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Tried this stall years ago before Alexandra Village Food Centre underwent some renovation. This food centre is definitely much more airy than previous. So does the taste of the roasted meats here. Roaster Owner Mr Chan somehow managed to catch the right mix of temperature, timing and volume to achieve the succulence in his roasted meats today. I definitely loved it.

First gen Mr Chan picked up roasting meats in the year 2005 and Poh Chan Kee Roasted after the renovation was set up mainly is for his old regular customers and also for his son to carry on the business. We wish him all the best!

What I like about this outlet is the perseverance of Mr Chan, believing in his own skills and products, which are giving him a lot of repeated customers. Even for myself, I have pre-ordered a roasted duck myself for the upcoming Chinese New Year! And also with a starting price of just $3, he is making his food affordable to the hood. So be sure to reserve your roasted meats earlier cos he has limited capacity for that day only! Contacts below!

Go check it out and let me know if you like this place too by commenting below! Please remember to subscribe and like my YouTube channel, IG and FB (@eatwithroy) page that I can reach out more to help the hawkers and small business community for FREE! Stay tuned for my next yummy video! 😋


Taste: 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳
Portion: 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳
Service: 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳
Price: From $3. Depends on what you order lah!
Ambience: Hawker Centre
RTE: Yes definitely!

Add: 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-43, Singapore 150120
Tel: 9005 5223
Hours: Refer to maps link below 👇

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Randomly checking out this foodcourt at a neighbourhood, the burnt char siew caught my eye. Unfortunately it wasn’t half fatty, a little lean for me. If not will be 5 Eggs Rating immediately. Also, quite pricey for a coffeeshop.

Taste: 🍳🍳🍳🍳
Portion: 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳
Service: Self-service.
Price: $5.50. Take the combo next time, more worth it.
Ambience: Coffeeshop
RTE: If I’m around the area

Add: Blk 417 Fernvale Link, #01-01, Food Paradise, Singapore 790417
Tel: N.A.
Hours: Refer to maps link below 👇

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金海湾香港烧腊 – Geylang, Singapore


Discovered another hidden gem today while I was looking for undiscovered food places in Geylang area during lunch today. This whole coffeeshop belongs to one owner and apparently their curry rice is quite popular too. But let’s focus on the roast meat stall first. 😉

Stall within coffeeshop
Yummy roasted meats
See how much roasted meats on the rice!!!
Look at the well defined layers!


Ordered my standard char siew and siew yoke rice as that is my benchmark to test for good roast meats. Siew yoke’s skin was crackling and the meat was tender while the char siew had lightly burnt ends and half fat proportions. Rice was little but I was ok with it as I didn’t wanna eat too much for lunch. The roast meats were charcoal roasted and really yummy. There goes my diet, damn.




Above average. Quite a lot of meat!


Order at stall and served at table.

Waiting Time:

5 mins.




1 Geylang Lorong 25, Golden Bay Eating House


11am to 9pm



Wefie with Masterchef Chan Hon Meng

>>> Video of the long queue <<<


You know I’m not someone who chases fad and visits latest happening places. I’ll prolly go such places after the Hoo-ha dies down. But I was craving for some good Soy Sauce Chicken, given the fact that these were readily available for me when I was based in Guangdong, China. So with some crazy ass foodie friends, we went to check out this recently awarded Michelin 1 Star hawker. Good thing my friends were patient enough to queue from 9.30am when the stall opens only at 11am! So here’s our verdict.


You know most places the soy sauce chicken is either too lightly braised or bland. This one has the right tones, lovely texture, tender and well cooked throughout. Salt level is just right too. Love it. The ribs and char siew are to die for too! As for the base, we all agreed the hor fun is really good, followed by the rice. Really yummy.


From $2 for a plate of Soy Sauce Chicken Rice… For Michelin Star… Where to find? One whole chicken only $14! No wonder the queue so long lah! Actually even before the awards, this stall already have to queue more than half an hour already.


Above average.


They tried to take orders before opening at 11am. Very thoughtful.

Waiting Time:

60-120 mins.




Blk 335 Smith Street, #02-126 Chinatown Food Complex, Singapore 050335


10:30am to 7:00pm (Mon – Fri), 8:30am to 7:00pm (Sat – Sun), Closed on Wed.

Roast Paradise – Mountbatten, Singapore


Recently I had the craving for kway chap cos I have not eaten that for a long time. Headed to my favourite stall To-richo but it was closed! Damn! So I went around to look for something nice for lunch and I came across this Roast Paradise which I haven’t seen around. So I decided to try it. I also noticed the guy behind the counter is  pretty young hence I enquired some info from them via email.

