness of the batter and the smart choice of Cod fish instead of the mushy Dory. Love it!

Promotion of March 2017, Pork Chop ($8). May be permanently in the menu thereafter cos this is a super dope dish!

Soaked in brine marinate over 24hrs to attain the tenderness which literally melted in our mouths. Black pepper sauce is also customed in-house and you can taste anywhere else using such freshly grounded black pepper. Imma heading there again this month in case it’s gone!

My foodie friends and myself have tried 5 of their items and overall we felt was so worth the price we paid and the food was much better than expected! See the pics above for descriptions.


As indicated above.




Order and pay at counter and find a seat.

Waiting Time:

10-15 mins




416 Upper Paya Lebar Road. Parking is not available there so better to Uber there.



[Media Invite] The Manhattan FISH MARKET – Marina Square, Singapore


Wow I didn’t know time past by so quickly. It has been almost 6 months since I’ve last reviewed on The Manhattan FISH MARKET (MFM). You can read about the previous blog entry here ( Anyways was recently at another new launch of MFM and this time they launched A Beefier Catch, which features 4 new beef and reef entrees, in an effort to spruce up the older menu and gearing up to the coming Mothers’ Day. Check out the new dishes below:

Oven Baked Beef Rib & Grilled Ocean Perch ($25.95) – The beef rib is marinated with many herbs and spices like rosemary, thyme, oregano, garlic, french mustard, etc. and served with homemade brown sauce with black pepper. The Perch is lightly seasoned and grilled and served with salad on the sides. This entree is definitely for those with a bigger appetite. Rib can be a little more tender though.
Flaming the prawns before serving…
Before serving this Oven Baked Beef Rib & Flaming Prawns ($23.95). Same beef rib as above, prawns are fresh and sweet.
Handmade Beef Patty & Bouillabaisse ($16.95). Juicy marinated beef patty sitting on half an oregano bun, which simulated an island. Beef patty was a little salty for me, which I have feedbacked on. The ‘island’ is surrounded in a sea of lovely broth of squid, mussels and Dory fish. This is perhaps my favourite for the night and mum would love this.
Handmade Beef Patty & Tempura Prawns ($15.95). Same beef patty as the above, love the prawns with tangy sauce which I ate separately on its own first.
Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter ($38.95-$43.95). Price differs from the type of fish you choose. But it will be accompanied by oysters, calamari, battered fish fillets. A definite must-order sharing entree for seafood lovers!
Manhattan Mud Pie ($5.95) – Gooey choc ice cream with Oreo choc crust drizzled with rich choc sauce. Definitely the better dessert selection.
Sizzling Banana Fritters with Ice Cream ($7.95) – Hot plate, crispy bananas, ice cream on top and poured over with coconut cream. Then watch it sizzle right in front of your eyes. 🙂 Great way to end the night.

Overall Review: 

Without a doubt, MFM is definitely good with their seafood and I just love the freshness. Having beef option as a promotion is a refreshing idea but I wish they would not lose focus in what they do best, which is seafood. Nevertheless, the event was great, food was good and service was excellent. Go try their Beef & Reef promotion from now till 31st May 2015 at any of their 16 outlets Singapore-wide. You may also wanna stay tuned to their Mothers’ Day specials on their FB page –>

The Manhattan FISH MARKET – Kallang, Singapore


Recently another media invite to The Manhattan FISH MARKET (MFM) at their latest location at Kallang Wave by Ninemer PR PL (Thanks Ying Ying!). My second time to this unusual mall beside Singapore’s brand new Sports Hub. The restaurant is located on the outside of the mall, but pretty nearby the MRT station, hence it isn’t really hard to find. Arrived earlier than the rest of the media, I managed to capture some pics of this new outlet.

Yes I was very early and punctual as usual. ;P
Interesting signage pole.
Cute signs on the walls.

MFM will be launching their new menu today, 12 November 2014, of 43 new items, in all their 16 outlets Singapore-wide! A very massive change but innovative at the same time. Check out the pics below with my comments.


