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Little Vietnam Restaurant & Cafe – Guillemard, Singapore


This restaurant has been around for a long time and this is my first time trying it with a friend. I was there earlier and was glad I did that, a queue formed from as early as 6.45pm. Check out the pics below for my comments:


Restaurant front
This is 6.30pm
Some jelly drink which is basically our chendol… Can skip.
Really Chendol ingredients…
Fried Springrolls $5. Not too bad, good for starters.
This is 6.45pm…
Papaya Salad $5.00 – The sourness from the green papaya blended with the savoury sweet fish sauce, nice…
Fresh Springrolls $3.00 – Cheap and good. Loads of filling inside.
Pancake $8 – This is pretty good. We opt for chicken inside instead of pork, turned out pretty well.
Fried Chicken Wings $5.00 – Surprisingly quite affordable and pretty yummy.
Grill Prawns $15 – There were like 20 prawns on skewers. Definitely worth it and quite taste with some sauce coated on them while grilling.
This is 7.30pm.
The bill
Contact details

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Tasted better, but for the price, it’s good.

Portion: Average. Grilled prawns was a lot though.

Service: Actual Vietnamese working here and they speak Mandarin! Some service are good while some need improvement.

Ambience: Beside the longkang (big drain), chillout rating is above average.

Price: Very affordable.

RTE: Probably. Maybe I should try the Bahn Mi (Vietnamese Baguette) next time.

Location: 511 Guillemard Rd, Singapore 399849 (On the outside of Grandlink Square facing Guillemard Road). Tel: 6547 8587