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顺利羊肉汤 (Shunli Mutton Soup) – Hougang, Singapore


This mutton soup stall has been around since a decade ago when Hougang Avenue 7 has a wet market cum hawker center. Every since the demolition of the market, this stall has moved to a coffee shop nearby to continue cater to their customers within the vicinity. This mutton soup is the Chinese style type and known for its strong medicinal taste which is suppose to be good for your body.

Stall front... selling a lot of other things also 'cos times are hard.
Stall front… selling a lot of other things also ‘cos times are hard.
Mutton Soup – Nice, rich good portion of ingredients.

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: 4/5. Very tasty and rich broth. Medicinal taste is strong which I like.

Portion: 4/5.

Service: 4/5. Initiative to ask you when near the stall.

Ambience: 3/5. Coffee shop.

Price: $5 per bowl.

RTE: Yes but cannot be too frequent. Have to watch waistline!

Location: 3838 Eating House, Blk 309 Hougang Avenue 5. Opens during lunch till dinner.