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Ichida Japanese Dining – Club Street, Singapore


Attended an Omakase dinner one of the evenings with a bunch of friends at this newly opened Japanese restaurant located right smack where all the action is, Club Street. Head Chef Ron Leo hosted us to a wonderful meal of yummilicious Japanese cuisine and sake which left us filled to the brim! Check out the pics below of what we had!

Ground floor long counter
First up, Scallops with Spicy Cod Roe sauce and Japanese tomato
Fresh shuck oysters
Sashimi… Love the tuna belly here…
Grilled Sweet Trout
King Crab… The meat is soooooo sweet!!!
Crispy shell from the prawn we ate earlier… Nothing goes to waste!!!
Special made by chef… Uni, hotate and dunno what… taste pretty good!
Forgot what fish but damn sweet…
This soup is awesome!
More treats from the chef!
Japanese melon and peach really damn sweet… These are not cheap when I was there the last time!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Hands down one of the best tasting Japanese cuisine places in Singapore. Freshness accompanied by awesome service!

Portion: Good.

Ambience: We were there before their opening hence I believe the overall feel wasn’t completed then.

Service: Plain awesome. Chef Ron was humorous and staff we super friendly.

Price: $100 onwards (Depends on your budget but chef is very generous!)

RTE: Definitely!! When I feel rich! 😉

Location: 82 Club Street, Singapore 069450. Tel: 62220235 (Call to reserve with a budget and number of pax ready!)



Intro:Read about this interesting Japanese family in Clementi who started partnered with Ah Hoe Mee Pok to open 2 outlets. Going there you’ll definitely need to drive that’s why I only manage to visit them only now thanks to Uber. So the story in summary is Father quit from his regular job and decided to learn from the original Ah Hoe Mee Pok owner by working 6 months for free. So now they have 2 stalls operating at different hours to cater for their customers. Block 710 is managed by the daughter which opens much earlier and block 713 is managed by the brother while the father now oversees everything. As I only knew about 710, that’s the stall I visited.

Th Stall
Their latest fusion noodles
My order of mee pok dry $4
After finishing the noodles still got so much ingredients! Next time must order extra noodles!
My bowl of Miso Mee Kia. $6. See how the pork lard is finely cut and fried to perfection? Yums!
Love how mee kia soaks up the miso sauce. Yums!
Every bowl should be left like that. #worldcleanplate
Reina took this pic with me without knowing who I was.


Taste wise is pretty classic. Not really a Mee Pok fan but at least the flavours were there. Would add a little more vinegar for my taste. The miso version which I tried weeks later was really yummy. I chose mee kia this time round and love how the miso sauce soaks up in the noodle.


$4 for the Mee Pok, $6 for the Miso 


Above average. Noodles standard but ingredients really a lot. See pic.



Waiting Time:

5-15mins. Depending on timing.



Location & Contacts:

Blk 710 Clementi West St 2

Tel: 87421341

Hours: Opens daily 7am to 4pm, Sun closes at 3pm
Blk 713 Clementi West St 2

Tel: 87421341

Hours: Opens 6am-2pm, 5pm-9pm. Sat & Sun closed.

[MEDIA TASTING] 鶏金 Torikin – Bukit Timah, Singapore


Recently I was invited to this restaurant for a media tasting and was a surprising gem on Bukit Timah indeed. Torikin is established in Singapore in November 2014 as a casual dining restaurant serving up collagen-enriched chicken hotpots to both locals as well as Japanese expatriates.

Torikin is part of a chain of restaurants by the Ishida Kikaku Group, originating from Fukuoka in Kyushu, Japan. It is the first overseas venture by the Group and embodies its founder, Mr Kyota Ishida’s philosophy of allowing all customers to discover the authentic taste of Kyushu, without compromising on quality. Check out the pics with comments below:

Outside seating
Media friends and me waiting for tasting to start
Inside the restaurant
Private rooms which is not suitable for big guys like me!
Cooks are helping on prepping the other orders
First up, Bagna Cauda. Veg sticks with a very interesting anchovies dip. Quite yummy and refreshing!
PR manager explaining to us on how Oden is made and the contents.
Yummy Oden. Reminds me of Japan. These items inside needs to be cooked and soak overnight. That’s how wonderful the flavour would get.
An assortment of different sorts of Oden.
Oden ready to be served.
Wow look at how the mochi inside the beancurd bag flows out! Super yummy!
Oh they have flavoured beers too! Apparently the Matcha one was more popular with everyone!
Miyazaki Chicken Nanban – Tender chicken chunks deep fried then doused with their in house sauce and dipped in tartar sauce before eating. Quite yummy this one.
Hakata Tonpei Yaki – Love this dish a lot. It has layers of thinly sliced pork and veg. A little like Okonomiyaki but it’s not. Very very yummy.
Pretty service crew showing us how it was done.
See the yummy fillings inside
In comes the Tomato Okonomiyaki. Sizzling and cooked in front of us by the head chef.
Head chef cooking
Looking good!
Yummy! Loads of natural tomato puree, very different from the street style ones we normally get.
Kyushu Hakata Specialty Chicken Mizutaki – A specialty of Hakata in Kyushu, Mizutaki is a hotpot chicken dish that is healthy, rich in collagen and fibre. At Torikin, the stock is made daily from Sakura chickens and boiled for more than 6 hours, with no additives at all. What you get is a pale, white stock of natural collagen and a lighter, more refined taste, compared to other collagen-enhanced hot pots.