Our menu for that day, the star dishes from the 43 new items on the new menu.
Welcome drink of Happiness Infusion ($6.00). Very nice concoction of predominantly earl grey tea base infused with lemongrass.
My Lemon Grass drink is here. The taste is a little different from the usual Thai ones. Acquired taste. 🙂
MFM staff serving us the first starter of Oyster Roulette.
Oyster Roulette ($7.95) – is actually a game for the patrons. One of the oyster shooters are actually more spicy that the others. So see who has better luck that night!
Ocean Gems ($5.95) – Starter of shrimps and scallions mixed in a tangy dressing which one look I thought was Thai dressing but it is sweet and not spicy. Pretty ok starter.
Onion Glory ($7.95) – Another starter which will change the way you think about onions… especially for those who hates them. Crispy battered onions which resembles petals dipped in the special Onion Glory dip (creamy texture like mayonnaise/tartar sauce). Very appetizing dish!
My second drink of Citrus Mint ($5.50) – A very refreshing concoction of fresh mint leaves and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Love this drink!
Media from many places


Curry Hill Seafood With Slipper Lobster ($16.95) – MFM’s first ever curry entree inspired by Murray Hill in Manhattan and the Murray curry has a really nice balance between the spices and creaminess. Not too spicy and very suitable for children learning to take curry. The seafood inside was fresh but the slipper lobster was a little overcooked to my liking. Nevertheless, MFM have taken note and will balance the cooking timing for the assortment of seafood inside. Served with toasted baguette and tempura veggies. A must try!
Fishy Chicky Bang Bang ($13.95) – This is a new creation of Surf n’ Turf with a piece of dory and chicken fillet sandwiched and sealed with cheddar cheese. When I cut the piece of awesomeness, cheese just flowed out… just like lava cheese on your main dish! Very yummy and one of their star dishes!
Check out the cheese flowing out… Yums!
Egg’s nest made from deep fried spaghetti… Too hard for eating, but I ate half. ;P
Serving staff preparing the next entree… Yes, real flames! A twist to conventional baked rice!
Tada! Flaming Cheeesy Baked Rice ($15.95) – Yes the extra ‘e’ is on purpose! A big piece of flamed grilled dory fillet with spices of coriander and rosemary herb rice, this dish literally flames up in front of your eyes! Really very nice entree and great to entice kids to like fish!
Ocean Perch Perfect ($15.95) – Grilled Perch on buttered rice and some spicy chilli sauce on top. Not that spicy actually and quite yummy! Think my mum would love this one.


Strawberry Flamin-Go $4.95 (Right) and Super Fruit Crumble $4.95 (Left) – Between these 2 desserts, I prefer the left one more. Just feel that the mango cubes and custard didn’t gel that nicely with the chocolate sauce at the bottom of the cup. I believe the marshmallows were suppose to be flamed on top but it was alright without. The Super Fruit Crumble was really nice, double scoop ice cream with apple sauce and the crunchy crumbles and dried cranberries adds to the lovely taste. That’s something I would have had a second helping!
Ended the tasting session with a latte, the 2 dots on top indicates it’s from an automatic coffee machine, which most restaurants are using.


MFM’s efforts in revamping their menu is really gonna be a stunner to all their customers. In a very good way of course. The new menu offers very exciting and tantalizing entrees and desserts, which some I would wanna try but wasn’t in the list they served. I reckon they had to present their best few items for the media to try, and 43 items is just too much for us to take in one night. 😉 Put it this way, I am so gonna bring my mother to one of their outlets one of these nights and order the grilled fish or grilled platter dishes which I believe she will love. Well done MFM! No wonder these guys are the Parents World Best Family Friendly Restaurant Award winner 2014 and Best Brand in Product Branding in 2008 under Western Food Cuisine By Brand Laureate SMEs Chapters Awards! Check out their latest promotional video here:


SET – Selegie, Singapore


Recently, I was invited by PR Communications to this newly established 94-seater contemporary cuisine restaurant which commenced operations on National Day (9th August 2014) this year! This restaurant is operated by some ex-Tao employees and is located at the same mall where Tao was. Tao was at the basement of PoMo at Selegie when it started some 6-7 years ago and apparently it closed down before I got back from China this year. Nevertheless, SET (probably the shortest name for a restaurant I’ve ever written!) is here with a brand new swanky decorated premise with a touch of class, located at the same PoMo mall. The restaurant’s menu are all in sets (that’s where the restaurant name derives from) and customers have the options to choose from a 5-course lunch at $28.80++ or 6-course dinner at $38.80++. Kids can also enjoy at the price of $18.80++ with a lighter menu with the choice of Baked Flounder with Cheese or Roasted Golden Spring Chicken, which I didn’t get to try. But I reckon should be good.