I found out from them they just started on August 2015 only and the 2 partners, Kai and Randall, are in their 20s. Both of them used to work in the night life industry which made me curious why such a big change in profession. I was told that they realised that there are not many true char siew roasters who would spend hours slow roasting their meats to get the right texture. That is why their passion for char siew took over and hence entering the F&B market.

Hawker centre is the natural choice instead of some fancy shops due to keeping overheads lower. Char siew afterall is a traditional local dish which should not cost an arm and a leg. Starting out was tough for them as they have no prior F&B experience hence a steep learning curve for them from day 1. But most importantly, like in all trades, they must enjoy what they are doing and do it with passion. I wish these 2 lads all the best and I hope fellow Singaporeans can support budding entrepreneurs like them and support local businesses. #supportlocal #supportlocalfood #soshiokpork

Stall front
Look at the glorious char siew…OMG…
Their version of Char Siew Hakka Noodles ($3.20). Noodles were good but a little bland. But I have feedbacked their minced pork could be a little more saltier, flavourful and saucier so that they can use that to spruce up the taste of the noodles. Char siew is really good, tender, well charred, and locking in the juices. Serving is around 50g which was a little small for me. So I added more char siew in the next dish.
Char Siew Rice ($3 + $1) Added $1 char siew. Price is definitely reasonable. Char siew is good as usual. Rice is made to taste like chicken rice style which I reckon was unnecessary. Plain white is good enough with some gravy over it. The little plate of sauce was just too overly sweet, which to me, destroyed the taste of the char siew. Keeping it simple is good enough and let the char siew do the talking. Chilli I would recommend the sambal version which I reckon will go well better with the char siew instead of the chicken rice type.

Rating: 4.5/5. Some adjustments will see them having a perfect score.

Taste: Char siew won me over. Good proportion of fats and meat which makes it more delicious. But the rest of the accompaniments are important too for a better overall eating experience for the customers, so I hope they will work towards improving them.

Portion: Slightly below average.

Service: Self-service.

Ambience: Hawker Centre.

Price: As indicated with the pics.

RTE: Definitely!

Location: #01-122 Old Airport Road Food Centre. Hours: Not given but I believe from morning till 3-4pm. Closed on Mondays.

Guan Chee Hong Kong Roasted Duck (源记香港烧腊) – Hougang, Singapore


Guan Chee HK Roasted Duck has been around for some time but I remember only coming to this place a few times. They are located at the corner of a coffeeshop, roast their meats daily behind their stall, hence you can smell their amazing aroma from the roasting from far away. I was here for groceries after work and managed to catch them before they close at around 8pm.

As you can see nothing much left when you’re there after 7pm.

I have to agree…

My dinner

Roast Duck is really fragrant and tasty. A little hard and cold though, which it’s prolly ‘cos of hanging out there too long already.

Amazing chilli paste to go with your meats

Beancurd is totally soaked with the sauce… quite yummy

Check out the char siew, with around 40% of fats. I can only imagine how awesome when it’s fresh out of the roasting!

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Very yummy especially the burnt parts.

Portion: Below average.

Service: Many staff there taking orders.

Ambience: Coffeeshop

Price: $6 for the above.

RTE: Yes a few times already.

Location: 106 Hougang Avenue 1.

Alex’s Eating House – Beach Road, Singapore


I can’t believe I didn’t write about one of my favourite places for canton roast meats in Singapore! I reckon it’s prolly because I frequented this place way before I started eatwithroy! Believe me, this place has been here since I started working 17 years ago! (Damn, I’ve just disclosed my age!) My memory about this place can sum up with only one word, crowded. Especially during lunch hours. Nevertheless, they always have enough supplies to serve their customers as they roast all their meats at their simple kitchen facility behind.

I visited this place again recently hence I was able to snap pics of the place and the food. Seriously, the standard of the food here did not drop a bit! Love it when they maintain the food standards so that the younger generation can get the taste of the good foods that we eat when we were young! Check out the pics and reviews below:

The eatery

Presentation is not nice during lunch time… but food is good.

Dumplings soup – The dumplings are filled to the brim. No stinge in fillings! Soup stock is of ikan bilis. Lovely.

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: 5/5. I like it because of the nice roast burnt taste on the char siew. The roast pork is not fatty type, so good for me. Roast duck’s skin is fragrant and very tasty. Love it!

Portion: Average.

Service: 4/5. They are trying their best to serve fast but during lunch hours, they are usually damn busy.

Ambience: 3.5/5. Coffee shop style. No air con. Can get quite humid during a hot day.

Price: Less than $25 for 2 pax. Cash only.

RTE: Yes!

Location: 87 Beach Road (Opposite Shaw Towers) Tel: 6334 0268. Opens for lunch till late afternoon only.