Tasting the broth… O.M.G… Super rich in flavour! Gives a nice milky finish.
As part of the Mizutaki experience, the server will skillfully roll minced chicken into balls to be dropped into the soup, together with cabbage, mushroom and tofu.
Adding in the veg
Pouring some more broth
After adding all the ingredients in.
Ready for indulgence.
Towards the end, the broth is thickened with egg and rice is added for a rich concoction of nutritious porridge.
Yummy porridge that soaks up all the lovely rich broth.
Karinto Manju – Dessert time! Basically it’s mantou with red bean fillings inside. Very nice and the fillings were filled to the brim!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Everything taste really good. Love the way they use natural ingredients to bring out the flavours in the food.

Portion: Slightly above average portioning.

Service: Very good.

Ambience: Cosy, family, feel the warmth.

Price: $$

RTE: Yeah for gatherings would be great!



557 Bukit Timah Road #01-14/16

Crown Centre

Singapore 269694


Mon-Fri: 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Sat-Sun: 12:00pm – 3:00pm, 6:00pm – 11:00pm


[MEDIA INVITE] Prime Gyu-Kaku @ CHIJMES – Bras Basah, Singapore


Recently I was invited by my long time lovely friend Cathryn to another media tasting hosted by REINS International (S) Pte Ltd at their Prime Gyu-Kaku outlet at CHIJMES and was organised by TheAsiaMedia folks. To be honest, I have not been to CHIJMES ever since my media tasting at Lei Gardens, and it was great to be able to visit the place again after 6 years.

Gyu-Kaku, meaning “Horn of the Bull” in Japanese provides the authentic Japanese Yakiniku (barbeque) dining experience where customers share premium cooked meats over a flaming charcoal grill while sipping on Japanese Sake, Shochu and frosty cold beers. Founded in 1996, this chain of restaurants is committed to provide fresh foodstuffs and to offer good food at reasonable prices with excellent ambience and services. In addition, the group looks into developing the best equipment for their restaurants especially the on-the-table smokeless roasters, which makes everyone a chef as soon as they sit down. Using the Down Draft System, customers will not leave the restaurant smelling like the restaurant!

Smokeless Roaster with the down draft system

Anyway, this media tasting is for us to try their new menu offering Kuroge Wagyu beef directly imported from Kagoshima, Japan. We were told the difference between these Japanese beef is that they are all farm based and do not run about like those in Australia, which they have been serving. Hence the marbling and meat is a lot more tender. And as usual, I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Greeted by the lighted signage
Hardwork from the kitchen staff
Table utensils
Dips for the meat
Appetisers of Assorted Kimuchi ($3) being served. It’s basically the Japanese version of kimchi. Very nicely done with the right salt and spicy level.
Calpis to cook me down from the Singapore heat!
The on-the-table roaster. The staff changed a couple of times when it gets a little dirty.
Directors welcoming us with a short little speech.
Japanese Prime Wagyu from Kagoshima 80g ($35). Lovely marbling, I can imagine the taste already even before the eating starts!
Director Yuki-san showing how it’s being done!
Wagyu, in!
Omg, look at the browning taking place…
King! Japanese Prime Wagyu from Kagoshima 120g ($41). The marbling is just amazing…

Next up is the Fire! Karubi with Garlic Chilli Oil ($7), hand cut into thin slices

the chilli oil with very aromatic crispy garlic inside. Not spicy at all though.
King! Harami ($9)
Director Yuki-san was trying to show me which part of the cow is Harami… Pointed to the armpit and I assumed it was there until I researched that the meat is actually around the diaphragm area which is nice and tender. ;P
Lettuce and condiments to wrap the Harami
Cutting into smaller pieces
Look at the succulent meat!
If you’re in the mood for some alcohol, try this Yuzu Mojito… Really good and refreshing!
Shrimps in Garlic Butter ($5). all the juices soaked inside and you can request for toppings at only $1 like mozerella cheese, chopped leek, etc.
Assorted Mushroom Foil with Butter ($8) – I use to make this when I was based overseas as well. The juices will be forced out of the mushrooms to give you a very nice broth at the bottom.
Garlic Fried Rice ($4) Special request from us as we know Japanese fried rice has always been good and wanted to try their too. Really good, tossed in golden egg and topped with crunchy garlic slices.
Seafood Chige Soup ($12). A little on the spicy side so if you don’t take too spicy, please request for less spicy. This pot is loaded with ingredients and lovely broth
Aburi! Wagyu Sushi ($8 for 2pcs) – Same wagyu cooked to perfection over sushi rice.
Sweet Potato with Vanilla Ice Cream ($3.90) – First cook over the grill and let the butter melt
Then in goes the damn awesome vanilla ice cream. A dessert you must eat very fast cos the ice cream melts faster in there!
Matcha Ice Cream ($2.80) – Served with brown sugar syrup and soya bean powder dusted over. Lovely!
Vanilla Ice Cream ($2.80) – Same syrup and soya bean powder. This vanilla ice cream is really of high quality. Vanilla pods can be seen in the ice cream.
Signature Milk Pudding ($3.90) – Nice, smooth and creamy.
Matcha Milk Pudding ($3.90) – Served with red bean.
Bidding farewell to the directors, thanks for hosting us and the wonderful dishes we experienced!

