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The Pasta Boutique – Bedok, Singapore


Recently I was contacted by one of the partners of this little stall located in Bedok area to try out their food. So I brought along some foodies who were not working on one of the days I was off.
Located at a corner of a coffeeshop, the stall stood out from its modern outlook. But definitely overshadowed by some household stalls that were there for the longest time. Nevertheless, we ordered their signatures and see the reviews below:

Creamy Bacon & Mushroom Pasta ($9.50) – I love this so much. Love how the creamy sauce is reduced into the pasta and yet still holding the al dente-ness. Very yummy dish!
Chilli Crab Pasta ($10.50). Taste is a fusion Asian taste with kaffir lime leaves on top. Very generous in crab meat toppings.
Salted Egg Prawn Ravioli ($13.80) Four large pieces of homemade prawn ravioli, salted egg sauce, chilli padi and curry leaves. The skin was a little thick for us but the taste was good.
Hearty Platter (For 2 at $29.80) – A great deal which consist of 220gm Striploin Steak, 160gm Lamb Chop, 250gm Chicken Chop. Served with Mashed potato and Ratatouille. Choice of sauce: Mustard, Black Pepper, Mushroom.

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Overall taste is good, just need to tweak on some of the recipe to make it great.

Portion: Average.

Service: Order at counter and food will be served to table.

Ambience: Coffeeshop

Price: Listed above.

RTE: Yes!

Contacts: The Pasta Boutique

Blk 539 Bedok North St.3

New Century Food House

Unit 01-619 Singapore 460539

Tel: +65 98599850

Daily 11am – 9.30pm

Pizzaria Creation – Siglap, Singapore


It was one of those nights when after work, you are tired, hungry and no food at home. So just so nice another friend came by to pick me up, so we drove down to this place is Siglap where local food may still be available. It was 10pm when I arrived at the place and it was still filled with customers. At that time, really dunno what to eat so I scanned through stall by stall. 

Then I found this stall inside selling Italian pasta and pizzas, lady boss cooking the pastas while her helpers were handrolling pizza bases. Managed to speak to the lady boss Zune, on her business and understood a little more about what she went through previously. Whatever it is, she here now focussing on this outlet, selling to mainly regulars as walk-ins are not that many. So I decided to write for her and hopefully you guys can give her food a try after reading this. Check out promo at the bottom of blogpost!


Signage outside foodcourt
Stall front
Order the Seafood Aglio Olio ($4.90) cooked in simple olive oil, garlic and chilli flakes. Love the generous use of seafood and tasted quite good too.
Gorgonzola Pizza 7″ ($6.90) is next on my order. I like this pizza cos of the double cheese used in it. (Yeah I’m a cheesy person!) Very yummy pizza this one!
Pizza base is hand rolled. Thin and doesn’t soak through.

Squid Ink Pizza 7″ ($7.90). Squid was sauted first to give a very nice flavour and then over the pizza. First time trying and love it.

: 4.5/5. 

Taste: Good enough for me for the price. Don’t expect high end Italian cuisine standards but this way surpasses my expectations in a food court! 

Portion: Small. Good for small eaters. For me I need 2 portions. So it’s good cos I can try a pizza and a pasta! 🙂

Service: Send to table, friendly staff. 

Ambience: Foodcourt. Spacious. Dim lighting.

Price: Stated with pics. Very affordable. 

RTE: Yes!

Location: LTN Food Village, 936 East Coast Road. Hours: 12pm to 12am.


Show this blogpost, buy any pizza or pasta and get a free bowl of soup of the day! Offer valid till end June 2015 and stall reserves the right to change the offered item. 

The Oven Cafe Bistro – Paya Lebar, Singapore


You guys probably know I’ve been writing about food since 2009 and the aim has always been to drive traffic to less known places, on top of media invites of course. 🙂 To date, I am still doing that and even organise small food tasting events to help in publicity. With the help of my blogger/instagrammer friends, we collectively delivered what we were suppose to do in hope of impact and attention to these F&B outlets. All these are for FREE but recently I’ve been accused with many ugly words and not appreciative of my efforts, which I shall not discuss here. Like I said before, I’ll only help owners who wanna help themselves. But what’s my reward you may ask? Very simple; seeing the establishment do well, that’s reward for me. Don’t believe? Only time will tell. But whatever it is, I’ll still continue to help as much as I can. Such things can’t put me down. 

The Oven Cafe Bistro is a little cafe bistro place located at The Commerze @ Irving, 1 Irving Place, which is amongst an industrial area. The ground floor shops are currently all F&B outlets and the ones doing well are probably the hipster ones. 

I came to know about The Oven from another foodie friend who was telling me about this place. She has previously packed the pasta for me before to my coffee bar to let me try. I was surprised with the taste and decided I should pay them a visit. 