The Executive Chef, Chef Erick Chun, has a strong background in creative culinary and the passion in bringing the best array of tantalizing contemporary cuisine to his customers.


Front entrance

Seating lay out
Private seating
Restaurant lay out
Alfresco for those who prefer natural air and chill over a drink. Their beers are really cheap. Do check them out..
The restaurant’s menu with your choice in each course. However, I got to try everything here! 


My latte was served first. It’s ok for no latte art, extraction is ok as you can tell from the rich crema. Very nice blend from down under. Milk steaming needs some improvement but overall the espresso covers up the flaws.
Bacon & Mushroom Gratin – I always love cheesy dishes, so I definitely love this. A great start but I dunno why it’s not on the menu? Hmmm…
Toasts from a local bakery to go with your gratin.
Lovely combination, almost like soup with the toast except for the thick cheesy cream of the gratin. Love this.
Tomato Caprese – A twist from the usual slab of mozzarella cheese, this starter had cream cheese mousse on the top of the slice of tomato which was actually quite light and refreshing!
Smoked Duck Breast – Not a big fan of smoked duck breast but serving as a salad is a great appetizing choice, especially with tangy dressing!
Salmon Gravlax – Quite a yummy starter, served with a dollop of sour cream (I reckon) on the side.
Huai San Carpaccio – A very unique way of presenting a carpaccio using huai san (known as 山药 Shan Yao in China.) Drizzled in olive oil and pickles made in house, this starter is a light but refreshing dish.
Grilled King Oyster Mushroom – Comes with 6-Course Set only, this king mushroom is served with a secret sauce which tasted like a tinge of hoi sin sauce and also white truffle cream. Very nice dish.
The white truffle cream melts over the mushroom to give a nice aromatic finish to this fungi.


Mushroom Veloute with Peanut Butter – This mushroom veloute is actually mushroom soup with thick cream served with some peanut butter at the bottom of the bowl. The soup itself is already very nice… the peanut butter gives a different finish to the taste. A little more aromatic and creamy finish to it. Interesting.
Roaste Pumpkin with Truffle – Very well round soup and usually pumpkin soups are quite hard to go wrong if you follow the basics. I believe the white truffle is what’s floating on top, with some drizzles of olive oil. It is very tasty, but could be better if the pumpkins were roasted with fresh thyme to give the soup an extra oomph!
Double Boiled Herbal Chicken – Pretty hard to snap a non-creamy soup like this in the warm lighting, but you get the idea of herbal chicken soups. You don’t get an overpowering herbal taste in this soup, served with chicken chunks inside. The soup tasted like the stock was boiled over hours with bones (chicken and perhaps pork bones too). Great for families with older folks.
Miso Soup With Sake – This soup didn’t really appeal to me maybe because I don’t drink sake in the first place. Nevertheless it was alright and you can tell the chef has gone through efforts to come up with creative dishes.


Grilled Snapper With Salsa – I didn’t like this dish very much ‘cos there is a degree of fishiness which I cannot accept and the fish was a under-seasoned and a little over cooked. I believe the guys in the kitchen are already looking into this and make it better the next time you visit.
Roasted Chicken Pullet – Interestingly wrapped, I’m guessing steamed to form the shape then roast. Lovely presentation.
Inside the Chicken Pullet. Chestnut, mushrooms, herbs, etc. Uniquely done, and very well received by fellow foodies that day.
Baby Pork Back Ribs – Deceivingly looks like it’s charred and hard. It’s not. It’s surprisingly tender and tasty cos of the tangy sauce spread over while grilling. If you’re a ribs person, this is for you.
Chunk of meat from the ribs. Succulent to the core! Love it!
Roasted Beef Tenderloin – In black pepper sauce, Cooked a little over medium so those who are afraid of too much blood would love this.
The tenderloin was a little over medium but was alright, still tender and tasty.
Marinated Rack of Lamb – Using the same black pepper sauce as the beef tenderloin. But the meat is cooked to perfection, tender, no gamey smell, suspect they are from New Zealand as lamb there is usually milder in smell. But I love this dish the best.
So tempted to just eat the lamb racks like that!