Rating: 5/5. I kid you not.

Taste: I can only say, “WOW!” I think I can say this for the rest of the media invitees that we enjoyed every bit of it! Aesthetically and gastronomically satisfying!

Portion: Good Size

Service: Blardy good! Thank you front house and kitchen team for putting up such a goodnahgood performance!

Ambience: Comfy, great for groups or romantic dates. Guys can show off you can cook! 😉

Pricing: As you can see the prices here and on their website, very surprisingly affordable!

RTE: Definitely!

Location: Check out all the outlets and opening hours here –> Reservations strongly encouraged.

Hoshino Coffee (Plaza Singapura) – Orchard Road, Singapore


There are so many new restaurants and cafes that have been springing up from every corner in Singapore and to be honest I dunno this restaurant chain at all. Very famous in Japan, so I should think they should be good here too? I came to know about this place only after my 3 other girlfriends decided to meet for dinner here one of the movie nights. Read on for my story and reviews.

A long queue greeted us while there are empty tables inside. The turn around from the serving staff were not fast enough to enable the queue to shorten. Gimmick? Maybe. But that’s so old skool isn’t it?
Model sample dishes for your selection while you wait in the queue.
They gave me such a small juglet for the milk for my coffee… I told her to bring a bigger one instead…
Lobster Bisque Soup Spaghetti $16 – Very rich dish, very strong lobstery aroma and taste. Some friends like it but I felt the ‘stench’ is a little too strong for spaghetti.
Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice $15 – Curry is ok, sausage nothing special.
Hoshino Spaghetti With Eggplant, Bacon, Shimeji and Sausage $14.00 – Nothing special, fancy it a little dry. Try smashing your egg and mix it up.
Free 4 matcha ice cream cone x 4! if you use DBS Credit Card. Softee ice cream taste.
Pancake Souffle Style $9.80 – It’s alright only, nothing to shout about.
Light and eggy, taste a little like our kueh neng ko (鸡蛋糕)… and have to wait for 20-30mins!

Rating: 3.5/5.

Taste: Overall ok only. Dunno what’s the hype all about. Coffee is not bad, beans can tell it’s very dark roasted.

Portion: Above average.

Service: Many peeps complaint about this saying how sucky their service is. Ours was pretty ok.

Ambience: Ok, not very comfy.

Price: About $30 per pax.

RTE: I would like to try the Tomato Cream Omu Rice with Shrimp and Mozarella. Other than that, really nothing special.

Location:  68 Orchard Road, #03-84,Plaza Singapura. Tel: 63383277. Apparently they take reservations.

Men-Ichi Japanese Ramen – Yishun, Singapore


This restaurant chain although is part of a large F&B group with a huge ass central kitchen in Paya Lebar, they offer really good priced promotions during the off peak and lunch hours. I checked them out recently and the food was pretty good! Although these restaurants look like very expensive from the outside, they can be quite affordable due to cheaper food productions in a bigger scale like this F&B Group. Check out what I ate!

Restaurant front

Char Siew Don part of my ramen set. Nice semi fatty char siew!
Gyoza side dish. Skin is thin and juicy inside. Nice!
Love the fact they have this one the side for those who wants more flavour out of the broth.
And also this preserved vegetables, free flow!
Damage with 2 green tea. Pretty affordable for 2 pax and very filling!
For Northpoint and nex branches

Overall Rating: 5/5. Very good value for money set lunch offers and quality food. And still can collect stamp on their rewards card!

Location: 930 Yishun Avenue 2, #01-22/23 Northpoint. They also have 2 other outlets at Jurong Point and nex.



Ok I know I’ve been here like many times already but they have too many things for me to feature. Let me talk about my all time favourites again which is the grilled pork belly… a little fatty only but the flavour is just too good to resist!!! Check it out!

Good price with good selection. That's why I love this place!
My ultimate combo choice... Teriyaki Chicken and Pork Belly... Good that they provide veg in the middle with very appetising sourish sesame sauce
Pork Belly up close... sorry for the chilli flakes... I put that myself lah... hehe...
Chicken up close... chilli flakes again.. ;P
Additional rice for only 90 cents with choice of curry or teriyaki sauce... so I tried the curry one... yummy!

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Love the grilled smoky flavour in the meats. Gives anyone the appetite!

Portion: Above average

Price: $6.90 only…

RTE: Yeah once a week!

Location: Level 3 POMO (f.k.a. Paradiz Centre)