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Noticed a signage saying there’s a new coffeeshop at Block 112 of Bishan St 12, so I turned in to have a look at what they have. There are more active stalls than the last time before their renovation and now this Food Summons coffeeshop is a lot brighter, cleaner and more food variety.

Spotted an Indian stall at the corner and noticed that they are offering tandoori chicken as well other favourites like chicken tikka, naan and chapati… The stall is managed by an Indian and a Chinese National. Funny pair really but this Chinese guy knows the food and names well… he does the light cooking like mee siam and mee rebus and warming up the meats… tried the mee siam on a separate day, nothing exciting… will try the mee rebus on another day. The India guy does all the baking of naan, chapati and frying of pratas, thosais, etc. For a small stall, they have a good variety and when you are there at 8pm, these choices are still available to you!

Below are the dishes I’ve tried on 2 separate visits:

Food Summons Coffeeshop
The Indian Stall
My Tandoori Chicken Briyani! $5.00! Big chicken leg with very nice briyani rice. Nice...
up close on the thigh... yummy...
Garlic Butter Naan... awesome... $2.00
Chapati $1.00 each piece... Heard it's healthy, so must try... hehe...
Chicken tikka best eaten with Chapati and Naan! $4.00
Chick Peas Dhal... to go with the chapati
Curry sauce to go with the chapati also...

Rating: 4.5/5

Taste: Very nice tandoori taste… meat is tender and tasty… a tad salty though but it’s great with the plain naan, rice or chapati. The sauces could be better though.

Portion: Average

Price: With the pics above.

RTE: Yeah!

Location: Block 112 Bishan St 12. It’s hidden below a slope. So check the map first before going. Closes at 10pm.




Was at this area for some training and noticed that there is a coffeeshop there at the ground floor of 261 Waterloo Centre, facing the Dance Ensemble Centre there.

Most stalls were closed already by the time we finished our training at 6.30pm. So we just ordered whatever there is. So we tried the Nasi Bryani and the Indian Rojak.

The coffeeshop
The Stall
Nasi Bryani... Gravy on top and rice over the chicken thigh... achar on the side is pretty refreshing though.
Revealing the chicken... hehe...
Indian Rojak! Served piping hot!

Rating: 4/5. Presentation is really bad. But food is worth the mention.

Taste: This bryani is really not bad. Reason is, they cooked it traditionally. Meaning, they cook the meat together with the rice so that the juices of the meats will trickle down the rice and the rice will be exceptionally fragrant. Exactly like what I’ve eaten while I was in Bangalore, India.  Indian Rojak is quite standard lah but most importantly, it was served hot.

Portion: Rice a bit little for a giant like me. Maybe because rice too tasty that’s why give little? Hmmm… next time must ask for extra which I believe will be like $1.00 extra for another scoop.

Price: $4.00 (Really cheap for Nasi Bryani which most places are like $4.50-$5 now.)

RTE: Yes I would and will also try the dry mee sua there which was closed.

Location: 261 Waterloo Centre. (Opposite Dance Ensemble Singapore)