Huai San Jello – This jello tasted a little like our local dessert cheng tng in the jelly form. Refreshing and I believe this was created for the older patrons of the restaurant.
Huai San Jello up close
Pistachio Panna Cotta – The cup that the dessert was served in was a little too deep. Different from the regular panna cottas, served on a small plate to display the texture and decorations on the side. Nevertheless it tasted good.
Pistachio Panna Cotta up close
Espresso Creme Brulee – Again the serving cup was a little different from the norm. The creme brulee was good, creamy and not so sweet.
Espresso Creme Brulee up close
Poached Pear With Gelato – The pear and gelato are made totally in house. The pear is a little strong in taste so some patrons may not like it but the gelato is nice and creamy.
Chef Erick Chun and me.


I must say the food is really creative and is set to trickle your taste buds! Not to mention affordability for classy crafted cuisine! Chef Erick has painstakingly put together a great array of courses to make this SET restaurant unique in its own way! The awesome settings and ambience of the restaurant coupled with excellent attentive service from the servers and manager, will definitely give diners a great dining experience! I was told by some friends while making reservations for a gathering recently, that SET’s staff actually asked her if there is a special occasion and viola! They prepared a cake for the birthday girls! I am definitely coming back to this place for dinner with my family and friends! Come check it out!


Location: No. 1 Selegie Road, PoMo #02-01, Singapore 188306

Opening Hours: Open daily from 11:30am to 22:00pm


Pricing For the set menu: 5-course lunch @ $28.80 ++ | 6-course dinner @ $38.80++

Beverages: Wine by the glass at $8++ | From $40++ per bottle

Seating capacity: 94 –seater main dining area | 10 –seater al fresco dining area | 10 – seater private room | 8 to 28 – seater private room | 8 pax outdoor standing bar

Modes of Payment: Cash, AMEX, Visa and Mastercard

Enquiries Phone: 6337 7644 (Reservations highly recommended)


5 Star Corner Western Food – Hougang, Singapore


This is another stall near where I live that I haven’t write on. I dunno if this stall’s ownership has changed but from what I can remember, the guy who started this used to be from Jack’s Place. So naturally, many folks in the neighbourhood flocked to this stall for good and cheap western food. This stall has been doing well and even when I visited recently, there were many people ordering from them. So here it goes:

Stall front. This is around 5pm.
Mum’s Lamb Chops $9. Tasted it and pretty tender without much lamb stench. Mum loved it, so I’m happy. 🙂
While mum’s attacking her lamb chops, my Mixed Grill ($10) came and boy it was a big hot plate! There was a piece of beef steak, chicken chop, pork chop, lamb chop, an egg and 2 baked potatoes.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Quite a hearty meal actually but quite oily. Taste pretty good and good value for money. Not halal.

Portion: Above average.

Service: No smiles.

Ambience: Coffeeshop

Price: Affordable. See pics for prices.

RTE: Yes, whenever I feel like something guilty!

Location: 805 Hougang Central’s coffeeshop.

Tuckshop Cafe – 178 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore


I had to write about this place where I had lunch today. It was a really horrible experience. Please note that this is not related to The Tuckshop located at Guillemard Road (which I’ve yet to visit).

I ordered the Cheeseburger ($12.50+) and a latte ($4.90+) and the burger came around 15 mins later. The menu stated handmade burgers so I wanted to try how good it was. see my comments below:

Lunch crowd… they are actually a furniture company…
Menu on the board
Latte, really? It was seriously bland and obviously not trained to prepare such coffees. I rather drink the coffeeshop ones…
The first cheese burger that came… I was looking for the cheese… I took a bite, didn’t suspect anything, then took another, then smelled the burger, it smelled sour. Obviously the burger patty is not fresh. So I returned it, the chef promised me he’ll make another fresh one for me.
The second burger came… Same sour smell and no beef aroma and taste. Look at the colour, it’s probably soaked in the water to be defrosted or frozen for the longest time. To be fair, the buns were nicely toasted, so I ate the buns. The oil that was used to fry the fries, need to change… Reused oil smell…
I left the cafe with this second piece of patty on my plate… Hope they got the hint…

Not gonna do any rating. For $12.50+ I could have eaten 3 Big Mac’s which taste a lot better even though pink slime. How difficult is it to prepare a handmade burger? It’s so easy as long as your ingredients are fresh! I make them all the time!

I felt the chef wanted to test if I’m complaining for the sake of complaining by serving the same batch of overdue beef patty. I guess me leaving the beef patty behind told him not to mess with the customers ever again and respect the customers who are paying so much for your food. Tsk!