Whole row all F&B… competition is very intense!
I managed to talk to the owner chef James himself and found out that he used to be working in the pharmaceutical industry and quit from the corporate world about a year ago to start learning culinary skills from tse char places as kitchen hands and even took up the course at At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. Passion drove him to start The Oven in Jan 2015, serving mainly Italian staples (pastas & pizzas) and occasional favorites of his. They also have a variety of beers, mainly for the afternoon/evening crowds. James puts in a lot of work preparing his ingredients and even hand-rolls the pizza bases from scratch, so much so that he has little sleep. Really hope he finds a good helper soon! 


Chicken Spaghetti Alfredo ($13). Chicken thigh meat is baked to a very juicy tenderness while the skin has a really nice crisp! Reminds me of the Healthy Chicken Set from Cafe Don’s in Shanghai. Spaghetti is nice and springy, a good balance of parmesan and butter. Yummy!


Mushroom Soup – Not on the menu then, but I was asked to try. Love the generous usage of mushrooms which I believe is a combination of 2-3 mushrooms. Looks creamy but I believe no cream was used. Love the aroma and taste. This should be on the menu soon, I reckon the price I’m guessing should be around $4-$5.50 per serving. 🙂
Was treated to a damn awesome Ham Pizza ($9). Dough is handrolled and made totally in-house!
See this thin crust pizza, so think but doesn’t soak through. Now that’s some skills!

Tandoori Chicken ($10). Chunks of juicy chicken thigh meat coated with tandoori spices and lemon juice. Very nice but I felt the chicken pieces should be charred a little to bring out more of the tandoori flavour. Let’s hope I’ll get to try the better version the next time I visit! 🙂

Rating: 4.5/5. 

Taste: Food in general taste good. Some fine tuning definitely but with the level of passion from James, I believe they will make it. 🙂
Portion: If you have a bigger appetite like mine, you can request for more spaghetti! Pizzas are about 8″ in width, great for one person or sharing dish. Tandoori Chicken is a generous portion. 

Service: Chef James is a passionate host too. Provided he’s not busy cooking. 🙂

Ambience: Dim lights, comfy, music of all sorts looping. 

Price: See pics.

RTE: Yes definitely!

Location: 1 Irving Place #01-22 The Commerze @ Irving. Check out for opening hours. 

***PROMO – From now till end June 2015, order a main dish, show this blog post, and you’ll get a soup free!! ***



I was invited to this place for my birthday treat by Stanley Leong, 938 Live’s The Living Room Host. We celebrated not only my birthday but also another friend, Nur’s birthday.

I parked my car strategically below nearer to the office block and took a lift up to the first floor. The restaurant is located just at the lobby of the office block lifts, on the left turn after coming out of the car park lift. We were greeted very warmly by the staff and shortly, the boss of the place, Andrea came and talked to us. Very friendly native Italian with a very strong accent.

The whole idea about SI is to bring native home-cooked Italian food to the masses in Singapore. It may not be very cheap in this restaurant, but it is a lot more affordable than it’s counterparts around the vicinity especially the one on the opposite side of the building. Authentic is the word and the whole night we were treated with Andrea’s hospitality, coming back to check on us on the food, treating us to some of his home-cooked specialties and wines. Overall, we were awed by the warmth and the delicious tasting food.

Entrance to the restuarant
Ambience with posters of models in black and red. They are for sale by the way... ask!
Wall paper of Russian twin models...
Some more model posters....
Apperitivo - Something like Tapas in Spain. Free flow with any cocktail or drink ordered in the drink list.
More selection
Service Counter
Bread and Buns all flown in from Italy
Some bread sticks, forgot the Italian name... too many to remember!
This is how you should eat it! With Parma Ham!
My order of Mojitos!
Mango Mojito! Yummy!
My selection of Apperitivos... The mushroom and the potatoes are yummy!
Side order of Calamari
My order of Ham & Cheese Calzone... brings back memories of Rocky's pizza 20 years back.
Murali's Order
Stan's order
Nur's Order
Andrea preparing some sides for us to try
Special sauce which can compliment anything
and this Noki as well... a bit like our Mi Hun Kway...
Stan with the breakfast menu
Dessert time! Look at the beautiful arrangements!
Not forgetting Italy's pride... The Ferrari!
Went to check out the Gelato bar instead...
And other desserts
Sneak shot by Stan while I was finding out more about where all the food was made... everything was flown over in order to maintain the standards!
My Hazlenut, Dark Choc and Mocca.... yummy
End it off with this special drink of Bailey's & something else...
Dips for the espresso as well
Group photo with Andrea on the left corner
Cheers to a very satisfied dinner!

Rating: 5/5. Food is good, service is excellent. You feel the warmth from the people there. That’s the hospitality of Italians!

Taste: Very authentic Italian food. Pure olive oil is being used for most food. Lovely!

Portion: Above average.

Price: I found the pricing is pretty reasonable cos of it’s location, ingredients all flown in from Italy, etc… hence it’s worth it.

RTE: Definitely when I feel like some true Italian food! Maybe Stan’s birthday? haha…

Location: 252 North Bridge Road #01-15, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103. Tel: +65 63334236. Place holds about 70 people sitting and 110 standing for private functions. Mention EATWITHROY recommended. Andrea will work out good price for you! Ciao! 🙂