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Hong Shan Soon Kueh – Toa Payoh, Singapore


Was here to try the famous Lai Heng Mushroom Minced Meat Mee and I noticed the workers and boss at this stall at the corner were busy churning out trays and trays of kueh for steaming! Then the OMG moment came… the soon kueh is the real SOONG! (That’s how Teochews pronounce bamboo shoot) Soon Kueh dates back a long way to the Chaozhou and Shantou cities of the Guangdong Province! It’s definitely my first encounter with something so traditional here and I am so damn happy about it! 

The owner told me he has been doing this since he was a young man… easily more than 30 years already! A classic SG Legendary!

Da Stall
All handmade on the spot
Ready to steam ah!
Steamed Gu Chye Kueh!
Steamed Peng Kueh!
My orders

Ordered the Soon Kueh, Gu Chye Kueh and Peng Kueh. Soon Kueh wins me over immediately cos of the filling of course, the skin texture together with the Gu Chye Kueh, is lightly chewy and soft. Damn good! Gu Chye Kueh fillings on the other hand was a little fibrous for me. Still like the soft soft type. But tasty though. Peng Kueh was nice and soft, prefer it to have a little more dried shrimps and mushroom inside. If not like a bit plain.


$1.30 for Soon Kueh and Peng Kueh. $1.10 for Gu Chye Kueh.




Waiting Time:



Location & Contacts:

Add: 51 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh

Tel: 62569920

Hours: 8am to 4.30pm (Wed closed)


Yong’s Teochew Kueh – Hougang, Singapore


Yong’s Teochew Kueh has been around these parts of Singapore for as long as I can remember. Always crowded in the morning where customers would be queuing up to buy for their breakfasts or for parties and families. Check out the pics.

Price list
This Gu Chye Kueh (Chives) is so popular that I managed to grab the last one… and that was before 11am…
Looks good, skin is thin and very Q
Loads of chives filling! Taste just nice, not too salty.
Soon kueh (Turnip)
Also loads of filling with mushroom bits and dried shrimps in there. Very traditional teochew although turnips are used instead of bamboo shoots.
Orh Kueh (Yam) – Prefer this one to the soon kueh. This one is more wholesome and also maybe because I like yam. 🙂
Again, a lot of ingredients in it…
Peng Kueh (Rice) – Another traditional kueh but I don’t really like.
Orh Nee (Yam Paste) – Love it when they top it off with ginko nuts and a slice of pumpkin. Traditional teochew style has grated pumpkin in their orh nee. Very good this one.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Liked most of the kuehs here but some could be better. For soon kueh I still prefer this stall’s

Portion: Average.

Service: Ok.

Ambience: Mostly takeaways although you can eat there.

Price: See price list

RTE: Yeah for the yam paste!!!

Location: 1022 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534760. Tel: 6287 4328 (Highly recommended for large orders)


Traditional Teochew Kueh Stall (49 Sims Place)

One of the best teochew kueh I’ve tasted and have been going back to this same place when I have craving for soon kueh, ku cai kueh, peng kueh, yam cake, glutinous rice, black sesame kueh, cabbage kueh, etc… Located where loads of good food are located, the stall is at #01-123 of 49 Sim Place market/food centre.
da stall
my favourite 3!
damn nice soon kueh with loads of fillings... everything is home made and very nice skin! 80 cents!
Cabbage Kueh... nice... 80 cents too!
Rice Kueh... loads of mushrooms and dried shrimps... very nice and tender without any peanuts inside. 80 cents too!
Yam cake. Only $1.20. Very nice...
Chunks of yam inside with mushroom and dried shrimps!

Rating: 4.5/5

Taste: What can I say, it’s damn good! Try the gu cai kueh and black sesame cake also!

Portion: Loads of fillings!

Price: Cheap throughout… they cater for occassions too… call them to find out.

RTE: Always! 🙂

Location: Middle of the whole hawker.,-95.677068&sspn=29.219963,56.162109&ie=UTF8&ll=1.317012,103.879348&spn=0.001124,0.001714&z=19&iwloc=A